InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 06.13.06

InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 06.13.06
Live from the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ
Announcers are Joey Styles & Tazz
By: John Cavanagh

Welcome everyone to InsidePulse’s (kinda) live coverage of ECW’s return to network TV. I’m John Cavanagh, some of you may know me from my writing over in the Movie Zone, I’ll be your recapper for this evening. It seems the show has been taped before the Smackdown taping and is no longer “live”, to ensure that the debut broadcast has no “glitches”. Boo.

The show kicks off with a video package from Sunday nights One Night Stand focusing heavily around the main event and the controversy surrounding it. Which leads in to a video package from last night RAW with Cena’s response. Which leads us to the shows brand spankin’ new opening video package. That’s a lot of video packages.

We’re greeted by Tazz and Styles who are at ringside.

Paul Heyman comes to the ring to introduce RVD to the audience. The fans pop pretty big for RVD as he makes his way to the ring. Rob takes the mic from Paul and thanks both Paul and the fans. He tells them how John said he would show up and thinks it’s awesome because he wants him there to help celebrate both Rob’s new championship reign and the rebirth of ECW. Paul congratulates Rob and then presents to him the ECW World Heavy Weight Championship (same belt as before). While Rob loves the ECW belt he wants to hold on to both simply because he can. And one of them spins!

Edge enters the ring with Lita at his side and Heyman introduces him as the #1 contender and seems really happy about it. Not sure why he’s so excited about a competing superstar that’s a threat to the ECW title staying in ECW… Edge thanks Paul for the personal invite, and then tells Rob no matter how he feels about ECW he still respects him. He comments about how both have a lot in common with them each winning the MITB and then going on to win the belt with their contracts, both successfully breaking through the glass ceiling. And that they did so because of their ability. He then tells him how he can’t wait to tear the house down at Vengeance with him, they shake hands, Rob shakes Lita’s hand, Paul raises RVD’s arm only to have Edge spear Rob right where he stands then leaving through the audience.

We see John Cena appear right behind Edge in the audience, waiting for him to turn around. Cena throws him over the barricade back to ring side where Rob then joins in on the brawl and the three men are trading blows back and forth. Cena and Edge leave through the audience, but not before Cena could sucker punch Paul before leaving. The ECW crew runs to ringside to make the save.


We return to see Paul and the ECW locker room and he’s furious that both Edge and Cena would screw with ECW like this. He says that if this is how Monday Night RAW wants to play then he’s going to bring ECW to Monday Night RAW this coming Monday and continue the celebration there. He says he won’t be alone, he’ll be bringing ECW along with him.

The Zombie vs. Sandman

Umm, I wish I was kidding around but there is seriously a wrestler by the name of Zombie in the ring and he grabs a mic and starts moaning. While that all goes on we see Sandman up in the audience with new entrance music. He makes his way down to the ring from nearly the nose bleed section. When he makes his way to the ring it takes very little time before Sandman beats The Zombie with his singapore cane, in fact, his entrance music never even stops. He hits the white Russian legsweep and it’s over. Only it doesn’t end there, he beats the Zombie with the cane all the way to the back.

Winner: Sandman

Clearly this is a nice little jab at the Sci-Fi fans that cried over ECW joining the network. And it was hilarious.

We’re introduced to Kelly who says she’s an exhibitionist and she plans to take off all her clothes for us tonight. Can’t complain about that.


We return to see the Tazz vs. King match in its entirety, all thirty seconds of it. They don’t provide any new commentary over it and provide no comments before or after it. Not sure why they chose to play it other than to perhaps continue the angle this Monday on RAW.

Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible

Angle takes little time to take down Credible and begin to wrench back on his head. Credible gets to the ropes in time before taping, once back on their feet Angle continues his dominance with a suplex and then another launching Credible to the outside. He does the slaps to the back of the head that we saw Sunday on Orton. Credible charges at Angle screaming “who do you think you are?” Kurt replies kindly with a headbutt. on the ground again Angle locks in a choke hold to which Credible taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match Kurt clears the ring and then calls out Orton. He says that no matter what the rules, ECW, WWE, no rules at all he’ll make Randy tap out no matter what because he’s looking at the new face of ECW.

Heyman is back on the screen talking about learning and feeling extreme. He says he threw the plans for the night out the window and now will have a ten man EXTREME battle royal with all weapons being legal and anything goes. The winner will face John Cena at Vengeance and will join Heyman and his crusaders to RAW this Monday night.

Kelly again, she says she’s going to show us all her assests. Again, can’t complain.


A vampire is standing outside the arena. Anyone know where Lucard is tonight?

We get a recap for the start of the show involving Edge, RVD and Cena.

Kelly comes to the ring … her own stripper platform? She begins to strip going so far as to take off her bra and cover up with her hands. I bet those Sci-Fi fans aren’t complaining now!

EXTREME Battle Royal
Dreamer vs. Sabu vs. Little Guido vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Big Vito vs. Al Snow vs. Balls Mahoney vs. Road Kill vs. Danny Doring vs. Stevie Richards vs. Big Show

The match starts with Dreamer and Sabu entering, then cuts to a promo for the encore replay of ONS2. When we come back most of the wrestlers are in the ring with Big Show entering last. When the bell rings Show clears the ring in seconds. Once he does that we get…


Back after the break and the ring is full again, everyone has a weapon in hand. it’s a bit hard to play-by-play this kind of mayhem. A lot of the smaller wrestlers team up and start pounding on Show with road signs and cookie sheets. Big show eliminates Snow, Doring, Richards, Road Kill, and Balls in seconds of each other. Dreamer sneaks up on Show and begins to pound away at him with a road sign. Show nearly eliminates Sabu but he holds on to the ropes. Big Show is up AGAIN and lifts Dreamer over his head throwing him on the table set up on the outside. Show choke slams Little Guido on top of Mamaluke. Taking the limp bodies Show simply tosses them to the outside. Stare down with Big Guido and Show with the two exchanging punches, Show takes control pushing Vito over the top rope only Vito won’t let go and is trying to take Show with him. Sabu out of nowhere runs up behind Show with a steal chair sending him over the ropes.

Winner: Sabu

Sabu celebrates his win in the ring while Styles and Tazz talk about how great is is to be back.

Show Over.

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