The RAW Events


The RAW Events
— ECW has indeed left their mark from last nights PPV. And we are guaranteed repercussions and paybacks… what will those be?

University Park, PA.

Hosts: JR & The King

The MAIN Events
– Randy Orton vs. Kane
You know to be honest, I’m gonna be a big RKO mark here, so please excuse my bias from here on out. Randy tries to duck out of Kane’s reach for a bit, until connecting with a punch and a few forearms. And follows it up with a kick and a drop kick to get the sit up from Kane. The red machine gets his second wind and goes on the offense, slamming a clothesline into Orton in the corner with a follow up sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top, but Orton quickly fires back and goes for the suplex up top, which of course misfires, and Kane hits the high flying clothesline. Chokeslam called for, but Orton smartly hits the ropes. Both men go out and we get the DQ count out! What the f*ck!!?!?

Orton goes for the RKO on the stage, but Kane blocks with a takedown, prompting “Kane” to make his appearance as the two Kane’s fight it out. “Kane” knocks Kane off the stage as we go to break.
Winner: Double DQ (Not ranked)

– Wet & Wild Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle
This looks to be a water gun fight here with the objects scattered about the ring, along with a few water balloons. Girls get wet, ’nuff said.
Winner: Torrie Wilson (2)

– 5 on 1 Gauntlet Match: HHH vs. The Spirit Squad
1. HHH decks Mikey first, pretty much squashing the guy. DX chant starts up.
2. Kenny is the next one to be sent out like a dog. HHH tries the pedigree on Mikey, but Kenny makes the save. Double team takes out the game. With the crowd eating up when HHH starts to dish out the pain on SS. Toss out with Mikey, and Spine Buster on Kenny.
3. Johnny is the next one out with the 3 on 1. HBK chants start up.
4. Nicky comes on out along with Johnny, going 4 on 1 with HHH going face first into the steel steps. More HBK chants start up. Kenny grabs the chair and they aim at the leg. But Vince doesn’t want the leg, he wants the neck.
5. Mitch is the last one out as the try to break the neck, but he’s tossed from the back as HBK shows up. Shawn sweet chins Mitch and runs down to make the save on HHH. H and HBK clean house as the crowd goes rabid!!! Sweet chin, pedigree. HBK and HHH give the chop sign as DXv2 has FINALLY gotten back together. HHH moons Vince as we go to break. The band is back together.
Winner: No Contest (Not ranked)

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan w/ Eugene vs. Umaga
Your basic squash for Umaga at first as he “breaks” the 2 by 4 with his head. And Umaga wins as Eugene cries like a little bitch. Eugene gets to see Duggan get destroyed after the match. Boo-hoo.
Winner: (3)

– Nitro w/ Melina vs. Carlito
Shelton out to do commentary on this match as Vengeance will feature a triple threat match for the IC strap, including Nitro and Carlito. Lots of talk from the now “over-confident Rock-ish” Benjamin as Carlito and Nitro go back and forth, with Melina eating Carlito’s apple ringside. Spring board reverse elbow starts the drop on Nitro and he finishes off the combo with a clothesline. HUGE backflip goes up as well until Nitro flips him out of the ring as Shelton gets off the mic as “something” happens (I missed that part) and Nitro gets the pin.
Winner: Nitro (1)

– Edge vs. John Cena
Match starts off quickly, with Cena taking down Edge. Lita jumps on Cena’s back, as the DQ is ringed in. ECW hits the out skirts as Cena starts to slug away with them taking the sssttteeeeeeellll chair to the ECW wrestlers. Cena calls out that he was awaken how ECW does business. Cena likes how it is, he really likes it. As he’s going to show up tomorrow night at the ECW debut.
Winner: John Cnea by DQ (4)

Quick HEAT
— Paul Heyman starts off the show to address the controversy of last nights WWE Title match. And since it was under ECW rules, the decision stands with RVD as the new WWE champion. So ECW will recognize Edge as the #1 contender, and offers us all to join them tomorrow on SCI FI with the debut of ECW, promising RVD will be a fighting champion. So without further ado… Heyman introduces the new WWE champion…

“Rob Van Dam… E-C-W!”

— Charlie Hass gets some mic time because he f*cked up last week, knocking Lillian Garcia off the ring. (And damn, I really didn’t see it last time, but Lillian fell off HARD… pretty funny!) Hass apologizes as I guess WWE has decided to turn this into an angle as Viscera walks out. The big man stands up for his girl as he decks Hass and the beat down ensues.

— Coach tries to get things ready for Vince’s State of the WWE address backstage

— Vince announces the WWE has launched a third brand under “ECW” with RVD as the new WWE champion. But of course that isn’t the main focus… no, we get him to talk about him getting pedigreed last week.

— WWE Title Match recap from last nights ONS

— Mick Foley comes out, looking totally f*cked up from his match last night! And announces the old, cuddly, Mick Foley is back, getting the cheap pop. Then… Wooooo! Flair walks out. Flair lets know Foley know that he doesn’t care what he’s done. Both men jar back and forth over their personas. Foley is a glorified stunt man, while Flair is just a limousine riding wannabe. And Foley lets Flair know that he could take him out like “that” but just not now, with Flair going ballistic. Foley calls a 2 out of a 3 falls match at Vengeance.

— Mickey is in the back with Todd Grisham, as she describes how people who go against her have bad luck. She informs us that she went to school with Beth, but she became really, really mean. However, Randy Orton walks in the interview, talking about ONS. As Orton calls out Kurt Angle for Vengeance in a WWE ring. Because “Vengeance is his destiny”.

— Lita dismisses Maria, as she introduces Edge. Edge announces crashing ECW tomorrow night and that Cena will never “see” the WWE title again.

— ECW is in attendance as they walk through the crowd.

RAW Analysis
— Well I was really excited to watch Raw tonight because of what has been happening recently over the past week. But you know, WWE never lets down as… well… they let me down. Its not good when a “Wet & Wild” match nearly gets your number one spot for the night. The only thing that gave me the ‘excited’ feel again was the return of DX… FINALLY! Oh well, at least I get to watch ECW tomorrow. Till extreme EVENT, I’m out. Peace.