[DSW] TV Taping Results for June 15, 2006 (Spoilers)

Deep South Wrestling returned to the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Georgia Thursday night for their weekly television taping. It was a decent show bolstered by a packed house of 275, many of them kids which meant mega heat.

Danny Germundo was joined by Freakin’ Deacon on commentary for the dark matches. Deacon forced Germundo consume a few grasshoppers in the process.

(A) Montel Vontavious Porter (with Quentin Michaels) beat Heath Miller via submission in 5:04. Some nice work on the arm by both men in this match. MVP used a crossface variation to wear Miller down and dropped an elbow for a two count. Miller came back with a hot series of moves, but his shoulder was giving him trouble. MVP used a facebuster to the knee and locked in the crossface for the tapout.

(B) Ray Geezy beat Biohazard in 47 seconds. Biohazard attacked Geezy before the bell. That just got Geezy fired up. Easy win for Geezy with the ATL legdrop.

(C) Kevin Matthews (with Krissy Vaine) pinned Onyx in 5:04. Matthews pie-faced Onyx and ducked under the ropes. Onyx started working an arm wringer. Matthew delivered an elbow to the head on the break. Vaine choked Onyx over the ropes. Matthews targeted the back of Onxy with a vertical suplex for a one count and a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Onyx blocked a vertical suplex and hit one of his own. Onyx connected with a flying shoulder block. But a second attempt caught nothing but thin air. Matthews used a reverse DDT to score the pinfall. Matthews and Vaine are both better served by the heel role.

Ring announcer Ted Guinness gave props to referee Mike Posey for getting a full-time position with ECW. The crowd popped for it. Posey has been with DSW since day one.

(D) Damien Steele beat Matt Striker in 4:50. Steele had the tennis racket and the sweater tied around his neck again. Striker wanted to know if that was one of his sweaters. Striker scored with a swank pinning combination in the early going. LOUD chant of “Striker sucks.” Striker pulled off the turnbuckle pad and mashed Steele’s shoulder into the exposed metal. Striker worked over the shoulder. Steele came back with his trademark high elevation dropkicks. When Steele tried to spring off the ropes, Striker rolled through into a Fujiwara armbar. Steele refused to tap. What goes around comes around, as Striker ate the metal turnbuckle. Steele hit his flying bodypress for the 1-2-3.

(E) Urban Assault (Eric Perez & Sonny Siaki) beat Kenny Omega & Antonio Mestre in 7:55. The combination of Assault’s heat and Omega’s fire made this the best of the dark matches. Assault had the thuggish Latino look going. Meste and Omega hit a few flashy moves on Assault. Perez snapped Omega’s neck off the ropes when ref Rob Russo wasn’t looking. Assault gave Omega a double hotshot for a near fall. Mestre’s gamer thumbs were getting itchy as Assault beat the hell out of Omega. Mestre lost his them when Perez decked him. That only added to Omega’s misery. Omega tried to go up and over, and Siaki responded with an a slam that was especially rude and painful looking. Mestre had to make the save. Siaki went for a german suplex. Omega landed on his feet and hit a spinning heel kick. Both down. Hot tag. Mestre on fire. Mestre speared Perez off the apron and clotheslined Siaki. But Perez pulled the ropes down to dump Omega. Mestre got distracted and was a sitting duck for Siaki’s elevated Samoan drop. Perez ripped off Mestre’s Gameboy before heading to the back.

The aptly named Luscious, the newest Deep South Diva, assisted with the merchandise drawing.

The television taping got underway with Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott on commentary.

Promo by Majors Brothers. They said they were the new kids on the block and they planned to seize the opportunity.

(1) The Majors Brothers (Brett & Brian) beat Francisco Ciatso & Cru Jones in 4:41 Majors have the physiques and the fresh looks WWE likes but not the height. They both appeared to be good athletes. Ciatso and Jones have attitude. Majors cleared the ring. Not much pop for it. Jones used a drop toehold to send Brett’s face into the buckles. Ciatso threated to break Brett’s back with a Boston crab. Brett dropped Jones on his head and hot-tagged his brother for some house cleaning. Majors got the pin with a Blockbuster/Samoan drop combo.

Vaine bemoaned the fact that there was going to be a Divas match and she wasn’t going to be in it. Matthews brought her a referee’s shirt and called her lovely Krissy. Vaine corrected him by saying she was beautiful. Vaine decided she would look good in the ref shirt because it was tight and had vertical stripes instead of horizontal.

Mike Taylor said he news about who Tracy was working and it was none other than Smackdown’s Kristal Marshall. Tracy said she was stoked. Tony Santarelli and Mike discussed which one would get the privilge of “lei-ing” Tracy if she won.

Marshall said she had been training for debut in DSW, so Tracy better watch out.

