Murtzcellanious: Murtz Jaffer Interviews The Apprentice 5's Roxanne Wilson

Murtz Jaffer: Thanks for joining me Roxanne. How are you?

Roxanne Wilson: I am great Murtz. How are you?

MJ: I am doing swell as always. It’s always paradise in the land of Jaffer. I guess my first question is why didn’t you win? I mean I kind of knew you wouldn’t, but I am curious as to your take.

RW: Ha ha. Thanks for your vote of support. 🙂 I didn’t win because it wasn’t meant to be. But, I had an awesome time, learned a lot about myself and others on a personal level as well as on a business level. Honestly, I feel like I did win. I am the first African American Female to make the Final Four, and it was an experience of a lifetime.

MJ: Haha. I am just kidding with you. I just think you didn’t have the killer instinct necessary. I never doubted your capabilities. Just how badly you wanted it.

RW: Keen insight on your part . . .

MJ: Do you agree? How badly did you want it? I think the argument many people make is that you were on the show more for the friends that you would make than the job at stake.

RW: I don’t agree. I think you can have both. I was on the show to be ME. I didn’t have a strategy other than being true to myself. I work hard and play hard. I believe you can do both of those things at the same time. I am a catch more bees with honey kind of girl if you know what I mean. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can fight for myself when necessary a la Tammy’s boardroom, but that isn’t my first mode of oprendi. Toothy grin eh? I am giving you my “toothy grin” right now. I am a happy person, what can I say? Murtz, I promise you that I would rule you in a hardcore real estate deal. I would school you too.

MJ: Roxanne, I don’t move in with people on the first date or the first negotiation.

RW: Phew, good thing because I don’t either. You are silly!

MJ: Speaking of silly, here’s something that I found a little ridiculous. On the show’s finale, you seemed to be one of Lee’s biggest supporters, even though you really didn’t work together a lot. I mean you bled Synergy blue and he bled Gold Rush’s ineptness. Why the sudden bond?

RW: Lee survived Gold Rush and the boardroom at least 5 times. That is impressive. Lee and I could relate to one another because we were both branded as the “young” ones in the interview process (I was the youngest female) and Lee was the youngest male) and at times summarily discounted. To see the youngest contestant get that far and survive that much, truly impressed me. Lee and I also have strong faith, albiet different faiths, and share a lot of the same values.

MJ: Who do you think was the cockiest person in the suite and why?

RW: I don’t like questions like that!

MJ: That’s why I ask them! I want to get behind the smile.

RW: Define cocky. There were a lot of confident people in the suite. I would say the most exteriorly confident person had to be Andrea. I respect the ability to have that level of confidence.

MJ: That’s a perfect answer! So tell me about your girl Allie. Why the instant connection?

RW: Sometimes you meet people and it just clicks. Instant friendship. Allie and I clicked from day one. Did I stump you?

MJ: Haha, I just don’t understand how you guys can become so close over such a short period of time. Like you basically acted like sisters and I was curious as to the bond.

RW: Allie is definitely like a sister. I can’t say that I expected to meet a lifelong friend during a competition like this, but stranger things have been know to happen. When the chips were down Allie was there for me, and vice versa. I never doubted her or questioned her integrity or honesty. Again, that is rare. There was an instant level of trust that grew as the weeks went on.

MJ: What did you think of the Sean and Tammy romance?

RW: Ooohhhh that is a tough one. That is a really good question but I haven’t been in contact with either of them about that subject, so I can’t speak to that one.

MJ: Can you tell me about all this jazzercise business? Am I even saying it correctly?

RW: Jazzercise. I am a franchise and instructor of the largest dance aerobics company in the world. I teach three times a week to a clientele of over 300. My students love me because I guarantee a hard workout that is tons of fun. Work hard, play hard. I love it because it give me a chance to change and enhance the lives of my students while I am being myself. I get up there and dance and sing and make jokes and tell them about my life. By the time the hour is over, they have laughed as much as they have worked out, and they have gotten an amazing workout. Murtz, I challenge you to come to one of my classes.

MJ: Haha, do you think I could handle it? Maybe I could teach you a thing or two.

RW: Doubtful. But don’t worry, I am CPR certified, so if you collapsed, then I would . . . . . . . call 911!

MJ: Haha. Okay. Now, I have also learned that you have some choir experience. Tell me. If you were a song, what song would you be? And what note would I have to sing it in to impress you?

RW: Ahhhhhhhhhh . . Good question. I love all kinds of music. So this is a a hard one. So I will go with the obvious. If I were any song, I would be Roxanne by the Police (sans the real meaning of “red light.” I have heard that song sung to me since I was a baby and I am yet to tire of it. Murtz YOU would have to sing it in the key of G. Can you handle it?

MJ: Don’t worry, I can certainly hit the G spot.

RW: Inappropriate!!!

MJ: Alright, as we wind things down. What was your favorite and least favorite task?

RW: Favorite task hands down was Rutgers/Outback. Although it looked like we were struggling, I came up with the idea for delivering food to tailgaters, the night before the game. With the delivery idea, my decision to do the $5 price point, and Allie’s mad skills, we dominated. It was a blast. My least favorite task was Ellis Island. Although the concept was awesome, nothing was going right for our team and we ultimately lost.

MJ: What do you think about Sean winning?

RW: It was definitely Sean’s night. Coming out on top in such an intense competition is a major accomplishment. I congratulate Sean and wish him the best!

MJ: So do you want to make your big announcement now?

RW: Sure, I’d love to make my announcement. I will be joining Inside Pulse and interviewing the rest of my castmates.

MJ: I thought the big announcement was you announcing our engagement?

RW: I didn’t know we were engaged. I am not one for staged romances. My first interview will be with your favorite, Tarek. Like you Murtz, Tarek is a big lady’s man. I am kidding because Tarek has settled down now so you have the entire field to yourself.

MJ: Entire field? I only want one.

RW: I don’t know how to respond to that. Good luck with that one.

MJ: You want to know the real reason the site is called Inside Pulse. Because Murtz raises Roxanne’s heartbeat.

RW: On that note, I am signing out.