Ultimate Marvel Handbook #14 (169)

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I’m doing pretty good, bud.

I‘m good. Caught up on my sleep. I‘m also still a tad hyper after Wizard World. I had tons of fun and have a small review later. Ok not too small

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Charles emailed

Hey Jaimie,

Yes, there was a Sabretooth clone in X-Men #34. Rogue, Psylocke, Beast and Gambit infiltrated a Sinister lab and encountered a few flawed copies of the Maurauders. One of them was Sabretooth, which ended up being mindless and disintegrated with one punch from Rogue.

I thought I had seen one. Not that it was a good clone but Sinister did have one in the works. He came a lot closer then most would.

Joe emails

Got a few questions for you guys.

1) I know it has been stated the real universe’s Colossus eyes are a form of metal as well when he changes, but in the craptasitc Ultimate Nightmare when they made the X-Men look like retards (not Gambits, real retards) Falcon poked him in the eyes and took down Colossus. It made me wonder about the Thing’s eyes. Is the real Thing’s eyes harder than regular eyes or are they soft like regular eyes. And im not counting the fake universe’s Thing. Ultimate universe doesn’t count to me.

Thing‘s eyes are very much real. That‘s why they call him the ever loving blue eyed Thing. He‘s been called it since he came into comics
Also with Ultimate since I‘m not the biggest fan I can‘t tell you about that Colossus‘ eyes. I know ours would not have that problem. 616 version become fully metal.

Is it bad that I feel so proud whenever anyone uses “Gambit” as an insult? Cause it brings a smile to my face every time I see it 🙂

2) It has been stated that Namor is in fact a mutant and has the gene and all that. What power exactly makes him a mutant and which powers are Atlantian powers? I know he is a hybrid of human and atlantian. Is it because he can fly? Also i Know the ankle wings have been said not to make him fly. Do they do anything at all? Or is useless ankle wings his mutant power?

Namor actually is a mutant for the most part since he’s a half breed as well as you even state. He is not exactly pure Atlantian. Most Atlantians are bluish color. If you notice he’s got a normal skin tone. Now that’s not actually the full explanation since Namora and Namorita have normal skin tone to.

“Marvel’s first mutant,” because, while the majority of his observed superhuman powers come from the fact that he’s a hybrid of Human and Atlantean DNA, his ability to fly can’t be explained by either side. Namor has superhuman strength and is the strongest Atlantean ever, with a lift capacity of 100 tons and slightly more while submerged.

However, Namor’s strength requires frequent submersion in water. The longer he’s away from a water source, the weaker he becomes over the long run, though even an extended period on dry land does not result in death, as it would for an Atlantean. Unlike Atlanteans, who have gills, Namor breathes with his lungs like a human, though his lungs contain special alveoli that extract oxygen from water, so Namor can also breathe underwater.

Namor also possesses vestigial “wings” on both of his ankles, by which he seems to fly. Since the “wings” by themselves could never carry Namor, it has been speculated that he uses the wings for steering and flies in some other manner, perhaps by telekinesis. In the past, he has exhibited the ability to generate a massive electric charge, much like an electric eel. He uses this in an offensive capacity. This is a seldom-used power and appears to require a long recharge time between uses. This power has sometimes been portrayed as an ability to absorb and redirect electricity, rather than generating the charge himself. Also the Submariner has exhibited the ability to utilize a form of sonar which enables him to recognize invisible beings i.e. Super Skrull or the Invisible Woman.

What he said”¦

3) I recently read on the back of the ML Pyro figure box that he used to write trashy Gothic romance novels. What comic did they say that in? I’ve read most of the x-men comics and I don’t remember that.

Actually I don‘t recall the issue. Odd fact is I think they did it in more or less a small little story. Like to give Pyro a backstory. I can‘t think of the issue though

4) Taskmaster has beaten down the entire Avengers including Cap in his first appearance. Has he ever beaten Cap any other time? Has he ever actually fought Wolverine in a comic?

