Shadows Fall – Fallout From The War Review

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The Inside Pulse:
It’s pushing two years since Shadows Fall released the quintessential New American Metal album that launched them, and the new metal movement, into the metal mainstream. As the band is about to part ways with Century Media for Atlantic Records and a reliable chance at world domination, the opportunity presented itself for label obligations and a need for new material to be fulfilled. Fallout From The War is a worthwhile collection of material that any Shadows fan will eat up. Six tracks of material that didn’t make the cut for The War Within, a couple of remakes from the vault and a triad of cover songs make for a healthy snack to hold over the fans, and critics, until the band can hit the studio and write the next American metal classic.

These B-sides and remakes are quality. This is certainly not filler feed for the masses. There is some fantastic music on this CD. This is intended to be a companion to The War Within and it does a great job for those of us who were not satisfied with its concise 10 tracks. This display of pounding rhythms, blistering solos, clean and powerful vocals and some masterful riffs is a great epilogue for The War Within. Cover songs are always a guilty pleasure. Shads tacked three onto this release. Only Living Witness’ “December,” a rendition of Leeway’s “Mark Of The Squealer,” and the widely talked about cover of Dangerous Toys’ “Teasin’ Pleasin’,” with original ‘Toys singer Jason McMaster adding guest vocals.

This really is a collection and not an album. At first listen it is apparent that the expected ‘flow’ of an album doesn’t exist here. Acquaintances of Shadows Fall music will notice there is almost no departure from the last album but seeing as the first six tracks were recorded during the sessions for The War Within, this is not expected to be a step forward. If they had the time and drive, a full length War Within Part 2 could have spawned from the quality of these leftovers. The cover songs are a nice bonus but are quite noticeably extra material to justify this as a full length release.

Cross Breed:
This is undeniably Shadows Fall. A modern take on 80’s thrash i.e. Testament, Anthrax and Exodus with a death metal mentality and sprinkling of hardcore. Gothenburg style twin attack guitar solos abound and the most technically brilliant drumming to grace the metal world.

Reason to Buy:
If you are a fan of Shadows Fall in any vain or are a fan of the New American Metal Movement, this CD should be in your collection at some point but remember it is a companion piece, not a stand alone favorite.