Smack YOU! Smackdown Review 9th June 2006

Sorry for the atrocious lateness of this review but I’ve been very busy recently with my A2 exams and just havn’t had the time to post this. On the bright side the exams will be finished by the end of June but I may ask for a hiatus until then. We’ll see if my schedule frees up

We’re in Wheeling, WV

Hosts are Tazz and Cole

Miz starts us out by running down the matches for the show

William Regal comes down to the ring, drawing some mighty fine heat might I add, and shows the footage from last week. He then introduces King Booker but gets jumped from behind by Lashley before Booker comes out. Lashley mauls Regal around ringside and a host of security and refs come to split them up with minimum success. Teddy Long, ever the opportunist, comes out and makes Regal/Lashley later on. He also says that if Lashley beats Regal he will get King Booker.

Batista promo. He’s returning in 4 weeks but I wonder how the wellness program will have effected his physique. Not that I’m insinuating anything of course

Super Crazy w/ Psicosis Vs Spanky w/ Paul London
Like my friends I refuse to call Spanky by his slave name. Lock up goes nowhere to start and leads to a test of strength. Spanky gets a rana for two and they do a neat little sequence that leads to arm drags and a double kick up. Spanky gets an arm wringer and goes to a front facelock. Crazy counters to his own but Spanky fights out. Tilt a whirl back breaker gets two for Crazy. Spanky gets a big kick to the face for two. Simple but effective. Crazy gets a Spiral Bomb for two and then goes to a Mexican Surfboard. Spanky counters another tilt a whirl with an inside cradle for two. Crazy punts Spanky in the face and then gets a sit out surfboard. Crazy then continues his seminar in submission moves with a version of the Regal Stretch. Spanky counters a Brain Buster with another inside cradle for two but walks into a clothesline. Crazy cinches in the submission move again but Spanky elbows out of it. Another Spiral Bomb is countered with a DDT for two. Spanky heads up top and has a slug fest with Crazy on top which ends with Crazy getting the one man Spanish Fly for the win


**3/4 – Really fun little match there. Of course post match Great Khali comes out and destroys everyone taking away the good will of the past match. Fuck you WWE. It’s shit like this why I hate this company. Why couldn’t the Cruisers just have their moment? Why can’t Khali come out and ruin Tatanka’s match?

Cole and Tazz talk about Paul Heyman offering Rey a spot in ECW

Kristal questions Finlay about Mini Finlay. Finlay tries to change the subject and cuts a promo on Mysterio for his match tonight

Simon Dean, Nunzio. Kid Kash, Jamie Noble and Gregory Helms are backstage when Vito walks in wearing a dress. Nunzio asks him to stop dressing in a dress but Vito says he is the “toughest man to ever wear a dress”. I don’t know Fabulous Moolah might have you beat there dude

Vito Vs Nunzio
Vito pretty much squashes Nunzio with ease and finishes him off with an Implant DDT. This gimmick wouldn’t be so bad if Saturn hadn’t pretty much done it already in WCW. Granted he was forced to wear it because he lost a match but he ended up liking it and it became part of his weird aura and he actually got over before WCW’s regular incompetence saw him down in the mid card again. Vito is no late 90’s Saturn though which is probably why this gimmick will go nowhere.

King Booker and Queen Sharmel come out to watch
Lashley Vs William Regal
Regal jumps Lashley in the aisle and sends him into the ring. Lashley takes some knees and forearms in the corner but gets a big shoulder block. Lashley gets a big vertical suplex but Regal hangs him up in the ropes and gets some cheap shots in. Some fans actually chant for Regal showing that some people in Wheeling have good taste in wrestlers. Regal goes to a chin lock but smartly they don’t leave Lashley in it too long. However, Regal stays in control with strikes and drops a knee for two.