Cap and Taskmaster fought 2 times

First time: Avengers 196
Second time: Captain America 44 (v3)

I believe Taskmaster my be the better man but we did have the vote and Cap had won which still makes this debate an odd one. Fans are picky and see characters always winning some fights. Cap kicks ass, but Taskmaster likely wins

As for Wolverine vs. Taskmaster. Never happened but it would be great for someone to do it.

5) Who all has flat out beaten Cap America in a straight fight? I’m not asking to reopen the tournament or who in people’s opinions could do it. But who has just done it clean in hand to hand combat.

Interesting enough Cap has fought fights yes but very very rarely in a straight fight. After all he is a damn good straight fighter. He can pull off things many people can’t. He can also find pressure points and the best spots to hit people to get them down. Cap is one of the best at it.

So does that mean no one’s beaten him?

6) Finally I have a fever. Can you prescribe anything besides more cow bell? Ok thats enough questions for now. Ill bother you at some later point.

I suggest you read my article every week, go read at least 1 Marvel comic a day and call me in the morning.

Thanks. You have been influenced. O’CAREY INFLUENCED! – Skills

Welcome Joe see you next time.

Cory emails

Once again…..Cory emerges, emerges with Questions!!!! Sup guys, ready?

Hey Cory. I‘m doing great myself. So I‘m ready

1- Best artist…hmmm…I must say Jim Lee and Joey Mad. Jim Lee, got me all over that X-Men #1, gate fold cover and eventually WildC.A.T.S. While Joe, mad the Onslaught & AOA eras a pleasure to the eyes. I’m awaiting his return soon enough.

I can‘t argue with either of those names. I love their work and this weekend was the first time I met Jim Lee. He‘s pretty cool. Especially to the fans. Joe Mad I would like to meet to.

2- White Queen, Trish Stratus does have way more boobage that Elizabeth Rohm….though she did look so precise in that white dress pic I sent last week. Though seeing an evil, yet gorgeous, Trish Stratus would turn heads to many wrestling marks and comic fanboys alike. Double that for me!! I do think Scarlet Johansson is a lil too young…u think almost 30 ish for Emma Frost.

I‘m glad someone can see the Trish thing. She just makes me think Emma Frost. She has the ability to pull it off. Plus you would have fans drooling

I agree that Scarlet is a bit young for the comic version, but obviously the movies don’t really care. Femke is what like 41 and James Marsden is something like 33″¦don’t you think that’s a bit odd for Jean and Scott? So they could go with a slightly younger White Queen, especially if they made her a villainess and it was like her early years with the hellfire club or something”¦

And I still think the wrestler chick is a bad idea.

3- True not many people like Cyke (in my X-men top 10), but he is that prickish, yet loyal, Boy scout u love to hate…plus he has been there since day 1. Btw, I was drinking Zima, lol. Joking. Why Deadpool & Juggernaut? What are your reasons though Daron for your pics?

I can explain the Deadpool thing. Hell I could‘ve gone farther with the idea and said Spider-Man but I didn‘t. Deadpool just makes me laugh. I love the character and when he “joined” the X-Men it was just funny as hell. Him in the Marvel Girl gear. Just had me cracking up

The Juggernaut thing is interesting. They actually gave him more depth as a character and made him someone you can root for and more in X-Men. They made him more interesting.

Ok, I’ll try to explain mine, though quickly:

1)Archangel – (more so than Angel) cause I’m a sucker for the tortured hero routine. I thought he was interesting and really liked the metal wings. After he shed the wings and changed back to normal color, I think he lost a lot of his appeal (for everyone cause he’s just about completely fallen off the radar). But I still route for the guy. I still think he has a lot of potential as a character but I feel most writers tend to shy away from him since he’s now pretty much just a guy with wings”¦as far as powers go anyway.

