Deep South Wrestling TV Report for June 4, 2006

June 4, 2006 airing on Comcast Sports South
Taped on March 9, 2006 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga

As this week’s episode of Deep South opened, Palmer Canon and Quentin Michaels, Attorney-at-law, were with Matt Striker in the hallway of the luxurious offices of Deep South Wrestling. Striker’s vocabulary word of the week was “awry.” Canon said that didn’t begin to describe the situation. Canon jumped down Michaels’ throat about the harassment he was receiving from Assassin’s attorneys. Michaels said he had it under control. Michaels informed Canon that he first order of business was to deal with his “domestic help.” Canon and Michaels entered a bathroom where Assassin (a digitized Jody Hamilton) and Mrs. Assassin were engaged in some sanitizing. Canon said if Assassin had save some “paltry pennies” from his wrestling career he wouldn’t be in this position. Canon told Assassin that if he wanted to keep his job, he better call up his lawyers and tell them to back off. Canon compared Mrs. Assassin to a raggedy old catcher’s mitt. Canon admonished Mrs. Assassin because he found a speck of lint on his mahogany desk. Canon threatened to throw both of them out in the street. Mrs. Assassin sprayed toilet water on Canon with her scrub brush. “That’s doody water!” said Striker. Assassin said Canon was still their employer and he couldn’t allow his wife to assault him like that. So Assassin took matters into his own hands with a punch to Canon’s stomach and kick in the shins. The two men were separated. Michaels said that was just what they needed to have Assassin arrested on assault charges. Assassin told Michaels to go for it. Canon said the videotape would make great evidence.

Nigel Sherrod was joined on commentary by Eric Perez, substituting for Bill DeMott.

(1) The Gymini beat Renee Dupree & Kevin Matthews in 5:12. From a physique standpoint, Dupree looked great. Perez acknowledged Dupree’s run on Smackdown and RAW, and explained that Dupree was forced to regroup due to injuries. Gymini (referred to as Gymini number 1 and 2) worked on Dupree and looked good doing so. Dupree hit a neckbreaker to set up the hot tag. Matthews cleaned house as best he could. Matthews hit a slingshot splash but the pin was broken up. Gymini whipped Matthews and Dupree into a stiff collision that had Dupree bleeding from the nose. Gymini pinned Matthews with the Crosstrainer.

An ad for the June 9 show at Six Flags aired with clips promoting the DSW Heavyweight Title match between Derrick Neikirk and The Miz.

(2) Eric Perez beat Onyx in 3:27 with the Boriqua Bomb. Perez attacked Onyx from behind and beat him down. Onyx was in a daze. Or so it appeared. Onyx stepped aside as Perez charged in. Onyx took control of Perez’s arm. Perez raked the eyes and pounded away. Perez dropped an elbow for a near fall. Sherrod and DeMott (magically reappearing on commentary, just as Perez magically appeared in gear) put across the newly found unbridled aggression on the part of “The Puerto Rican Nightmare.” Onyx hit a flying shoulder block. Nick Patrick’s count reached five. Onyx went on the attack. An Onyx lariat garnered a two count. Perez halted the comeback and hit the implant DDT for the pin.

High Impact (Mike Taylor & Tony Santarelli with Tracy Taylor) appeared in ad hyping the “Park Slam” show at Six Flags on June 9. Autographs at 5 pm. Wrestling at 6 pm.

Canon came out in his ring gear. He said in an ornery mood because of the difficult time he had defeating that pesky Antonio Maeste last week. Canon summoned Maestre to the ring and ordered him (“I’m the boss”) to pick a number between 5 and 10. Maestre picked 6. Canon said he could beat Maestre twice in 6 minutes, and called for a countdown clock. That lead to…

(3) Anthony Mestre “defeated” Palmer Canon when Canon was able to score only one of the two pinfalls stipulated during the 6 minute time limit. Canon won the first fall at 2:10 with an Alabama Slam but not without the much smaller Mestre being able to score a near fall. They did a 30 second rest period. Canon tried to end it. Mestre kept kicking out. Mestre decked Canon with a wheel kick. Canon’s frustration level was through the roof. Canon caught Mestre’s high crossbody attempt and nailed an STO as the time counted down, but Mestre kicked out. Canon hit the Executive Decision (pumphandle faceplant) and made the cover. The bell rang at the count of two.

The Giant (Great Kahli) made his way into the ring. The commentators assumed Giant was gunning for Canon, who looked petrified. But instead, Giant headbutted Mestre into oblivion. As Canon made his peace with Giant, Freakin’ Deacon came to ringside. Deacon paused on the ring apron to psych himself up. Meanwhile, Canon departed with Singh in tow. Deacon looked befuddled as he entered an empty ring. Deacon cried out for Willow and bolted to the back.

