[MISC] Teddy Hart Talks MTV, WWE & More

following is a recap of Teddy Hart’s interview from InYourHeadOnline.com according to Hunter Shull and 1Wrestling.com:

Teddy Hart was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at www.inyourheadonline.com.

Jack and OIB welcome Teddy to the show.

Teddy is doing well, and just that very day bought a new black Cadillac

He will be working for MTV’s wrestling Society X, along with guys like Jack Evans and Ruckus from CZW. Teddy feels that this promotion will feature the wrestlers doing crazy things that will make wrestling the most entertaining sport on TV. He feels that the key to a successful promotion is consistency, and believes that the guys in Wrestling Society X will be able to continually work a crazy high flying style because of their lighter schedule, as opposed to WWE. Ultimately, Teddy wants this promotion to become a feeder system for the WWE, and to provide unknown wrestlers a chance to get noticed by either WWE or TNA.

He feels that his family name has been a huge blessing, but also causes the fans to expect a lot more out of him. He feels that if he is not the greatest in the world, he will shame his relatives who have accomplished so many great things. He didn’t want to end up another David Flair. He means no offense to David, Teddy feels that David didn’t have enough time to train. Teddy feels that he has established his own name and his reputation around the world by doing independents.

Two months ago, Teddy did a 27 foot back flip in Germany. He cut his arm, but didn’t feel that charging the promoter for his stitches was fair, so he had Sanjay Dutt crazy glue the wound.

When asked about Harry Smith, Teddy responds that Harry is “one of the few guys on Earth that I answer to.” Teddy has never heard about Harry doing any kind of drugs or painkillers, and believes that Harry has a great attitude and work ethic. When asked about his own experience with drugs, Teddy states that he has smoked a little marijuana, but never anything else, and is very much against painkillers

Teddy will soon be working for 1PW in England, and also doing shows in Germany, and with NOAH in Japan. Teddy would work with ROH if he had the chance to talk to Gabe and settle their differences. Teddy questions some of the ways in which Gabe deals with the talent, but doesn’t feel that Gabe is doing anything to hurt wrestling

Teddy has resolved his issues with C. M. Punk, after Punk came up to him and apologized at a Jersey All Pro show. He feels that Punk is improving and has a lot of potential, and wishes him luck in WWE’s high pressure environment. He would love to wrestle Punk sometime in the future.

Bret Hart always encouraged Teddy to go to the WWE. Teddy says that whether Bret will say it or not, Bret loves the WWE and Vince McMahon. Teddy compares Bret and Vince’s relationship to that of a father and son who may not always get along. Vince is Teddy’s idol, and although Teddy teaches a wrestling class at the same time as Raw in on TV, prohibiting him from keeping up with the storylines, Teddy still considers himself a huge WWE fan. His advice to anyone working in WWE is to “Just be smart, shut your mouth, and remember that they can make you or break you.”

Teddy ends the interview by telling the fans to watch out for Harry Smith, the “best big guy in wrestling”, and also by praising HHH and Shawn Michaels. Teddy feels that it’s great that these guys still go out and work so hard, because at this point, with all the power they hold, it would be easy for them to go out and only do a few moves. He also praises John Cena for improving his ring work.

Teddy’s final words are that he wants to entertain the fans until he dies.

Credit: 1Wrestling.com