2)Havok – He’s always been my favored Summe’s brother (though I liked him more when he was a little less whiny and a little more leader like than he’s been betrayed here lately. I also really dig the fact that he has basically cosmic level blasts trapped in a frail human body, but that again seems to be downplayed more lately.

3) & 4)Sunfire & Iceman – I really enjoyed these two as a pair (though I do like them both separately). They’re fire & ice personality clashes were a lot of fun to watch.

5)Colossus – Again the tortured hero routine, plus Pete’s an artist which gives him a bit more depth, and I got a kick out of him being the only real powerhouse on the X-Men (as far as strength and invulnerability – I don’t count Rogue cause she likes that tard”¦what’s his name?)

6)Cannonball – What a great leader he used to be after Cable left X-Force, as my good friend Ben pointed out many times before, is there a better seen than when young Sam Guthrie walks into Prof X’s room and tells HIM how it is? Man that rocked, plus you gotta love a guy whose power is to barrel headfirst into things.

7) Blink – Here’s a fun character who had to die to become popular. She went all of what 4 issues in the 616 universe, only to become the staple of the Exiles? She’s a fun character with interesting powers, what’s not to like?

8)Forge – The Maker. “Hello, my name is Forge, this is the ZX23, I made it this morning, over breakfast. Past not remembering if that’s exactly what he called the gun, this is one of my all time favorite lines. If you don’t remember it, it was way back when Fitzroy teleported into the X-mansion and came in contact with Forge, who proceeded to kick his ass. I just love that line. Plus again I think he’s an underused character with a lot potential.

9)Shadowcat – Wolverine’s original protégé, and a character we’ve gotten to see grow up (a bit). Kitty is a breath of fresh air. With all the tragedy she’s seen, she continues to a positive character and one who has been made very interesting considering her relative lack of powers. (Another reason I think it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out something to do with Warren.)

10)Storm – I can’t really explain why I like Storm. It might just be her powers (which I think are very cool and again have been way underplayed). But the character does have a rich history and in the right hands, she can be written very well.

4- Since Ms. Marvel is tagging along, Ronin is MIA, and they need a female member, why hasn’t she officially joined yet?

Ms. Marvel I suspect will officially join the team with the current mission in New Avengers and stay with the team after Civil War. Well if it‘s Iron Man‘s team at the least. I think Carol is joining Tony.

5- Wolverine:The movie. It will probably be a prequel pertaining to Wolverine’s Weapon X days.There are heavy rumors that the Silver Samurai will appear in the movie, and will be played by Ken Watanabe….nice. But why the hell is the Juggernaut involved in his movie? Where the hell is Sabretooth?

I am still hoping for Sabretooth to show up in Wolverine the movie. Same goes for even an Omega Red and Silver Fox. Maverick would work too. Samurai is fine but I‘d prefer Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike.

X-MEN 3. My good, my bad, and my uglies. 1st–Good.
-Beast’s look, voice and his famous quote of “Oh my Stars and Garters”
– The one on one fights in the finale and the entrances all individual X-men made showing up on the scene.
– The camera view after Wolverine said “Hold this line”. That low angle that showcased them all and the view behind Wolverine’s claws.
– Magneto’s “Let the pawns go first” line, the sadness when he lost his powers, and that minor movement of the metal chess piece.
– Wolverine swagger, his lack of wearing a suit at the funeral scene and constant taste in bad clothing.
– When Mystique lost her blue skin…..sexy! and the “mention” of her family (Rogue/Nightcrawler).
– Callisto’s look, leadership of the “Morlocks”, and rivarly to Storm…similar to the comics.
– The young Xavier and Mags.The Danger Room. THE FASTBALL SPECIAL. The fact that Wolverine used his head to defeat Magneto, without fisticuffs.

Yep agree with everything you said there.