(4) Michelle McCool beat Traci Taylor in 5:17. Perez spent most of the match drooling over the Divas. Not that I could blame him. Taylor grabbed a snug side headlock. McCool reversed it into a top wristlock. Taylor nipped up twice and reversed the hold with a headlock takeover. Taylor kept McCool grounded with the headlock. McCool eventually slipped out of it. McCool got a two count with a sunset flip. McCool applied a hammerlock. Taylor went for a snapmare. McCool rolled through with the hammerlock still intact, and flipped into a bridging hammerlock. Nice stuff. They ran the ropes to set up back and forth pin attempts. McCool got it with bridging leg cradle. Taylor “leied” McCool in the postmatch.

(5) Johnny Parisi beat Biohazard in 3:02 with the Stroke. Answerjng Derrick Neikirk’s challenge on last week’s show earned Parisi a babyface pop. Biohazard attacked Parisi as he was coming through the ropes. Parisi roared back, hitting a short arm clothesline. Parisi brought Biohazard back in the hardway and jackhammered his jaw. Biohazard raked the eyes. Biohazard used a nose cracker. The kids in the crowd chanted for blood. Yikes. Biohazard dropped a knee and Parisi kicked out strong at two. Parisi rallied with a kneelift, a backbreaker, and a middle rope forearm drop to set up his finisher. Sherrod said Parisi’s success with his new attitude might earn him a title shot.

Mark Jindrak cut a humble babyface promo. Jindrak said he had wrestled around the world since leaving the WWE and tonight, he was going to put it to the test against one of the best ring technicians around. Jindrak said he wasn’t making any predictions, but he would be ready and fired up.

We heard from William Regal.

“Tonight, I’m here to face Mark Jindrak, an incredible athlete, sculpted like a Greek god. I just look like a Greek, but I’m a very dangerous man. Mark Jindrak is incredibly strong. But he has a problem. He’s weak. Weak in the mind because he’s like you, he’s an American, and that’s just part of your make up. You can’t help being inferior, intellectually malnourished. That’s just the way you are. Mark Jindrak, tonight, I’m going to show you why you should never take someone like me for granted. And you’re probably not. You’ve been all around the world, but you’ve not been to as many places and fought as many people as me. And I can hit and hurt people very quickly, and very, very badly.”

(6) William Regal beat Mark Jindrak via submission with the Regal Stretch at 9:04. With his head shaved, Jindrak looked like a taller version of Danny Basham. Regal’s entrance got a mixed response. Sherrod said the fans respected his technical ability. Regal made a big production of carefully folding his robe and then threw it over the head of ring announcer Dan Masters. Regal took a flip bump when Jindrak reversed the arm wringer and backed off wincing in pain. Regal displayed his chain wrestling expertise. Regal took another flip bump off on Jindrak’s reversal, cocked his fist, and ducked under the ropes like a miserable coward. Jindrak tortured Regal with a knuckle lock and stomped his fingers. Regal started to rough Jindrak up. Regal decked Jindrak with a European uppercut. Regal cheated on the break. Jindrak leapfrogged Regal and went for a monkey flip. Regal cradled Jindrak’s legs for a two count. Jindrak rolled through for a two count. Regal begged off. When Jindrak moved in, Regal dumped him through the ropes. Regal suplexed Jindrak back to the inside and began to dish out punishment. Dueling chants erupted from the crowd. Jindrak reversed a whip and caught Regal with a high backdrop. Both men slow to rise, as Nick Patrick’s count reached four. Jindrak went for a high crossbody and Regal dumped him over the top. Back inside, Regal hit a jumping double knee but couldn’t keep Jindrak’s shoulder down. Regal short-circuited Jindrak’s comeback with an uppercut forearm and applied a grounded full nelson. Regal dropped a knee and rubbed his forearm’s across Jindrak’s face as he made the cover. Jindrak made the comeback with a trio of impressive kangaroo-like dropkicks and a lefty lariat for a near fall. Regal cut Jindrak off with high knee and locked in the submission for the tap out. Perez said experience wins out over athleticism.

COMMENTS: Regal’s promo was the highlight of the show. The vignette featuring Canon and Assassin was a close second. Mrs. Assassin isn’t going to win any acting awards, but the sight of her shaking the toilet brush at Canon was hilarious. Striker has been very good in these segments as well…The Canon/Mestre saga has been very entertaining, and this week, they had an damn good match within the confines of the story they were telling. The countdown clock was an effective way to add excitement…Horrible debut for Matthews. He doesn’t have babyface charisma to begin with, and he was off on just about every move once he got the hot tag. Gymini were a cohesive unit, like a real tag team should be…The Perez/Onyx match was a semi-squash that was obviously inserted from another taping. A match between Sonny Siaki and Tommy Suede was dropped…The Divas match was surprisingly good. They did a good job with the fundamentals. Neither one is the least bit hard on the eyes. McCool, in particular, has come a long way in a short time…Parisi wrestled a solid match and showed good babyface fire…Regal’s presence added a dose of starpower to the show. His mannerisms and facial expressions were off the chart. Jindrak hasn’t lost any of what he had when he was under contract, and guys with his size, physique and athletic ability don’t come along every day. His ability to connect with fans on a heart and gut level is the big question.