(2) Kristal Marshall beat Tracy Taylor in 3:11. Vaine was dead on about how she would look in the shirt. This was all trading of basic wrestling moves and it wasn’t bad at all. As smoking hot as these two women are, they could have gone on all night as far as I was concerned. They did a back and forth series of snap mares and bridge ups. Taylor and Marshall ended up steamrolling over the top of Vaine. Matthews ran out with a mirror, so Vaine could fix her hair. Funny stuff. Marshall then pinned Taylor with her feet all over the ropes, and Vaine made it obvious that she saw the cheating.

Promo by Bradley Jay, who said that Ryan O’Reilly had the rep of being the toughest guy in DSW. Jay said he wanted that rep, and intended to get it by any means necessary including gouging out an eye or ripping off an ear.

O’Reilly wanted to know about Jay’s “Monster of the Midway” moniker. Was he a monster or was it just something he said. O’Reilly said he was a man that became a monster.

(3) Ryan O’Reilly beat Bradley Jay in 3:30. Match was ridiculously tame after hearing alll the violent imagery. Prior to the match, a fan directed the comedy line of the night at Jay. “Who does your hair? Jiffy Lube?” The crowd broke out a major “O-Ri-Lee, O-Ri-Lee, O-Ri-Lee” chant as their man assumed control. Jay answered with a monkey flip and a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Jay pulled O’Reilly up by his jughandle ears and applied an abdominal stretch. O’Reilly tagged Jay with a series of rights to put him on the canvas, but Bradley cut off the comeback. O’Reilly slithered out of Jay’s fireman’s carry to score the pinfall.

Promo from Johnny Parisi. He said he wasn’t finished torturing Danny Germundo. The sound of bones breaking and Germundo’s squeals were music to his ears. Parisi said he was going to do a number on Germundo’s broken hand until he threw the towel in.

An edgier, darker Germundo said Parisi was going to pay. Germundo said he was switching gears and stepping to the other side. Germundo promised to end it for good tonight.

(4) Danny Germundo beat Johnny Parisi in 4:45. This was very similar to their Six Flags match last Friday. Parisi felt the wrath of Germundo. Parisi played chickenshit and waited for his chance to cheap shot Germundo. Parisi went after the broken right hand but Germundo got away. Germundo made the comeback, pasting Parisi with left hands, but in the heat of the moment, Germundo threw a right. Germundo was in agony. Parisi spiked him with a DDT. Parisi borrowed the ring announcer’s chair and headed towards the ring with bad intent. Tommy Suede grabbed the chair from Parisi. The bell rang. I think referee Rob Russo signaled for it prematurely. Parisi made it back into the ring where Germundo rolled him up.

Promo by High Impact. Tracy was down about her losing her match. Mike said it sucked that she got screwed but she was experiencing the ups and own of being High Impact. Mike explained the facts of being High Impact — they’re the best and everybody is gunning for them.

Promo by Team Elite. Neikirk said Knox needed a belt, and if he had anything to say about it, Knox was going to get it. I didn’t see how, but Neikirk’s heavyweight belt ended up Knox’s shoulder. That got a pop. Knox was Knox, and that’s always entertaining.

(5) Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) beat High Impact (Mike Taylor & Tony Santarelli with Tracy Taylor) in a non-title match (8:19). This match added to their record total for most DSW main events, a record that’s likely to never be broken. Great heat as always, which is way more about fans pulling for Impact than fans hating Knox and Neikirk. Elite’s entrance actually gets a fair amount of applause these days. Crowd chanted “Let’s go Tony,” as he did a quick exchange with Neikirk. Impact proceeded to do a number on Knox’s groin and hamstrings. Elite used chicanery to turn the tide. Santarelli was able to avoid Knox’s outside interference but that left him wide open for Neikirk’s Saito suplex. Elite worked over Santarelli. But Neikirk’s shoulder slammed into the post when Santarelli stepped out of the way. Dramatic struggle for the hot tag by Santarelli here. Taylor ran wild. The finishing sequence was hot. Neikirk flew over the top rope after taking Taylor’s atomic drop. Knox took an ultra high backdrop. Neikirk made it back up on the apron only to be met by Taylor’s springboard dropkick. Knox killed Taylor dead with an STO backbreaker for a great false finish. Taylor came back with his sitout leg lariat for a second false finish. Taylor draped Knox over the top rope and Santarelli nailed him with a swanton bomb. Knox kicked out. Knox finally pinned Taylor with an assist from Neikirk.

NOTES: Greg Gagne was backstage…Mike Posey will continue to appear at DSW while working the ECW shows…Fresh off the very successful “Park Slam” event, DSW has a meeting scheduled with Six Flags Over Georgia to discuss another joint venture…DSW airs each and every Sunday night at 11pm on Comcast Sports South.