[MISC] Trish Kisses Pamela, TNA Ratings News & More

– Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA’s rating from last Thursday was a 1.0 (Ultimate Fighter did a 1.5) up against the NBA finals on ABC and MTV movie awards, which will likely place higher in cable ratings for the night.

– According to the Observer, the Vince McMahon DVD will include a Vince McMahon workout package, and feature:

Disc One
Vince vs. Austin from RAW (4/13/98)
Vince vs. Austin in a cage from Valentine’s Day PPV 1999
Vince & Shane vs. Austin from King of the Ring 1999

Disc Two
Vince vs. HHH from Armageddon 1999
Vince vs. Shane from Wrestlemania 2001
Vince vs. Flair from Royal Rumble 2002
Vince vs. Hogan from Wrestlemania 19
Vince vs. Stephanie I Quit Match
Vince vs. Undertaker from Survivor Series 2003

– WWE.com has a profile up for tonight’s venue: the Bryce Jordan Center. Also on WWE.com are an announcement that Vince will do a “State of WWE” address on RAW, a video clip of Trish kissing Pamela Anderson and the latest “28 Segundos” with the Spanish announce team.