The 4400 Recap: Episode 3-1:

The 4400 Episode 3:1 The New World

“Over the past 60 years 4400 people have been abducted. All at once they returned, with no memory of where they’ve been. They haven’t aged a day and some have returned with new abilities. All are trying to reconnect with a life interrupted.”

Cast Members Appearing in This Episode:

Joel Gretch as Tom Baldwin
Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris
Maherahalalhashbaz Ali as Richard Tyler
Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell
Conchita Campell as Maia Rutledge
Samantha Ferris as Nina Jarvis
Peter Coyote as Dennis Ryland
Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella
Megalyn Echikunwoke as Isabelle Tyler
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Kevin Burkoff
Garrett Dillahunt as Matthew Ross
Karina Lombard as Alana Mareva
Laura Allen as Lilly Tyler (Ending Montage)

Reoccurring Characters
Leanne Adachi as T. J. Kim
Sharif Atkins as Gary Navarro
Ian Tracy as Daniel Armand

Terms You May Need to Know:
Returnee – One of the 4400, many of whom have special powers.
NTAC – Nation Threat Assessment Command, a branch of Homeland Security tasked to deal with The 4400. Its main branch is in the Pacific Northwest, the hub of 4400 activity.
Promicin – The Chemical Agent believed to cause The 4400’s special powers
Promicin Inhibitor – A chemical substance used unknowingly on The 4400 by NTAC under the Supervision of Dennis Ryland to prevent the development of powers. A side effect of this drug caused a plague like illness among The 4400 resulting in 28 deaths.
The 4400 Center– The Official Headquarters of The 4400 started by Jordan Collier, run by Shawn Farrell since Collier’s death.

“You are witnesses to the beginning of a new era, what happens next is up to you. The 4400 can be mankind’s greatest ally, or its most dangerous adversary.” – Voice of The Nova Group

Special Guest Star: Tippi Hedren as Lilly Tyler

Previously on The 4400

Gary Navarro, a returnee with telepathic abilities, is betrayed by NTAC, and becomes a tool of the NSA. Dr. Burkoff discovers the truth about the Promicin Inhibitor, and after developing the Promicin formula that saves The 4400, injects himself with it. Dennis Ryland orchestrates the conspiracy to suppress the powers of The 4400, a conspiracy that Tom and Diana uncover. T. J. Kim, a returnee with the power to control people, single-handedly almost took down NTAC’s facility. Lilly Tyler, a returnee who became pregnant while abducted, must deal with her daughter Isabelle’s weird abilities and a faction of The 4400 center who believes she is the answer to everything. Isabelle disappears from Lilly’s care, and appears to Shawn naked, as an adult.

The Start of the Episode:

October 13:
Dennis Ryland is speaking before a Congressional Hearing. He says that the Promicin Inhibitor program was an international effort to prevent the coming of a world dominated by The 4400. He says they were doping what they could to prevent the development of special abilities of The 4400.

[Flash to multiple returnees displaying powers]

He continues warning what will happen to the world if The 4400 continue to develop their powers. He says is will come down to us against them.

Three Weeks Earlier

Richard is with Shawn. He shows him the newly Adult Isabelle. Richard doesn’t believe him. He returns to look for Lilly, he finds her lying on the ground. He picks her off the ground, and she is like 60 years old. Richard at first doesn’t believe she is Lilly, but her reaction convinces him. Dr. Burkoff does some tests on Lilly, says she is a perfectly healthy older women, around the age of 75. Lilly questions Dr. Burkoff, who comes up with some possibilities, but basically says he has no idea. Isabelle comes in, and asks Lilly if she’s her mother. Lilly embraces her.

Present Day

Ryland is still addressing the committee. He says the inhibitor program was his idea, and only he should be blamed for it.

Tom is on the phone trying to get Kyle to talk to him. Diana, Marko and Nina talk about Ryland setting himself up as a martyr, and how much the public supports him. They return to the committee meeting. As the questioning begins, we see T. J. Kim in the audience. One of Ryland’s attorneys begins to act confused. A weird buzzing is in the air. Ryland’s attorney begins to stab Ryland with a letter opener. Tom sees T. J. and begins to chase her. He shoots her in the abdomen, but she jumps into a car and speeds away.

Commercial Break

At NTAC, Nina leads a meeting discussing T. J. Kim. They discuss that The 4400’s are either developing more control over their powers or discovering new powers. Nina informs the agents that they are to find T. J. Kim, but they are also in charge of protecting Ryland’s coconspirators. Nina tells Tom that Ryland is still in surgery and is touch and go.

At The 4400 Center, people are gawking at Isabelle. Shawn uses his healing powers to help Lilly deal with some of the health issues her rapid aging has brought on. Isabelle meets with Lilly who talks about her as a baby.

