[TNA] Jeff Jarrett Comments On Guitars and X-Men

Wizard Magazine recently conducted an interview with none other than TNA owner and former NWA and WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett. Here are some of the highlights:

First question Jeff, something people have wondered for years – why hit people with a guitar?
JARRETT: Why not? Let me know if you’ve got a good reason why I shouldn’t. In actuality, I was born and raised in “Music City,” Nashville, Tennessee. The music business is the main industry there, so when I when I first stepped onto the national wrestling stage, what better moniker and trademark than the guitar? And you guys probably know as well as I do – it’s helped me win a lot of matches.

Do you still have the cowboy hat with the light-up “JJ” on it?
Got that in storage. I don’t sell any of my stuff on eBay right now, but one day, when my career is over, I’ll rent out a convention hall and sell all the old outfits [laughs]. They’re all still around.

Check out the full interview, conducted by Inside Pulse legend Ben Morse.