– The ensuing infamy of Juggernaut’s line, and him being a mutant.
– Everybody dying, even villians with potential.
– WWIII never being called or labeled as “Angel”, once.
– The Iceman/Pyro battle being way too short.
– 1 hr, 44 mins being way too short for a comic book movie. 2hrs tops.
– The fake “Omega Reddish” dude fighting Wolvie in the woods.
– The bad continuity of Beast saying that “…before you had claws” line to Wolvie.

All the deaths they can fix. I mean it’s X-Men. No one ever dies too long. They can fix anything. But you are correct with the rest.

– Rogue’s lack of Super Strength & Flight….c’mon lemme touch you, doesn’t seem as imposing without the rest.
– Psylocke’s death

– Cyclops death, we actually never seem his death or them recovering his body.
– Professor X’s death and seemingly heel turn chastizing Wolverine scene….seems like Onslaught. I totally didn’t see that one coming…I knew of Cyke’s though.
– Storm & Wolvie in charge reminds me of the X-Men Evolution cartoon.
– Wolverine killing Phoenix was so, so, so similar to when he killed Mariko in Wolverine #57.
– The possibility of X-4 with Sinister robbing Jean’s grave or saying that Phoenix was Madelyn Pryor, and holding Cyke’s body as a lab experiment.

I don‘t think Sinister has to rob Jean‘s grave to make Madelyne. He likely got her blood sample now. The Cyclops thing though I can see Sinister being involved. You don‘t see him die.

You make some great points and most comic fans should pick this stuff out. I personally hope most did and saw the scene after the credits. Because the Onslaught thing came to mind too

I personally loved the fights, the iconic moments, and believe that the set-ups were stronger than the payoffs and that certain parts were better that the whole movie…in a way. The whole trilogy reminds me of the Godfather series. the 1st was great, 2nd a classic, and 3rd was ok, but a fitting way to end it all.

Did anyone notice that the school is in upstate NY….and that Wolverine went to the Brotherhoods hideout in the woods, and returned back to the mansion awfully quick? Now weren’t they in San Fran….and he….how fast was that motorcycle? or how long was he out after hitting that tree…lol

haha Again it‘s the continuity factors. If they make the movie a tad longer I think more fans would‘ve been happy.

You know I didn’t even think about the locations, but you’re right on. The fight did take place in San Fran, and the Institute is in NY”¦a bit far for him to travel.

That’s it for me this week….thanks for listening!

If u wanna see something funny peep this

HAHAHAHA I saw that and I personally laughed hard as hell.

My little review for Wizard World.

Some of the highlights of my 3 days.

Day 1: I started my day by walking through the halls. I loved seeing some of the cool dealers but some prices where nuts. Some where great of course. I had the pleasure to shake hands with quite a few Marvel artist and writers as well as get autographs. Hey I’m a fan too. Of course panel wise:

MARVEL’S X-MEN PANEL: Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, associate editor John Barber, writer Greg Pak, and CB Cebulski. Editor Tom Brevoort joined the panel halfway through.


In regards to Astonishing X-Men, Quesada said that the Whedon/John Cassaday series will continue to “walk between the raindrops” of what’s going on the larger Marvel Universe.

Craig Yost and Craig Kyle will continue as the writing team on New X-Men for the foreseeable future, and are also currently working on a new X-23 miniseries.

Writer Tony Bedard will be continuing with work on Exiles while Chris Claremont recovers from recent health issues.

The creative pairing of writer David Hine and cover artist Juan Doe carries over from X-Men: The 198 into July’s Civil War: X-Men #1

An early preview image was also shown for writer Frank Tieri’s debut on New Excalibur #11, who again picks up for Chris Claremont during his recovery. The black and white preview image was of a slightly Elizabethan take on Captain Britain labeled “Excalibur in Olden Times.”

Applying a facelift to the rest of the line was the most important mandate of the summer months with the debut of Mike Carey and X-veteran Chris Bachalo on X-Men #189 and Ed Brubaker and Billy Tan on Uncanny X-Men #475.

