Looking Ahead – 13th June 2006

Looking Ahead – 13th June 2006

Man, am I knackered. After writing up yesterdays YCBS!, doing the LIVE Raw Report for IP (it starts at 2am over here in the U.K., finishes at 4am) and having the pleasure of covering Eric S’s column while he’s away, I have to churn this beast of a column out. Luckily I’ve drank 3 cups of coffee, and I’m buzzing at the moment, so let’s get cracking.

But first, some pimps I plugged last night in the Raw Report. All are good reading material, and I urge you to check at least one of them out.

Look On The Bright Side

You Complete Bar Steward!

That Looks So Fake

The Saturn; Sega’s Greatest Console

East Coast Bias

Monday Morning Flasher

Let’s Rave On


The 50 Club – A Clockwork Orange

The Weekly Sports Pulse


Next PPV – Vengeance; 25/6/06

The Announced Card

Rob Van Dam vs. Edge – WWE World Championship Match

Current rumors are going around that this will be a Triple Threat match also involving John Cena, and I’d have to agree that it’d be the best way to get the title from RVD at this point. However something may happen tonight on the ECW TV debut, so who knows what direction this is going in.

DX vs. The Spirit Squad

About bloody time. The question is, where to go from here? Once DX beats The Spirit Squad, what will happen to HHH and HBK? My own theory is to have HHH turn on HBK and align himself with Vince McMahon, leading to another HHH vs. HBK feud. I know I keep banging on about this, but to be honest I’d rather this happen than the possibility of HHH and HBK staying together in DX and once again jumping aboard the “rehashed gimmicks” train.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Now this should be an interesting match, just because Nitro is still feeling his oats as a singles competitor, meaning we should see a good bout from him. Carly’s and Shelton’s work rates have been steadily improving as of late, so this might possibly the Match of the Night. I’m looking for Nitro to pick up the win to keep him on a roll and to elevate himself, along with Melina, up the card. That way Shelton and Carlito can carry on their feud without the belt getting in the way, which might as well be a prop.

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair – Two out of Three Falls

This should be an interesting number to say the least. And that’s all I’ll say for now. I did say “to say the least”.


Umaga vs. Eugene

I suggested this in here last week, and this week’s no different. With what happened on Raw involving these two guys, a match at the PPV looks quite likely. It’ll obviously be a squash, but it’ll give Umaga another guy to go over on his dreaded way towards his supposed main event push.

Charlie Haas vs. Viscera

If creative had an ounce of brain between themselves, they could surely come up with this match in time for Vengeance. Hass knocked Lillian off the ring on Raw and Big Vis is looking for revenge. THE STORY WRITES ITSELF! Come on Creative… you know it’s a good idea. – Me, last week. Hey! Looks like the creative team DO watch Raw from time to time. Baby steps guys, baby steps.


Next PPV – Great American Bash; 23/7/06

The Announced Card

No Matches Announced Yet


Batista vs. Mark Henry

This was apparently spoiled by the WWE website itself, so I’ll assume that it’s going to happen. It’s a good idea for Batista to start with Henry, then move onto the hunt for the World Title later on, as it gives Batista more momentum when he slays Sexual Chocolate, possibly putting Henry out (in storyline terms anyway) for good.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero for the World Championship

I think it’s just about the right time for the Chavo vs. Mysterio feud to kick off. With Big Dave occupied with Mark Henry for a while, they might as well as other than Khali, there’s nobody else to challenge him.

By the way, has anybody else noticed that the WWE these past few weeks has referred to this title at the World Championship… no mention of the word “heavyweight” at all.

The Hooliganz vs. Knoble and Kash

Last week I also recommended that this match take place, and I still do. All 4 guys are work rate freaks, and can all go spot-crazy in the ring. The Hooliganz will end up keeping the titles for now though, probably dropping them at SummerSlam.. assuming they have a match on the card.

Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker

King Booker is on a role as of late, so a rub from him will do great things for Lashley. After that, King Booker could go on to the main event scene, possibly challenging Batista or Mysterio for the World Title at SummerSlam.


Next PPV – SummerSlam; 20/08/06

The Announced Card



Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

If they wanted to get the belt on Big Dave, SummerSlam is the place to do it no doubt. Having a face vs. face match would be a nice change, and it could open up a door for Chavo to screw Mysterio out of the World title, setting up their feud.

Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker

They might as well give these guys an extended feud, because people seem interested when they fight, plus it’s more experience for Lashley. I know people predicted big things for Bobby ages ago, but since he’s been working with Regal, Finlay, Benoit and Booker, he looks more and more comfortable in the ring. All he needs now is seasoning, and in a couple of years he’ll be a big time player no doubt in my mind.


I think it’d be a good idea to feature an ECW World title match at Summerslam, seeing as how ECW’s next PPV is in December, a full 6 months away.

I’d maybe have RVD vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show vs. Sabu in a fatal fourway, or something similar.

Top 5 Best Lagers to Drink on a Hot Summers Day

5. Skol
4. Carlsberg
3. Carling
2. Bud
1. Corona w/ lime

On that note, I think it’s about time I went to go grab a cold one and sit outside.

Take it sleazy!

Danny Wallace.

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