[WWE] ECW No-Show, New Matches for PPV & Other Newsbits

– Undertaker was originally scheduled to be in Piper’s Pit rather than Great Khali last week at Smackdown, but didn’t want to do it because he felt it wouldn’t make sense with his character, who is, according to PWInsider.com, “a take action type.” Additionally, no one cleared it with him first.

– Axl Rotten no-showed Monday’s RAW, which isn’t a good sign for this member of the ECW roster.

– WWE has trademarked the “Pit Bulls” name, which may end up being used for Jamie Noble & Kid Kash’s tag team. The Pit Bulls were an ECW team.

Credit: PWInsider.com


– The Vince/HHH “Kiss My Ass Club” segment on Monday’s RAW did a 5.3 rating, the second highest of the year only to Cena vs. Edge on January 30.

– The ECW One Night Stand t-shirt lists Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney and FBI vs. Tajiri & Super Crazy to take place at the PPV event. Beulah is also being advertised to be in Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk’s corner.

– The Fight Network lost an announcer this month with the passing of Ryan Bennett, also from MMAweekly.com. He died in an auto accident, and the Canadian network has set up a fund in his honor at its Web site. We send our thoughts and best wishes out to his family, friends and fans.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com