Carey leads a team consisting of Rogue, Iceman, Mystique, Cannonball, Cable and villain Sabretooth.

Brubaker has plans to launch his Uncanny story from recent events in the X-Men: Deadly Genesis mini-series he completed with artist Trevor Hairsine.

Cover images for the mini-series X-Men: Fairy Tales from Cebulski elicited a response of applause from several excited fans.

The Civil War tie-in books feature Wolverine facing off against both Nitro and the Sub Mariner. Cebulski chimed in to say that this was an underrated book with Guggenheim stepping in with a wonderful take on the character and Ramos providing “the work of his career.”

X-Men: First Class, written by Jeff Parker, with art by Roger Cruz, and edited by Mark Paniccia. The eight issue miniseries takes place during the initial years of the X-Men, shortly after they were assembled by Professor Xavier.

New projects announced included X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong by Greg Pak and Tyler Kirkham.

Chris Claremont’s upcoming title, GeNext is still on hiatus as the creator recovers from heart troubles.

Cable/Deadpool will continue as a series, despite the fact that Cable will be joining one of the core X-Men teams.

Storm will continue to have a role in the X-titles


Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada led the panel featuring writers Dan Slott, Mike Raicht, C.B. Cebulski and Greg Pak along with editors John Barber and Tom Brevoort

Capitalizing on Marvel’s recent move to live action television with “Blade: The Series” debuting on Spike TV this month, Quesada announced a brand new Blade ongoing series written by current Wolverine scribe Marc Guggenheim with an artist announcement forthcoming

Marvel’s MAX line of books announced two new titles that will come out under the imprint, Hellstorm: Son of Satan and Zombie.

Moon Knight by Charlie Huston and David Finch continues along as fast as Marvel can put it out. “if you think it’s been bad over the first two issues, it gets worse.” David Finch has the intention of doing 12 issues of the series with Huston.

Marvel’s new cosmic Beyond! mini-series bows in July with six issues by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins featuring “a broad assortment of Marvel characters thrown into the far reaches of space” including the most recent take on Venom who will also show up later after Civil War concludes.

Union Jack, The four-issue project will feature a number of international Marvel characters from creative team Chris Gage and Mike Perkins.

The “Planet Hulk” event moves into its next phase with artist Aaron Lopresti coming on board and “doing career best work” on the “Anarchy” phase of the story, said Pak. “
Young Avengers Season 2 may drop in February depending on Allan Heinberg’s ability to complete scripts. There is a clue in Young Avengers #12 as to the status of the Scarlet Witch.

Claws, a new series featuring Wolverine and Black Cat, teams Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Joseph Michael Linsner.

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7 drops soon, which Quesada described as “one of the most fun comics we’ve put out in years.”

1602: Fantastic Four drops in September featuring Peter David taking over the popular franchise.

Annihilation was promised to take the Marvel U “back to the cosmic roots” as Andrea Devito joins Keith Giffen on the main mini-series.

A new Ghost Rider ongoing is planned with Daniel Way and Mark Teixeira featuring the Johnny Blaze incarnation of the character.

Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk’s Agents of Atlas reintroduces several 1950s Marvel characters including redesigns of Gorilla Man, Namora and Marvel Boy.

Neil Gaiman and John Romita’s Eternals will be “very much a modern story” with nods to current continuity while remaining it’s own entity.

Quesada spoke in regards to fan questions on the future of the Ultimate line and the long-awaited Bryan Singer arc on Ultimate X-Men noting that the idea behind the Ultimate line remains a series of books that retain a certain level of status quo.

Following Mark Millar and Greg Land on Ultimate Fantastic Four is no small task, but starting with issue #33, Mike Carey and Pascal Ferry take over. “The story is incredible,” said Barber of the debut of Ultimate Thanos as the audience ogled at pages of Ferry’s art.

Ultimate Cable debuts in Ultimate X-Men #75 by Robert Kirkman and Ben Oliver, with Cable serving as a man who doesn’t trust the occasional mind controlling Ultimate Professor X.

