[WWE] Another Sci Fi Connection?

WWE.com has posted the following:

Goldust released
June 14, 2006

WWE has come to an agreement on the release of Goldust (Dustin Runnels) as of today, June 14, 2006. WWE wishes Dustin the best in all future endeavors.

PWInsider is saying that this was in part due to “creative having nothing for him” but also due to missing RAW last week. OVW’s Mikey Batts was also released today — he is a former TNA performer.

Also on WWE.com is a story on Chris Jerich in the Sci Fi Channel’s original movie Android Apocalypse. According to the Wrestling Observer, Jericho was on TSN today, interviewed about his wrestling career and what he’s doing now, and said a few interesting things, notably: he won’t go to TNA; if WWE wants to really get rid of steroids they can, but the heart problems are important also; and WCW’s drug policy was a joke.

Finally, the site has a story on WWE crashing ECW’s premiere show here. It is fully expected that the RAW vs. ECW storyline will continue at least through the June 25 Vengeance PPV, with fallout from Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton and Sabu vs. John Cena spilling over into the 6/26 RAW and 6/27 ECW.