Tom is home with Alana and talks about his troubles. She tells him that she has more control over her ability to create alternate realities. She says she can give him a “vacation” that would only last a moment, but would seem as long as he needed. She creates a tropical paradise.

October 14

Shawn pays a visit to a naked Isabelle, who feels “more comfortable” that we. He helps her cover up. He checks up on her studies. She has been reading the encyclopedia. Isabelle talks about how everyone is frightened of her, and that she doesn’t understand what has happened.

Ryland, in a hospital bed, questions Tom about his handling of the investigation of T. J. Kim. Ryland says he wants Tom to bring in his colleagues, but Tom says they all refuse help. It cuts to multiple scenes of Ryland’s conspirators meeting bizarre deaths, and someone crossing them off a hit list.

Commercial Break

NTAC receives a message from a group called The Nova Group, the defensive wing of The 4400. A voice says that the world has seen their capabilities, and a second demonstration of their abilities will occur on October 19th. The agents talk about the deaths of Ryland’s conspirator’s and how they feel overmatched.

Nina brings Tom and Diana to see Gary Navarro, the returnee telepath who has been working for the NSA. The NSA has agreed to allow Gary to work for NTAC. At The 4400, Shawn tells Tom, Diana and Gary he knows nothing about The Nova group. When Diana asks if the can ask around the center, he tells them he won’t let them walk around with their “pet mind reader.” He then turns on Gary as a traitor. Gary says Shawn is telling the truth. In the car, Diana questioned Gary about his work as an NSA agent.

Dr. Burkoff explains to Lilly that as her neuro-pathways shut down, Isabelle’s opens up. He says that if the aging agent is shut down, that Lilly may be restored. Basically, kill Isabelle and Lilly is young again. Lilly refuses to discuss that option.

Tom and Diana interview one of T. J. Kim’s ex-boyfriend. Gary says that the entire time they were interviewing him, he was thinking of an address. They raid the address, finding an abandoned apartment. The find a copy of The 4400 Report, with a name, Wesley Howser highlighted. They discover that Howser was a marine who lead anti-Vietnam protest. During quarantine, he was housed in the same unit as T. J. Kim. As they discuss this, a man claiming to be Howser calls, and asks them how they liked his apartment. He tells them their time is over, and that “ours” begins October 19th.

Commercial Break

Tom and Diana question a returnee named Dante Ferrelli about Howser. He is reluctant to help. Gary explains to them that to The 4400, NTAC is the bad guys now.

At home, Maia, Diana and Marko are playing Life. Maia says that she doesn’t want to play, because she knows what is going to happen. Diana says she is having trouble dealing with the strengthening of her powers, and all she wants to do is write in her journals. Marko tells Diana she should talk to Dr. Burkoff. Diana goes to visit him. She asks him about Maia and he asks if she was still 10, not 65. While at his office, she sees a syringe with what looks like Promicin in it.

October 15th

Richard is putting organizing Lilly’s medicine. He gets frustrated and things start flying around. Isabelle shows up and says that she will let him kill her. Richard says he would never hurt her, and he won’t choose between the two of them.

At NTAC, Gary talks to Diana, and tells her that should tell Maia to embrace her gift. Tom comes in and tells Diana that someone has found Howser. They meet with a woman at the morgue, who shows them Wesley Howser’s dead body.

Commercial Break

Tom and Diana talk about how Howser has been dead for almost three weeks. They think that The Report with Howser’s name was a plant. They remember that it was Gary who told them about the house, in the guise of reading T. J.’s ex boyfriends mind.

Shawn is picked up in an SUV by a returnee named Daniel Armand. Shawn is pissed because he was never told that they would kill people. He tells him that he didn’t give money to The Nova Group to start a terrorist organization. T.J. is in the back of the SUV with a stomach wound. . Shawn heals her.

Isabelle is on the top of The 4400 Center. She throws herself off.

Gary is visiting Ryland. Gary injects something into Ryland’s IV. Ryland starts to seize. An NTAC agent is told to take Gary into custody. Nina shows up and arrests him.

Richard rushes out, finds Isabelle and screams for an ambulance. Isabelle then just stands up. Richard hugs her, and she asks him “What am I?”

Danielle tells Shawn that he is amazing, and wonders why people fear them. Shawn says that they fear them because they kill people. They fight a bit about tactics, and the use of violence. Shawn questions Daniel about October 19th, but he won’t say anything. Daniel tells Shawn he is a hero to his people.

Tom and Diana question Gary, tells him that Ryland will be OK. Gary tells him that Howser was just a drunk, who died by a dumpster. Gary tries to read their minds, and use things against them. They get nowhere with him. Nina questions them about their interview with Gary. Tom says he has a way to get inside Gary’s head.

Mathew Ross returns to The 4400 Center and is greeted by Shawn. Ross says that it is hard to lobby for The 4400 with the Nova group killing people. He tells him that Isabelle tried to kill herself. Ross visits Isabelle. When he asks her about her suicide attempt, he slaps her across the face. Tells her she has no right to do what she did. That she has too important of a role. He says he is going to tell her a story about her past and her future.