Ultimate Spider-Man #100 will feature “nothing but revelations,” said Barber. “Every page is going to reveal something brewing since #1″

The long overdue Ultimates #11 has been sent to the printer. Jokes were had at the expense of Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch, although Quesada promised that it would be done “this year.”

Also coming back are the Marvel Ultimate Annual titles with Captain America/Falcon story, story of the name of Prof. X’s cat and Daredevil and the Punisher along with many other Ultimate characters

Day 2:


Associate Editor John Barber, while writers Greg Pak and Dan Slott, editor Tom Brevoort and Marvel’s David Gabriel

Greg Land has been named as the artist on the October-launching Ultimate Power miniseries that has the Ultimate Universe meet the world of J. Michael Straczynski’s Supreme Power. Ultimate Power will run nine issues, and will be written by (three issues each) Jeph Loeb, Brian Bendis, and Straczynski.

Quesada confirmed that artist Ed McGuiness is indeed exclusive to Marvel, and is working on a project with Jeph Loeb on a project to be announced shortly.

Slides from the upcoming Marvel/Bungie Halo graphic novel were shown, although no new news on the July-shipping project was announced.

Picking up on a mention from yesterday, in regards to the Inhumans declaring cold war on the US as a result of actions in Son of M involving the Terrigen Mists and Terrigen crystals and the government’s refusal to return them, Brevoort reiterated that declaration will play during in Civil War, and will continue after – and also in a project which wasn’t ready to be announced yet.

Dan Slott said that, with the cancellation of Thing, he’s spending his extra time now working on getting She-Hulk back on track, and making sure the book stays on schedule

Asked about the upcoming Punisher War Journal Quesada reiterated what has been said about the series, that it will return tteh Punisher fully to the Marvel Universe, and see the character fighting the costumed villains, as opposed to foxusing solely on street level criminals in the MAX series.

As to where Ares will be appearing next are due to be announced soon, Quesada said.

Quesada said that the Matt Murdock in jail/Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen mystery in Daredevil will be explained soon in the series, perhaps as early as this summer.
The Dr. Strange miniseries by Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin will launch in October.

Quesada would be drawing a Spider-Man limited series written by J. Michael Straczynski, a fan asked about details on the project

Speaking of upcoming events in Civil War, Quesada said that no Spider-Man fan should miss Civil War #2, as it features a very significant event in the life of Spider-Man.

Quesada said that he couldn’t comment on Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips new ICON series, Criminal just yet.

Asked if there were plans for more The End projects, Quesada reiterated that Fantastic Four: The End is still coming. Brevoort added that there are more plans for projects in the line.


Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada presided over the panel and was joined by Publisher Dan Buckley, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Associate Editor John Barber, prolific writer-inker Jimmy Palmiotti, his writing partner Justin Gray and penciler Billy Tucci
The event kicked off with an airing of the online Civil War trailer, which generated an outburst of fan applause. At the end of the cover slideshow, the projector also revealed a number of Civil War widescreen avatars and banner graphics, including fan-made “Whose Side Are You On?” parodies that included a Yoda, inflatable Gumby-like creature and a Tom Cruise editon which read “You don’t know the history of registration. I do.”

Quesada also ran through slides of upcoming Civil War tie-ins. When the cover to Civil War #2 was displayed, featuring both of Spider-Man’s costumes, fan reaction prompted Quesada to sarcastically remark, “I want to thank you for your cards.”

Brevoort said of the events of the issue, “Your jaw will be on the floor and the Internet will literally be in flames.”

Picking sides for each character in the universe was a very natural process, according to Brevoort, who said many heroes couldn’t have logically fallen into any other camp. “The character would not let us write them against the way they actually were.”

Aside from the all-out slugfest that is the main Civil War series, there was some discussion of Civil War: Frontline, writer Paul Jenkins’ mini-series detailing life on the outside of the conflict.