Back to the chin lock which is counter productive. Fans want to see Lashley murderise people and putting him in situations like this where he has to sell for the majority of the match exposes him. they should treat him like Ultimate Warrior and not even require him to sell till he faces someone legitimately in his league. Booker perhaps but Regal hasn’t won a major match in ages. Lashley should be turning Regal into caramel, lest we forget Armageddon where he destroyed both Regal and Burchill on his own.

Regal keeps on Lashley with rest holds but runs into a belly to belly throw. Another sets up The Dominator but Regal flips him over to counter. Outside we go and Regal grabs a chair but Lashley spears him on the floor and rolls inside. Booker comes down to ringside to try and help Regal up but he fails and Regal gets counted out


½* – Totally the wrong match and finish. Lashley should have beaten Regal in two minutes with a pin fall. This match just made him look weak which is the exact opposite of how they should be booking him. They need Lashley strong as this half arsed booking helps no one. It doesn’t help Lashley get over and it doesn’t make Booker look good because if you beat a loser it means nothing and if you lose to one it makes you look even worse

Bikini Contest
Ashley Vs Kristal Vs Jillian Vs Michelle
The usual here as the women show their stuff except for Michelle who decides the whole thing is below her even though she’s probably the hottest one. Ashley wins if you care.

Mark Henry kills a jobber and I fast forward

Oh yes man I missed this guy. The catchphrase still rules in case you wondered. Tazz is ripping Cole apart here on commentary. Scotty gets the under 10 pop as usual but he doesn’t stand a chance here. Scotty with some right hands and a hip toss but he gets kneed in the gut. Scotty gets thrown over the top and skins the cat but Kennedy wallops him in the face and chokes him on the ropes. Scotty gets a chop but gets nailed in the jaw with a right hand. Scotty does some mount punching but misses a charge in the corner and takes a clothesline to the back of the head. Kennedy heads up top and gets a beauty of a Swanton Bomb for the win


* – Good match and nice to see Kennedy add to his arsenal

Rey Mysterio is backstage and Chavo comes up and says he’ll support Rey no matter what he chooses to do. Rey asks if Chavo is reconsidering coming back to the ring and tells him that wrestling is in his blood. I’d be up for a Chavo return so long as they didn’t do the predictable heel turn on Rey.

Cole is in the ring and informs the crowd about Paul Heyman’s offer to Rey to join ECW. Tazz comes in the ring saying there’s something he wants to add to this. He cuts a promo on Jerry Lawler for One Night Stand and then says he’s leaving Smackdown and joining up with ECW again. After that Paul Heyman comes out and talks about guys leaving WWE and joining ECW and admits to offering Rey a place in ECW. Rey comes out and says he owes a lot to ECW for kick starting his US career. He says that Smackdown has been his one home since joining WWE and that he can’t leave.

Rey Mysterio Vs Finlay
Heyman comes to do commentary. Lock up leads to some slapping and Finlay gets a back breaker. Finlay gets a stiff European Upper Cut and then goes to the nerve pinch. Rey fights out and gets some forearms and a big swinging head scissors. Finlay gets a toe kick but is dropped into the 619 position. Rey shows some ring smarts by avoiding getting caught in the ring apron and kicks him into the table but gets dragged under the ring by Mini Finlay. Finlay drops some elbows for two and gets a body slam before going to a sit out surfboard. Rey fights it but gets put in the Camel Clutch. Rey fights out of that but Finlay gets a big back breaker to regain control. Rey gets a 10 punch in the corner and comes off the top with a cross body for two. Rey kicks Finlay in the face for two and is able to set him up for the 619 but Sabu runs out for a distraction and Finlay uses the chance to get the Kryptonite Krunch for the win.


** – Not bad actually. I won’t say how stupid Rey jobbing again is as I take it you can see that yourself. Sabu annihilates Rey post match and puts him through a table

Not a bad hype job for One Night Stand but I was really disappointed with the Booker/Lashley stuff tonight. Hopefully they’ll sort that out next week