[ECW] Vampire and Zombie Identified!

So far, from reading feedback in the wrestling forum on last night’s ECW debut on Sci Fi, reactions have been tepid at best. Make sure to let us know what you thought by clicking on the above link (registration is an easy process), and for my personal thoughts on the show, click the above link and scroll down to the bottom of the first page, and stay tuned to tomorrow’s edition of Cheap Heat for my very special guest appearance in Daniels’ column. We’ll have ratings of the show as soon as they are available.

The indie wrestler that played The Zombie last night was Tim Arson, who was trained by Johnny Rodz and has been wrestling in the Northeast and WWC in Puerto Rico. You might have recognized the vampire-looking character that was hanging out outside of the arena as Kevin Fertig. He has played Seven down in OVW and Mordecai on Smackdown, and Paul Heyman is said to be very high on him, a big part of WWE bringing him back after he was released months ago. In a recent interview, Heyman said that if there were to be “vampires” in ECW, he would be playing off of the biting subculture popular with some teens and young adults in the U.S.

Last night’s show was written by Paul Heyman, according to PWInsider, “to meet McMahon’s expectations and visions of ECW” with WWE’s creative team looking at the show to make tweaks afterwards. PWInsider is also reporting that people backstage say it was pretty clear Heyman thought the show was a bomb. It should be interesting to see what changes are made for next week’s show.

In other ECW news: OVW’s Shelly Martinez filmed vignettes as a “tarot card reading witch” (PWInsider) and should debut soon … Steven DeAngelis was in Trenton last night, asked to come to the show before WWE decided instead to go with Justin Roberts in ring announcing duties … Tazz’s PPV match with Jerry Lawler was put on the show to fill time, since it ran short and the production team had 90 minutes between the taping and airing of the show to make tweaks (including fixing some mistakes from the battle royale).

Credit: PWInsider