Punisher: War Journal, which brings Frank Castle back to the forefront of the mainstream Marvel Universe, was also addressed during the hour-long panel. Written by up-and-comer Matt Fraction with art from Ariel Olivetti, some fans expressed concern that a mainstream Punisher would be too light.

Civil War: X-Men, the David Hine-penned book following the remainder of the 198 mutants left in the wake of House of M and embroiled in the events of Civil War.

Combining the rosters from the company’s most popular teen books, Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways will feature New Warriors scribe Zeb Wells. Palmiotti joked that the classified tags were in place because the series “has lots of topless pages.”

Covers to Amazing Spider-Man #532 and #533 sparked two contentious conversastions about the wall-crawle’s relationship to Tony Stark and his current status as a married man.

New Avengers title would continue with the same numbering after the upcoming “New Avengers Dissassembled” arc, adding “Once the dust settles, it’s going to be a completely new landscape.”

Preview images of the new Heroes for Hire book by Palmiotti, Gray and Tucci were discussed, with Palmiotti explaining “We’re excited to have Billy because he’s never done a mainstream comic other than Shi. We’re having a great time. We’re happy to be a part of a Civil War event.”

Wolverine writer Marc Guggenheim was described by Quesada as “one of those new Marvel voices you’ll be hearing a lot from.”

During the six Civil War tie-in issues of Fantastic Four, “You’ll get to see and deeply understand the Fantastic Fou’s positions on the conflict,” according to Brevoort. He remarked that the book “will really get below the surface.”

There will be no Moon Knight appearance in Civil War, but echoes of the series will come up in future issues of Moon Knight.

A big story arc for the Ultimate universe is being planned, but no comment can be made right now.

Villains’ roles in Civil War will be covered in issue #5, when “they play a big role” and “you’ll see exactly where they are, and it’s crazy,” said Brevoort.

Day 3: I personally took day 3 to get more autographs and buy some books. I could’ve went to Marvel Trivia thing but thought it would be unfair to everyone else there.

Must read picks of the week (We’re doing last weeks books here again. I’m going to cover this weeks and next weeks in the next column.)

It’s that time again everyone. This weeks top 5 Marvel books of the week.

1. Amazing Spider-Man 532 – After rushing to the aftermath of the Riverbank Massacre to offer aid to its victims, Peter travels with Tony Stark to Washington DC and the White House, where the enactment of the Super Hero Registration Act appears imminent. As the Marvel Universe braces for the implications of legislation that will forever change the societal status of super heroes, Peter will have to make a very important personal decision — one that just might be the most important decision of his life

2. Son of M 6 – Just how far will Pietro go to restore the powers of former mutants? As Inhumans battle the last surviving Genoshans the consequences prove to be horrific. Don’t miss this one. The repercussions from this finale will echo into CIVIL WAR in the months to come…

3. Incredible Hulk 95 – The Hulk and his Warbound gladiator allies enter their final battle in the Great Arena — where a familiar face from the Marvel Universe returns as an implacable enemy. Faced with betrayal, temptation, and the most terrifying battle the Great Arena has ever seen, will the Hulk stand with his Warbound gladiators — or seize the honors of the Empire? The climactic end of Planet Hulk: Exile!

4. Punisher the Tyger – Long before he waged a one-man vendetta against organized crime, long before he was Young Lieutenant waging war in the jungles of ‘Nam, Frank Castle was a 10-year-old boy growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn. When a classmate commits suicide in the aftermath of an unspeakable act, young Frank uncovers a secret dark enough to blacken the purest of hearts. Thus begins his first journey on the road that will eventually turn him into the man known as the Punisher, a journey that will bring him face to face with the Tyger: a creature not made by God, but just as vital to the world as anything He created.

5. Books of Doom 6 – This critically acclaimed limited series comes to a close with the final days of Victor Von Doom’s bloody rise to the throne of Latveria. His time to take vengeance on all those who have slighted him in his life thus far. Also, the secrets of the unprecedented interview Dr. Doom has been giving throughout this series is at last revealed!

