Deep South Wrestling TV Report for June 11, 2006


Deep South Wrestling Television Review
Aired June 11, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped March 16, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Matt Striker entered Palmer Canon’s office to ask some “hard-hitting questions.” Canon was on the phone chewing out his lawyer, Quentin Michaels, because he was still receiving harassing phone calls from Assassin’s lawyers. The camera pulled back to reveal Freakin’ Deacon lying on the floor at Palmer’s feet playing with Willow, his pet tarantula. Canon whined about the fact that he had Assassin arrested last week and he was bailed out the same night. Canon suspected a mutiny was in progress within the DSW talent roster. Deacon grabbed Canon’s shirt and babbled about paying homage to Willow with a human sacrifice. Canon and Striker were disturbed by the sight of the tarantula crawling around in Deacon’s hand. Canon decided that Deacon might have hit on the solution to his problems. “A human sacrifice here in Deep South Wrestling, imagine it, a human sacrifice. You get one man in line and the rest will fall like dominoes. Deacon, Willow is going to have his sacrifice. Let’s go.”

Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott introduced highlight clips from last week’s show. Canon said he would defeat Antonio Mestre twice in six minutes. Up one fall and with the final seconds running off the clock, Canon hit the Executive Decision, but Mestre kicked out at the bell. DeMott said it was a big victory for Mestre, but Canon scored an even bigger one by gaining control of both Freakin’ Deacon and the Giant (Great Kahli). And the Divas were in action as Michelle McCool pinned Tracy Taylor. Taylor “leied” McCool in the postmatch.

Cut to a close up of those shiny, new DSW tag belts. Gymini showed up and told Sherrod to get lost. Jake told DeMott that he had turned into an office stooge – “Mister Email, Mister Text Message Guy…little corporate boy.” Jake told DeMott to get a partner and get in the tag tournament, because he wanted to beat him within an inch of his life. Gymini acted like they were world class badasses here.

Ring announcer Dan Masters introduced the first match with DeMott and Sherrod on commentary. Sherrod was perturbed about the situation between DeMott and Gyminis. DeMott said it was personal, and told Sherrod to focus on the matter at hand. DeMott said that the head honcho of DSW, Palmer Canon, was in complete control of everything and everybody.

(1) Terry Ray Gordy beat Palmer Canon in 3:35 with the help of Nick Patrick. Canon tried to pieface Gordy, who got aggressive as hell with the bossman. Canon came back with a hard whip into buckles. Canon took over with driving knees into Gordy’s back. Canon delivered a snap suplex. He was not happy when Gordy kicked out of the pin. Canon applied a double underhook. DeMott said Canon had upped his game. Gordy staggered Canon with a series of forearm shots. Canon ate an elbow charging into the corner. Canon came back with a vengeance, hitting an STO for a near fall. Gordy went for the Exploder. Canon fought it off and hit the Executive Decision (a pumphandle faceplant). Referee Nick Patrick counted two and clutched at his left shoulder. The crowd popped when they realized Canon was getting screwed. Canon accosted Patrick. DeMott maintained (tongue-in-cheek) that Patrick was injured. Gordy surprised Canon with a schoolboy for the three count. DeMott said Patrick was about to take a stand for Deep South Wrestling.

A commercial for DSW merchandise aired featuring Krissy Vaine, Kristal Marshall and Angel Williams.

Ciatso cut a promo that may as well have been his audition for a spot with the Full Blooded Italians. Ciatso said Damien Steele had disrespected him last week and he was all about respect. Ciatso promised to give Steele a lesson in respect, humility and life. Ciatso said it would their first and last meeting. “Fuhgedaboudit.”

Cut to an interview with Damien Steele, who said Ciatso had put himself in a bad situation. Steele said he wasn’t down with Ciatso’s dastardly deeds. There would be repercussions. Steele guaranteed victory.

