The NeelDown iMPACT Zone

The NeelDown iMPACT Zone

– From Orlando, Florida

– Hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West

Sting v. Scott Steiner – King Of The Mountain Qualifier
Chop chop punch punch, you know the rest. They go outside where Sting wacks him with a chair in another case of these magic TNA rules, which doesn’t draw anything. I hate that stupid rule. After commercials Steiner is doing pushups, which is relatively a new move for him since his Royal Rumble 03 fiasco. Steiner gives him an OVERHEAD SUPLEX and locks in a crossface for two. Sting gets out, but Steiner delivers another OVERHEAD SUPLEX. You know, give Scott a singles PPV match and he could come close to breaking the Triple H record on the suplexes. Sting bites him in the face and gets a flying clothesline, which I guess is supposed to be like a big spot or something. Sting gets a dropkick and splash for two. Gail Kim comes in for a ref bump, which is just what we needed here, and Jarrett runs in and Strokes Sting, then puts Steiner on top. Slick Johnson comes to the rescue but Sting kicks out. So that leads to a clusterf*ck as Jarrett takes Slick out and then decides to attack Sting, drawing a DQ so Sting wins and advances. That of course leads to Killings and Abyss coming out to join in on the annual post-match brawl, and Christian joins in for his first appearance in about a month. Match was really ugly as the WCW conversion draws nearer, with an uglier finish to boot. But what can you expect, they are pretty much being buried now by two “bigger” federations. -**
Winner: Sting

– Oh, hey, InsidePulse’s Matthew Michaels has chimed in on said match: PulseMM [11:19 PM]: that was the worst match ever (sting/steiner)

– Classy Steiner says he should have won and says he will stop the show if no one will stop him. Samoa Joe comes out, security brawl, you know the drill.

– Kevin Nash Shelley Cam time, as he says he will make his X-Division debut next week. Well if that don’t make me thrilled about wrestling, I don’t know what does. Maybe I might not not forget to watch Impact next week.

Sonjay Dutt v. Jerelle Clark
Dutt slams him down to start, but they are more focused on Konan’s guest announcing, so whatever. Dutt tries a headscissors but Clark catches him and drops him over the ropes. Clark ties him in the ropes but gets dropkicked. Dutt gets his usual crazy shit for two. Clark misses the 630 (!) and Dutt finishes with some kicks. This was your standard short X-division Impact match. *1/2
Winner: Sonjay Dutt

A1, Bobby Roode & Erik Young v. Chris Sabin, BG James & Kip James
Funny sequence sees D’Amore in a sweat suit preparing for his match. He tries eating a twinkie but Roode, in his awesome robe, kicks it away. Sabin outwrestles Young, which should be nothing new for Showtime. He stops to taunt Nash and Shelley and gets cheap shotted. Young tries a front facelock and tags in Roode who slams Sabin down for two and gets a CHINLOCK OF DOOM. They do a LONG sequence on isolating Sabin. Sabin manages an enzigiri and makes the hot tag to Kip who cleans house but misses a splash and gets Diamond Cut by Roode. Um, random move? Rhino comes out to fuel the brawl fire so to speak, and Sabin powerbombs Young to get the pin. I didn’t even know this was the main event when it started, and it was given the participants of it I still have no idea why it was. Of course it just set up the clustered TNA ending, nothing new. **
Winners: Chris Sabin & The James Gang

– Afterwards Christy Hemme delivers to the announce team that Steiner will be facing Joe at Slammiversery. Oh, the shock. That brings Tenay to orgasmic levels, which is comical.

End of show.