[SD] TV Taping Results from Trenton, NJ (Spoilers)


Smackdown taped following the ECW tapings tonight in Trenton, NJ.

In a dark match before the ECW show, Funaki pinned Simon Dean with a reversed small package.

Also prior to the ECW show, Joey Styles and Tazz came out and Joey entered the ring, and asked the crowd to keep the risqué chants to a minimum because families were in the arena to see Smackdown. He ended his promo with an “Oh My God!”

After ECW, The Miz came out to “host” Smackdown and announced Rey Mysterio vs. Gregory Helms in a Champion vs. Champion match would be kicking off the show.

BUT FIRST, JBL came out in his limo and said he was the new voice of Smackdown, and called himself “Mr. Ratings.”

(1) World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio beat Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms after a springboard legdrop. Match was said to be a good back-and-forth bout. Rey’s shoulder was taped up, and at one point in the match, JBL threw his hat at Rey when they were on the floor.

(2) Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley never got started, as Finlay and Regal jumped Lashley as he came out to the ring. Gunnar Scott and Matt Hardy ran out to make the save.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley was with the trainer and told him to get his injured knee ready for his bout with Booker.

(3) Ken Kennedy defeated Nick Berk.

Great Khali vs. The Mexicools was announced, so I guess Super Crazy hasn’t officially jumped to ECW.

Backstage, Psicosis told Super Crazy he had his back.

Sylvan Grenier has a new gimmick: Ambassador of Quebec, and a promo video aired that looked like a vacation promotional video.

(4) The Great Khali beat The Mexicools with Psicosis walking out on Super Crazy.

The Miz interviewed Ashley, winner of last week’s bikini contest. She then introduced the next match.

(5) Finlay & William Regal beat Matt Hardy & Gunnar Scott when Finlay pinned Scott after hitting him with the shelelei. After the good match, the Leprechaun attacked everyone until Finlay tossed him back under the ring.

Teddy Long told Booker T he WILL wrestle Lashley.

A Batista return video aired.

Next, Michael Cole interviewed Chavo Guerrero, Jr., about whether or not he would come out of retirement like Rey asked him to. Chavo didn’t respond with a clear yes or no, but then Mark Henry came out and said that its a shame he doesn’t wrestle anymore because he’d show Chavo how he shortens and ends careers, then started insulting Rey. Chavo stepped up to him, but Henry laid him out.

Ashley challenged Michelle McCool to to a bikini showdown after McCool was insulting her backstage, but McCool said she wouldn’t do it in front of the New Jersey lowlifes. Ashley told her to stop acting like she was teaching class and find some class instead, but Michelle just walked away.

(6) Vito beat Scott Wright via submssion. Vito was wearing a lovely blue dress.

(7) Bobby Lashley pinned King Booker in the Main Event.

Credit: PWInsider’s Mike Johnson

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.