[SD] TV Taping Results (Spoilers)

Taping results for this Friday’s Smackdown and Saturday’s Velocity (airing AFTER tomorrow’s live ECW vs. WWE special), according to D.J. Peckens and PWInsider.com:


Sho Funaki d. Mike Knox.

Tatanka d. Seth James.

Gunner Scott d. Colt Cabana.

The Pitbulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Knoble) d. Sterling James Keenan & Jon Bolen.

Matt Hardy d. Simon Dean.


William Regal comes out and talks about last week’s Smackdown as footage is shown. Bobby Lashley jumps Regal from out of the crowd and the fight breaks out onto the announce table. Agents and referees rush out from the back to separate the two. It is announced as Lashley v. Regal, with the stipulation being if Lashley wins he gets a match with King Booker.

Psicosis (w/ Super Crazy) d. Brian Kendrick (w/ Paul London)
Match saw a great finish with Psicosis giving Kendrick a version of a belly-to-belly from the top rope. After the match, The Great Khali came down and dominated all four men.

Vito (wearing a white dress) d. Nunzio

Bobby Lashley d. William Regal via count-out as King Booker and Queen Sharmell look on from a makeshift throne.

Mark Henry d. Raymond Rowe in a squash match

Mr. Kennedy d. Scotty 2 Hotty in his return match

Smackdown Bikini Contest w/ Ashley, Jillian, Kristal, and Michelle McCool
McCool rants on about how the media portrays teachers and refuses to disrobe. Ashley Massaro wins.

Michael Cole then gets in the ring and says he hears rumors that Paul Heyman is trying to get Rey Mysterio to jump to ECW, and Cole wants Heyman to set the record straight. Tazz interrupts Cole, and says that he doesn’t know about Rey, but he knows that he has made up his mind. Tazz says that he is going back home, to the place where he belongs. He says that he had a lot of fun with the WWE on Smackdown, but he’s done. Tazz then walks out and meets with Heyman and they hug.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to confront Paul Heyman. He says that ECW gave him his start in the United States, but he is living a dream in the WWE and on Smackdown. He says he isn’t going anywhere. Heyman wishes Rey the best of luck this Sunday and tonight against Finlay, because he says Rey is going to need it. Heyman then joins Cole for commentary.

Finlay d. Rey Mysterio after Sabu poses as a distraction and Finlay hits Rey with his shillelagh and his Emerald Fusion finisher. Sabu then places Rey on a table outside the ring, springboards off the top rope, and delivers a leg drop to Rey through the table. Smackdown goes off the air.

Dark Match:

The Undertaker d. Mark Henry & The Great Khali
Khali got caught up in the ropes while Undertaker chokeslammed Henry for the win.

Biggest Pops:

1. The Undertaker
2. Bobby Lashley
3. Rey Mysterio
4. Matt Hardy
5. Ken Kennedy

Biggest Heat:

1. William Regal
2. King Booker
3. Finlay
4. Mark Henry
5. Michelle McCool

Credit: PWInsider.com