The Civil War update!

(for the Super-Human Registration)
Agent Hill Civil War # 1)
Colleen Wing (Daughters of the Dragon # 3)
Hindsight Lad (She-Hulk # 8)
Iron Man (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Mister Fantastic (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Ms Marvel (Civil War # 1)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War # 1)
Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man # 530)
Thing (Civil War # 1)
Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #529)
Yellowjacket (Civil War # 1)
Nighthawk (Civil War # 1)
She-Hulk (She-Hulk # 8)

(against Super-Human Registration)
Black Bolt (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Black Panther (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Captain America (Civil War # 1)
Daredevil (Civil War # 1)
Debrii (She-Hulk #8)
Doctor Strange (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Falcon (Civil War # 1)
Firestar (She-Hulk #8)
Goliath (Bill Foster) (Civil War # 1)
Hulk (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #536)
Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk # 8)
John Jameson – She-Hulk #8
Justice (She-Hulk #8)
Namor (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Patriot (Civil War # 1)
Rage (She-Hulk #8)
Slapstick (She-Hulk #8)
Speedball – Civil War #1
Timeslip (She-Hulk #8)
Ultra Girl (She-Hulk # 8)
Wasp (Civil War # 1)
Wolverine (Civil War # 1)

Human Torch (Civil War # 1)

Casualties (dead):
Cobalt Man – Civil War #1
Coldheart – Civil War #1
Microbe – Civil War #1
Namorita – Civil War #1
Night Thrasher – Civil War #1
Speedfreek – Civil War #1

Issues and synopsis so far:

Amazing Spider-Man #529-531: After receiving a new costume from Tony Stark he goes to Washington with the man to speak to Congress about a Superhuman Registration act. Tony Stark as Iron Man pays Titanium Man to combat Spider-Man. Spidey agrees to stick with Tony no matter what.

Fantastic Four #536-537: Thor’s hammer returned to Earth crashing into Oklahoma and then put under U.S. Army protection. Six months later Doctor Doom, who had escaped from Hell during the hammers return, tried to claim the hammer for himself but was unable to lift it. After this, a man wearing a backpack with the initials “D.B.” is seen boarding a bus for Oklahoma.

New Avengers: The Illuminati: Iron Man was handed a copy of the Super-human Registration Act. He told the rest of the group about it. Reed Richards went along with Iron Man, but Namor, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt all disagreed and left. With most of the members gone, it implied that the team was over, with Mr. Fantastic telling Iron Man that it “was fun while it lasted” before leaving.

Civil War # 1: The New Warriors, filming a reality television show, and a cadre of villains in Stamford, Connecticut. The battle goes wrong for the heroes, resulting in villain Nitro creating an explosion that takes out a local school, the surrounding neighborhood, and all but one of the Warriors. This event catalyzes a government movement to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction. The event has also turned the public opinion against the superheroes as many of them are blamed for the incident. Due to this, many superheroes Johnny Storm has been attacked by the public. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit Captain America to become part of the team that will force superheroes to register. Captain America refuses and after being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., goes underground. Iron Man, Yellowjacket and Mister Fantastic will deal with Cap somehow.

Wolverine 42: Wolverine learns of the events of Stamford, Connecticut and goes to help out. He also wants to personally deal with the true villain behind it Nitro. He also seems against the act.

She-Hulk # 8: She-Hulk is split. Jennifer is against the act while She-Hulk seems for it as she defends the remaining New Warriors. This brings back quite a few old New Warriors and explains who’s side they are on. John Jameson also talks to Captain America who’s gone underground

Amazing Spider-Man #532: We see the events through Spider-Man’s eyes here in this story and of course Peter talks to his family about the ramifications of outing himself or joining Tony. In the end he is wearing his original costume about to speak to the public.

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