Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – Recap – Episode 3

Here is how I would rank the teams after Week 2…

The Teams

#1 – Coral and Evan
#2 – Shane and Linette
#3 – Theo and Chanda
#4 – Darrell and Aviv
#5 – Wes and Casey
#6 – Tina and Kenny
#7 – Tonya and Johnnie
#8 – Derrick and Diem
#9 – Melinda and Ryan
#10 – Katie and Eric
#11 – Johanna and Jesse
#12 – Danny and Ev

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – (Episode 3)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the video game effects with each team being shown together as it gets loaded onto your TV or computer screen. The “alumni” are dressed in black, while the “fresh meat” are dressed in red. Oh..and it’s TJ Lavin as the host playing this “video game”…

We open up to some partying! But of course we do. Diem is dirty dancing with Eric. Diem says she is having fun on this challenge. Eric says he is just trying to be funny and make everyone laugh, so that he won’t get sent to exile.

Tina tells us that the “Austin” cast is being targeted more than the “fresh meat”. We get it! Melinda talks to Danny and she says it’s hard to stay here without him, but she will try her hardest. Danny wanted to do this more than her, but now he is not here.

Ryan talks to Melinda. Melinda and Danny are fighting and Ryan doesn’t want that to hurt their team’s chances. Melinda tells us that she wants to go home, but she can’t because she has a partner. Ryan is a great guy and she can’t let him down. Melinda says she will be fine without Danny. Which should probably tell you the result of tonight’s show.

The teams get their clue. “Teamwork is the KEY to success in this mission!” Johnnie says they have to stop Coral and Evan from winning another mission, since that puts them in control of things.

TJ explains the rules of this challenge to the teams. It is called “Jail Break”. There are two big jailhouses with 6 bowls of “prison slop” inside. Both members of the team will be handcuffed behind their backs and have shackles around their ankles. The teams have to search through the slop to find 3 keys inside the bowls. They will unlock each member of the team’s handcuffs and the jailhouse door. Once they get out they run to the finish line. The winning team gets a year supply of movie tickets from Fandango! If Melinda and Ryan or Wes and Casey win today, then they get to pick a team besides Coral and Evan to take their place in exile.

Coral and Evan pick the order for the teams and we are ready to begin. It’s Katie and Eric vs. Tonya and Johnnie to start off. They all begin to search through the slop and it’s not pretty. They spit out as they go along. Katie says the slop is hot and mushy and has flies all over it. It’s nasty as we take our first break!!

Commercial time!

We come back and more slop. Johnnie says it’s tough since your face doesn’t fit inside the bowls. Eric says he likes Katie yelling at him during the challenges since he needs motivation to overcome some things. Johnnie and Tonya find their 3 keys first and make it across. Tonya felt like they worked great as a team.

Johanna and Jesse vs. Darrell and Aviv are next. J & J say they don’t want to go after Tonya since she is not that “clean”. Darrell says it’s hard to find the key when the key is metal and the bowl is metal. Jesse finds two keys quickly and then the third one. But they drop one of them onto the ground and that costs them. Darrell and Aviv make it across first. Jesse is pissed that Johanna dropped the key since they could have won!

Melinda and Ryan vs. Wes and Casey are up. Interesting. Both teams want to win to stay alive, obviously. Melinda and Ryan are done first. The interesting thing is that Melinda is SO far behind Ryan. Wes says that he has the least athletic and intelligent girl on his team and those are the two things that matter most in this game.

Tina and Kenny vs. Theo and Chanda. Kenny is not happy, since he saw people blow snot into the bowls. Tina says there is nothing wrong with a little DNA, but Kenny disagrees. Chanda doesn’t want to think about all the other people that went before her. She just wants to win. Tina says this is disgusting! Theo and Chanda are across first. Theo doesn’t think they won. Melinda and Ryan think they have the best time so far. Again..more foreshadowing!

Shane and Linette vs. Derrick and Diem. Linette doesn’t want to think about all the puke and backwash and everything else in those bowls. Shane and Linette are done first.

Coral and Evan are the last team to go, but they act so retarded and slow. Evan says they do it on purpose to make it seem like they don’t care anymore. They make it across, though. They said they didn’t want to win that challenge at all.

T.J. comes in to tell us the results:

#11 – Coral and Evan – 6:50
#10 – Derrick and Diem – 5:05
#9 – Tina and Kenny – 3:17
#8 – Shane and Linette – 2:58
#7 – Wes and Casey – 2:52
#6 – Katie and Eric – 2:50
#5 – Johanna and Jesse – 2:39
#4 – Melinda and Ryan – 2:20
#3 – Darrell and Aviv – 2:16
#2 – Tonya and Johnnie – 2:04

#1 and WINNERS – Theo and Chanda – 1:58

Chanda is excited since Coral and Evan didn’t win. Now it’s time to say goodbye to Melinda and Ryan and Wes and Casey. Johanna worries about Wes and him going home. She’s a little guilty as well, since Wes took her place in exile.

T.J. tells us and the two teams about exile. There is a start, two checkpoints in the middle, and an end. The checkpoints have a riddle or puzzle for a reward. It’s optional. They have to drag along the combined weight of luggage that they brought with them for this game. The team that finishes first stays and the one that doesn’t..goes home!

They all get blindfolded and taken to exile. Wes says that he loves Melinda, but he is going to send her home to the person she loves more than him. That would be Danny. Melinda says she is going to try her hardest and she is going to kick some ass! I think we get that too!

Time for exile to begin! Wes and Casey have to carry 113 lbs., while Melinda and Ryan have to carry 156 lbs.! Ryan says they are not light packers and this is crazy! Time for a final break!

Commercial time!

The teams make it to their first checkpoint. If they complete the puzzle, then the reward will help them finish the race quicker. This first puzzle is a bunch of letters where the vowels and spaces have been taken out. They have to figure out the phrase. It looks like “FYCNRDTHSTHNDRPYRBGS”. Wes says screw that and they leave! Melinda and Ryan try to figure it out and they do! Melinda figures it out! It says “If You Can Read This Then Drop Your Bags!” WOW! Melinda says they can catch up now that they don’t have any bags with them.

The second checkpoint and puzzle is a diagram. You have to have all of these squares touching each other with a red box in the middle or something. A little confusing. Casey says to go on and they do. Melinda and Ryan make it there, but they made a mistake. They forget to get the first flag from the checkpoint. They have to go back and get it. Ryan runs like a mad man to get the first flag. Melinda works on the puzzle, but no luck. Ryan returns and they decide to just run for it.

It’s a race to the finish now and one we don’t get to see the ending too yet. A car pulls up back at home and Wes and Casey return! Everyone seems happy, but worried since Wes and Casey have won both exiles. Johanna gives him a big hug and stuff. Now we see the end. Melinda lags behind Ryan, but what cost them is forgetting the first flag. Wes is glad that Casey stepped up during this exile. He is confident in their team now. Bye Melinda and Ryan! Ryan says that he doesn’t think that Melinda really wanted to be here. Melinda said she tried her hardest, but is glad she is coming home to Danny!

Wes is a little cocky according to Theo. We hear Wes tell Johanna that he carried some of Casey’s bags too and they still won! Theo says they will continue to put Wes and Casey into exile until he goes home. Wes knows that he is a target and that he has no time to rest!

And we are out until next week!