(2) Damien Steele beat Frankie Ciatso in 3:07 with a flying bodypress. Heated start. DeMott said it was time to see which DSW rookie was going to climb the ladder. Sherrod brought up Steele’s amateur background in the US Army. Steele barred the arm. Steele used a jumping stomp to the elbow for a two count. Ciatso was hurting. Steele bodyslammed Ciatso for another near fall. Ciatso begged for mercy. Ciatso suckered Steele in and sent his head into the turnbuckle. Ciatso whipped Steele into the corner and ate the buckle charging in. Steele got back on the arm. Ciatso slammed the back of Steele’s head into the mat with a hair pull. Ciatso went to the ground and pound (and choke). Ciatso flew from the second rope. Steele’s foot was up in time to deliver a boot under the chin. Steele followed up with a jawbreaker. Steele planted Ciatso with a belly to belly suplex and signaled that it was time to fly. Steele exploded off the top to score the pinfall. DeMott said Steele was all business tonight.

Canon stormed into the ring. In a fit of rage, Canon called out Nick Patrick. Canon confronted Patrick about his actions earlier in the hour. Canon lectured Patrick about the fact that he was a network executive and in 100% control of DSW. Patrick revealed that Assassin was his father. He said that the things Canon was doing to his family were wrong, and that this was just an example of what would happen. Canon called Patrick insubordinate and fired him from DSW. Canon then threatened to remove Patrick from Smackdown. “You want a war? You and you’re over-the-hill pop? You got it.” Patrick said he couldn’t be removed from Smackdown unless Palmer’s last name was McMahon. The crowd popped for that line. Canon said the battle was far from over and called for Deacon. Deacon came in through the front door with Willow. Patrick retreated towards the back. But Giant came from the dressing room to trap Patrick. The massive Giant stepped over the top rope and delivered a devastating headbutt. Patrick went out like a light. Deacon placed a shroud over Patrick and let the tarantula run around on top of his comatose body, while Giant held five wrestlers at bay. When playtime was over, Deacon and Canon headed towards the back. Giant advanced toward the group of babyfaces huddled at ringside. They showed fear. Canon coaxed Giant towards the dressing room. Only then did the wrestlers enter the ring to tend to Patrick. “Is there such a thing as a man eating tarantula, Nigel?” DeMott shuddered at the thought of Deacon and Giant unleashed.

(3) Sonny Siaki beat Heath Miller in 3:18. Striker and Ron Niemi on commentary. Siaki shoved Miller to the mat and slapped him across the face. Siaki waited for Miller to blow his cool and calmly stuck his head under the ropes. Siaki grabbed a side headlock. Miller shot Siaki in and Siaki decked him with a shoulder block. Miller dropped down and tripped up Siaki, who landed flat on his face. Miller gave Siaki a taste of his own medicine with a bitch slap. Miller blasted Siaki with closed fists. Miller bounced off the ropes to set up a flying bulldog, and Siaki leveled him with a lariat from leftfield. Siaki delivered the Stone Cold stomps in the corner. Siaki hooked the leg for a two count. Siaki grounded Miller with a sleeper variation. Siaki cut off Miller’s comeback and used back chops and a stiff kick in the chest to regain control. Miller fired up. Miller fired back. Miller got great elevation on a sunset flip. Siaki tried to punch his way out and got nothing but mat. Miller slammed Siaki. One count only. Miller hit his signature move, the Heath Bar Crunch (neckbreaker). Miller played to the crowd instead of going for a cover. Miller tried to end it with a spear. But Siaki converted Miller’s momentum into an explosive snap powerslam for the pinfall.

High Impact were oozing confidence as they cut a promo about their upcoming tag team tournament match against Slaughter Boys. Tony Santarelli said the tournament would not build character, it would reveal it. Taylor mocked Slaughter’s country roots by clinking empty soda bottles together. Taylor reminded Slaughters that they weren’t in Alabama anymore; they were on High Impact’s turf. Taylor advised them to treat this like a main event, because the first round of the tournament was going to be their last.

