[JunkNewsflash!] Lilian Garcia Falling Is Funniest Thing Ever If She’s Okay

After introducing Charlie Haas on Raw last night, Lilian Garcia stepped through the ropes and attempted to leave the ring. At the same time, Mr. Haas did his trademarked (by the Ultimate Warrior) running of the ring ropes. When he bounced against the ropes Lilian Garcia was going through at the time, the force sent Lilian flying through the air, apparently to the ground below. Melina immediately checked on her while Charlie Haas did not even notice.

While we at Inside Pulse of course pray that Lilian is okay after the accident, after watching the incident fifty times, twenty of those times in slow motion, we are prepared to announce that this will be the funniest thing ever if she lives. If she does not, of course this is a complete tragedy.

Either way, we wish Lilian all the best and thank her for making us laugh throughout the years. We will miss her pratfalls and tomfoolery.

Dedicated to Lilian Garcia, 1965-2006.