[RAW] House Show Results from Hartford, CT

Thanks to Inside Pulse reader Craig Mastrianni for sending in the following report from last night’s RAW house show in Hartford, CT. If you attend a house show or TV taping and would like to send a report, just email me by clicking my name above:

I just got in from a house show in Hartford and it was awesome.
Crowd was hot for most of the action. The upper sections were empty
but the lower and middle were pretty full. Me and my friend had
front row seats and it was an awesome experience. Anyway here’s the

Opening Match:
Eugene d. Rob Conway with the Stunner.

Highlanders d. Cade/Murdoch. Highlanders used the Bushwhacker
Battering Ram for the win.

Umaga d. Viscera. Umaga used the spike to the throat. Before the
match, Umaga came out and beat up both Highlanders.

Carlito d. Johnny Nitro. Melina was smokin! Before the match
started Carlito got down on his stomach and looked over at Melina
trying to get a peek underneath her skirt. Funny stuff. Carlito is
an entertaining performer. Carlito won with the backcracker.

Matt Striker came out and did an interview with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
which resulted in him getting clotheslined out of the ring. Hacksaw
was over.

Randy Orton d. Kane. Orton stalled forever in the beginning. The
match ended up spilling to the floor and Orton got thrown into our
laps! The end came when fake Kane came down and fought with Kane
giving Orton a chance to recover and nail the RKO. After the match
Fake Kane chokeslammed Kane.


Mickie James/Candice Michelle d. Torrie Wilson/Maria in a Bra and
Panties Match. Coach came down beforehand to announce the type of
match. All the ladies looked really good, especially Maria.

John Cena .d Edge in a Street Fight. Cena wins with the FU. Cena
bled like a stuffed pig. He got a lot of boos and a lot of cheers.
One guy had a sign that read “We’ve Cena Nuff”. This was one hell of
a match.

Main Event:
5 on 2 Handicapped Match
DX d. Spirit Squad. Before the match, HHH and HBK each took a rubber
glove off the ref’s hands(he was cleaning up the blood from the match
before), HBK put his on, HHH blew his up and put the fingers on it
down accept for the middle finger. HHH got on the mic and did the
whole Let’s get ready to suck it speech and also said the ring looked
like the Spirit Squad all had their period, due to the amount of
blood on it. HHH hit a pedigree on one of the Spirit Squad members,
Johnny I think. Michaels superkicked another. HHH covered for the
three count. After the match HHH mooned the Spirit Squad and he and
HBK gave them some crotch chops.

All in all a very good house show.