[ECW] Mick Foley’s Blood, J.R.’s Hat, Sandman’s Web Site

– At last night’s ECW vs. WWE special, the segment where Joey Styles knocked off Jim Ross’ hat was unplanned.

– WWE is interested in signing Jon Bolen, who faced Matt Hardy last night in a dark match.

– WWE is working hard on TV clearance in Canada for ECW, but nothing yet has been announced.

– ECW has moved some house shows, so check ECW.com for updated information. Paul Heyman, for example, wanted the house show at the former ECW Arena to be a TV event instead, and that has likely happened.

– Sandman will do a live chat on his official site TheExtremeIcon.com on Wednesday, June 14 at 10PM ET.

– The ECW One Night Stand II 2-DVD set will be released on July 11. In the UK, the second disk will be the original Barely Legal PPV, but no word yet for the US.

– WWE.com has put the ECW One Night Stand t-shirt back up, without the back-of-the-shirt advertising, so as to not spoil unannounced matches.

– Also on WWE.com, Mick Foley has posted his latest blog entry and ECW.com has an interview up with Joey Styles.

– WrestlingObserver.com reports that Mick Foley took legitimate punches to the eye from Terry Funk last night in order to get swelling and blood without a blade for his interview. This was to get Funk’s punches over as being the hardest in wrestling, since backstage there was concern that Funk and Dreamer weren’t being put over enough to the casual audience.

– Also from WrestlingObserver.com, Paul Heyman was on the local Philly radio Kidd Chris Show, and said he has big plans for the Big Show, Blue Meanie isn’t in current plans, and the Dudleyz’ change of scenery was probably good for them, but Christian and Jeff Jarrett would serve TNA better if they’d stop complaining about WWE.

Credit: PWInsider.com unless otherwise noted