Commercial Break

Diana and Marco are discussing sending Maia to a school that only teaches The 4400. She is uncomfortable with the idea. They discuss Burkoff, and she tells him that she saw a syringe of the Promicin serum at his house. She confronts Burkoff, who says that he is injecting himself with a modified version of the serum. He says that the treatment will teach his body to produce Promicin and he will be the first non-4400 to develop abilities. She tells him he shouldn’t be doing this research at home. He asks for her help, as a scientist, to watch the changes in him. He shows her his chest, which has a bunch of off lesions.

Tom talks to Alana about her going to a meeting at The 4400 center. He seems uncomfortable with her going there. He questions her motives, and seems satisfied.

October 16th

Tom and Diane question Gary about foreign members of The 4400 who have gone missing in the past year, all within the time he worked for the NSA. They said his travel record matched up with their disappearance. They accused him of killing 4400’s. He said he didn’t kill anyone. They responded that he just let other’s do the dirty work, and that was why he joined The Nova Group. As they are questioning him, NSA agents come in and take Gary away. Nina says they have been brought in to expedite the interrogation.

Tom questions Ryland about the NSA’s involvement, and Ryland confirms it was he who called them in. He told Tom it would take too long for him to break him. Ryland says that he and Tom are on the same side.

Isabelle talks to Shawn, and questions him about the nature of good and evil. He tells her that he has done some bad things, and given money to people who have done bad things. She asks him if he was going to turn them in. She decides, based on his words, that being evil is a choice.

Commercial Break

Lilly tells Shawn that when she woke up, she wasn’t able to open her hand. Shawn heals her. Lilly talks to Richard and gives him a gift. It is a certificate to ride along on an F-16. She wishes him a happy birthday. He tells her that his birthday is not for six weeks. She says that she won’t be there in six weeks. She says she is dying. Richard says that Shawn will keep her healthy. She says he can’t anymore, and shows him her clenched hand.

Diana brings Maia to The 4400 Center to check out the school. Alana is also at the Center, meeting with a support group. She talks bout her life as a 4400.

Gary is in a dark room being tortured by the NSA agents. He is resisting. Daniel Armand calls Shawn and tells him one of their members has been compromised. He tells Shawn he needs more money, and to meet him at the same place. Gary continues to be tortured, eventually giving up the name of Daniel Armand. He says that was his only contact. They want to continue torturing him, but Tom and Diana pull him out.

Mathew Ross is talking on the phone about someone being “back.” He is looking at a file with Jordan Collier’s picture on it. He tells the person that he will keep him away from Isabelle. Isabelle comes into his office, and tells Ross he made a mistake, that she won’t do the things he said she was going to do. They argue a bit, then he tells her she can opt out, even save her mother. He gives her a syringe and tells her if she takes it, she will die, and perhaps save her mother.

Commercial Break

Diana is with Dr. Burkoff. They talk more on the experiments. She tells him that if she thinks his life is in danger, she will cut it off. He says he hopes so, he’s too valuable.

October 18th

Tom confronts Nina, says that Gary was transferred back to NSA. Nina says that they were ordered to turn him over by the Defense Department.

Lilly talks to Isabelle, tells her they are going to a clinic. She gives her her wedding band, which was handed down by her Grandmother. She says she’s not sure when she’ll be back. Down with Richard, she says that it was easy to lie to her, but he was the one who will have to tell her the truth.

Gary is in the back of a van. Something hits it. Daniel Armand is there, and helps Gary out. Tom confronts Ryland about the decision to move Gary.

Shawn meets with T. J. He asks her where Danielle is. She says he is busy. He hands her a check. She is then shot with a tranquilizer dart, and taken into custody by NTAC. Tom and Diana says he did the right thing, that he was a hero.

Commercial Break

October 19th

Nina talks to Tom about their preparations for the potential Nova Group attack. The watch the clock tick down. Tom is in his office when he hears a commotion. He runs to a TV and sees a report love from the Nubian Dessert. A field of wheat has grown in a previously unfertile section of the dessert. People are calling is a miracle, a gift from The 4400. Tom says it’s an act of aggression, that they just showed they can change the world overnight.

Shawn watched his TV. Daniel Armand calls him, saying he is disappointed in him, and that he can’t forgive him.

Dr. Burkoff is watching the program, and reaches into his mouth, and pulls out a chunk of his teeth.

Maia heads into school for the first day.

Isabelle holds the syringe that Mathew Ross gave her. She considers taking it, then squirts the chemical out onto the carpet.

Richard and Lilly pull up to the cabin where they hid out from Jordan Collier. They talk about how happy they were there. As Richard talks, he turns away. When he looks back, she is dead.

Isabelle puts on Lilly’s wedding ring.

Closing Theme