(4) High Impact (Mike Taylor & Tony Santarelli) beat Slaughter Boys (John & Joseph) in an opening round match of the DSW Tag Team Tournament (4:51). High Impact used teamwork to control Joseph. A pair of double stomps was good for a near fall. Joseph used a cartwheel to escape from Taylor’s armbar. Taylor gave Joseph the titty twister (a running gag because of Joseph’s man boobs), nailed him with a discus forearm and made the cover. John tried to save, but Taylor moved and John landed on his brother. Taylor made a Slaughter Boys sandwich. Taylor tossed John out, but John then pulled the ropes down to dump Taylor. John pummeled Taylor and tossed him back inside where Joseph covered for a two count. John dumped Taylor out of the ring to his brother. Taylor did a baseball slide around the ringpost to cut off Joseph’s attack. Back inside, John applied a top wristlock. Taylor used Mike Posey to make a cool reversal. Hot tag. Santarelli cleaned house with back elbows. Santarelli nailed John with a basement dropkick. Santarelli covered but Joseph saved. Santarelli leapfrogged over Joseph and went right up for a spinwheel kick on John. Nice. Santarelli hit a sunset powerbomb on John for the 1-2-3. Big pop for the finish.

We heard from the challenger for the DSW title, Danny Germundo. He said Derrick Neikirk’s strongest challenger had been his own partner, but tonight he was facing the unknown.

The champion responded. Neikirk said Germundo was the first title challenger that didn’t earn his shot (Germundo being a recent transfer from OVW). Neikirk pointed out that he was willing to break his own partner’s arm. Neikirk said Germundo wasn’t in his league.

(5) Derrick Neikirk pinned Danny Germundo with a loaded elbow pad to retain the Deep South Heavyweight Title in 7:18. Germundo was chomping at the bit. Neikirk’s entrance got more of a pop than Germundo’s. Sherrod said Germundo started his career at the age of 15. Germundo controlled the early going with a side headlock. Neikirk reversed it into a hammerlock, and DeMott complimented the champion’s technical skills. Germundo reversed it. Neikirk went to the closed fist. Germundo fired back and Neikirk went down. Neikirk posted Germundo’s shoulder. Germundo fired back with his good arm. Neikirk applied a top wristlock. Germundo punched his way out. Neikirk scored a two count with an arm wringer. Neikirk used swank variations of the double wristlock to apply visible pressure to Germundo’s elbow. Neikirk kneedropped the elbow. Germundo broke free with a knee to the midsection. Neikirk reversed a whip but Germundo got his feet up in time to send Neikirk flying across the ring. Germundo jabbed Neikirk with his weakened left arm and put him on the deck with a haymaker. Germundo hit a bulldog and hooked the leg, but Neikirk kicked out. Germundo was slow to follow up due to the arm. Germundo flattened Neikirk with a spinebuster and did the Garvin Stomp. Germundo was pounding away when referee Mike Posey intervened. Neikirk wrapped an elbow pad around his fist. It was lights out for Germundo. Sherrod raised questions about the elbow pad being loaded. DeMott didn’t see anything illegal.

Sherrod was forced to do an awkward solo recap, as DeMott had too much Gymini on the brain to speak.

COMMENTS: This episode had by far the biggest angle since DSW started airing on CSS. Given what has gone before, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Nick Patrick served up as a human sacrifice to a man eating tarantula on Smackdown, but not in Deep South. It was the perfect way to reveal the fact that Patrick is Assassin’s son into the storyline…The vignettes involving Canon and Deacon grow more bizarre with each passing week. Striker has been awesome in the smarmy backstage reporter role…I like the handling of the mounting tension between Gymini and DeMott…It’s mind boggling that the only thing DSW could find for Krissy Vaine to do is model merchandise in the commercials…Siaki/Miller was this week’s bonus match…Siaki and Steele both chalked up solid wins over non-contract guys…It was surprising to see a non-contract talent like Ciatso get promo time instead of Siaki. His promos are head and shoulder above most of the DSW talent…The High Impact match was about what I expected. Santarelli’s house cleaning looked terrific…DSW has some quality enhancement talent in Slaughters, Ciatso and Miller…the main event featured some fine matwork by Neikirk. The crowd didn’t take to Germundo as a babyface, and he really didn’t give them any reason to do so.