The Ultimate Fighter 3: Episode 11 – Middleweight Semi Finals, part 2

Previously On & Show Opening

Ed Herman is fighting Rory Singer this episode in the Middleweight semi finals to see who goes to the finals to fight Kendall Grove.

The recap includes everyone being annoyed with Rory, and Ed’s obsession with not being picked by Tito.

Bisping says that Kendall vs. Kalib was “amazing.” Tito is proud of Kendall and says that Kendall did well because he did everything he told him to do. Kendall says Tito opened his eyes to a whole new work ethic and thanks him.

At Home

Kendall and Kalib exchange hugs and respect each other.

Rory says he’s thoroughly disgusted with everyone in the house. Bisping says that Rory is really starting to irritate him. Kendall agrees: “I just wanna thai kick him in his face.” Rory and Bisping get into it a little, and Rory tells Bisping that he’s the “loudest, most obnoxious motherf*cker on the planet.” Ooh, snippy.

So Rory really hates everyone, and everyone hates Rory. Rory shares a room with Ed, and he keeps farting. Ed says, “You farting motherFUCKER.” Ed thinks it’s disgusting and that Rory is ugly, so he uses a tree to block the view & smell.

The guys in the house are writing “is gay” all over anything labelled “Rory.” While the whole thing is juvenile, I laughed pretty hard when Josh said, “Would you like some ‘Rory is gay’ cheese?”

Ed moves out of Rory’s room. Ed moves in with Jesse. They cut down trees from the yard and put them in the room. It’s weird. Ed is going insane.

Team Ortiz Training

Rory goes to his locker to find that it says “Rory is gay” and his gloves also say “Rory is gay” and he is angry. He wrote things all over Ed and Jesse’s stuff. Jesse’s gloves now say “Jesse like [sic] boys” and Ed’s locker says something about not being able to hit puberty so his balls drop.

Team Shamrock Training

While all of this is hardly training, this is what the little caption on the tee vee says. Ed finds the redecorated homophobic gym gear and then hides Rory’s gloves around the gym in retaliation. Then he pisses on Rory’s headgear. Then he felt bad about it, but maintains that Rory deserved it.

Team Ortiz Training

Rory notices his missing gear and goes outside to confront Team Shamrock. Ed says Kendall started it and Rory realizes that he was wrong to desecrate Jesse and Ed’s stuff, since Kendall is the real asshole. They swear at each other a lot. Rory goes back in the gym and confronts Kendall, asking him why he did it. Kendall says he wanted to see how far it would escalate. Rory cleans off Ed’s gloves. In the van, Ed says that if he gets Rory in a submission, and Rory taps, he’s not letting go until John pulls him off.

Rory is upset and doesn’t want to train with Kendall this evening, so Saul tells them that they’re going to punch each other in the body for two five minute rounds.

Team Ortiz Training

Matt comes back! He enters the gym and says, “Whooooo!” and everyone is happy to see him. Even Bisping thinks it’s funny. Something like this happens:

Bisping: You broke Mike’s nose!
Matt: I did?!
Bisping: Yeah, he can’t fight. Guess who I’m fighting.
Matt: Who?
Bisping: Ross.
Matt: Who? I’m fighting Friday.

And so it begins. They have to explain to Matt that he can’t fight in the semi finals, because he’s injured. Matt is very disappointed but he works it out and just says, “It’s okay, I’m still undefeated,” and decides to keep training. Tito says we’ll see Matt again someday, and Bisping says he respects Matt as a fighter and wishes he could fight him.

Weigh In

Dana gives Ed the advantage vs. Rory, and Tito wonders if Rory has the physical tools to beat Ed.

Team Shamrock Training

Ken needed to fire Ed up (Ed’s been moaning about wanting to just go home), so he brings in RANDY COUTURE~~!@!!1 to give a pep talk. And everyone is peppy henceforth.


They strike for a bit before Ed tries for a takedown. He gets it, and he goes into Rory’s guard. They exchange punches and Ed throws some elbows. They stand up again. Ed goes for another takedown, but Rory ends up on top. Rory begins to stand up but he’s still on his knees when Ed throws an upkick, which is an illegal blow. Herb Dean gives Rory time to recover. They get back down and start grappling again, and the round ends.

Round 2

Ed gets a takedown and throws elbows. Rory is sort of looking for triangles. They’re near the fence. Rory gives up his back and Ed chokes him out easily. Rory taps, and Ed, contrary to his van-ride trashtalk, lets go immediately.

Ken said, “Every time Rory would try to do something, Ed hit him.”
Ed said, “I knew that he would fight hard until I broke his will,” which seemed to be exactly what happened. Rory didn’t defend the choke at all.
Tito said, “He didn’t try to fight it, he quit. He quit on himself” and tells Ed that he deserved the win.

Rory, back with his team, is muttering, “I was awful. I was just awful. And I gassed.” He says he disappointed that he just stopped fighting.

Tito gives a “This is a FIGHT!” speech to his team and he wants to make sure they know they’re “nothing like Rory at all.”

It’s Ed vs. Kendall in the Middleweight finals of TUF3. 6’6 Kendall says to Ed, “Hey, when I’m on my knees, I might look like I’m standing!”

Ed re-iterates that he’s one of the best fighters out there today.

The Fights

Middleweight Finals
Kendall Grove vs. Ed Herman

Light Heavyweight Semi-Finals
Josh Haynes vs. Jesse Forbes
Michael Bisping vs. Ross Pointon

Light Heavyweight Finals