Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Slammiversary

NWA World Heavyweight Title
King of the Mountain Match
Christian Cage (champion) vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

Blatt: If the company is going to change it’s current direction of booking, we’re going to see it here. They have created a new group of main event guys by bringing in Sting and Steiner, which automatically elevated Jarrett, but I don’t fee like it elevated Christian, Abyss or Killings. So far the feud between Jarrett and Sting has stayed out of the title picture, but I think Sting or Jarrett is going to walk away from this on top. My pick goes with the guy with the most power.
Winner – Jarrett

Matthew Michaels: Well unfortunately I read a spoiler, so my pick is damaged goods. In fact, I’ll put my entry invisible, so you can read it at your own risk… I was originally going to pick Christian as the winner, as I see no reason to take the belt off of him, his latest promo was his best since debuting with the company, and I’d like to see an edgier Cage going up against Sting in a tweener/face feud, leading into Christian eventually dropping the belt to Joe. Since the spoiler said that there will be a “new champ” but didn’t specify who, I figure there are two options: give the belt back to Jarrett, and build up a Joe/Jarrett confrontation, or give it to Sting and have that lead to Christian turning heel on him and having the feud that way. Killings is who I personally would like to see win it if Cage doesn’t keep the belt, but I just don’t see how a Christian/Truth, Jarrett/Truth or Abyss/Truth would be good enough on top to feel World Title “worthy” in front of the TNA fans, so…
Winner – Sting

Mark Neeley: You know how in my columns I have constantly criticized TNA’s Pay Per Views because each month they are just a cycled version of the last month’s PPV with a few modifications? Well, the last two PPV’s main events have been Christian-Abyss. Adding the others isn’t going to make it much better. But anyway, I see Jarrett winning here, setting up the *BIG* WWA rematch between Jarrett and Sting, where Jarrett drops the belt, has another title under his belt, and then Sting can job it away to Joe.
Winner – J to the A to the double R single e double t

Vinny Truncellito: We all know this type of match is ideal for taking the belt off the champ without hurting his heat. That being said, do they give it back to Jarrett so Samoa Joe can take it? Joe’s a bit tied up with Steiner right now, so I don’t think so. Do they give Sting a “nostalgia run” with the belt, for old time’s sake? Abyss? Doubt it. What about Killings? If the Truth wins the title, who do you program him against? I think Cage keeps the belt, turns heel himself (which he teased this week on iMPACT!), and Samoa Joe takes the belt off Captain Charisma down the road.
Winner – Christian Cage

David Brashear: This one’s hard to call, so let’s go by the numbers. While Killings is a two-time former champ, I don’t think that TNA’s going to be willing to put the belt on him. Abyss has come up short in every title shot he’s had and I don’t expect that to change without some bigger wins. That leaves JJ, Sting, and Christian. My call’s for Sting winning the title, then feuding with a jealous heel Christian.
Winner – Sting

NWA World Tag Team Title
America’s Most Wanted (champions) vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Mark Neeley: I honestly do not know how many times they can recycle this match before AJ n’ Chris actually win one of them. There are only so many Gail Kim run-ins, billyclub slid in finishes you can pull off before breaking the kayfabe. I say AJ n’ Chris finally get the win here, with time to spare.
Winners – AJ n’ Chris

Vinny Truncellito: AMW are stagnant with the gold at this point, and assuming whoever/whatever Styles and Daniels have to neutralize Gail Kim works, we’re looking at new champions.
Winners – Styles and Daniels

David Brashear: Since TNA’s recycling last month’s match, I’ll recycle some of last month’s comments. They’re only shooting themselves in the foot by squandering Styles and Daniels in the tag division. Right now the main event title hunt should be Christian, Styles, Daniels, and Joe. Still, we are where we are, so I’m going to call an AMW win (despite the fact that they desperately need to lose the belts) so we can put the Styles/Daniels tag team to bed and get them back into singles competition.
Winners – AMW

Blatt: With the direction of the main event going to the Jarrett/Sting feud AMW can lose these titles and still not look bad. It also prevents Daniels and Styles from needing new feuds as well. It also might satiate the crowd a bit from when Christian loses the heavyweight title.
Winners – Styles and Daniels

Matthew Michaels: If they haven’t given the Dudleyz the belts yet, I don’t know when or if they ever will. The logical choice in my opinion would be to have them be who finally de-thrones AMW, but if AJ and The Fallen Angel lose, the team is dead, and what is the point in giving Styles and Daniels this match if they’re just gonna break up the team?
Winners – Styles and Daniels

Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Vinny Truncellito: Is the Big Bad Booty Daddy the man to end The Streak? I don’t think so.
Winner – Samoa Joe

David Brashear: Don’t expect a five star technical classic here. This match is going to be one of Vince McMahon’s wet dreams – two big guys just beating the stuffing out of each other from bell to bell. The winner? If Steiner goes over, then we’ll know that TNA’s got so many problems they should retitle the company WCW.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Blatt: Would Steiner agree to come in to lose to Joe? This is a big question mark for me. Do they kill Steiner’s heat by having him lose to Joe or do they end Joe’s winning streak? I know what they’ll do!
Winner – DQ or No Contest

Matthew Michaels: The way I book this one is simple: Joe beats Steiner; Joe loses the X Title to Alex Shelley due to Nash; Joe beats Nash; Joe goes on to win the WORLD Title at the September or October PPV.
Winner – Joe

Mark Neeley: The real question is will Scotty break his OVERHEAD SUPLEX record? Now, we saw him (not including dropping Triple H and falling on him) land a whopping 13 OVERHEAD SUPLEXES on Trips at Royal Rumble 2003, and I have been saying that if you give Scott a singles PPV match, he would break up. Joe won’t be the man to break it, but I still say he snaps off at least 8. Anyway, I really don’t see this match being good despite Joe. I guess Joe wins, having Steiner end the undefeated streak would be about as stupid as the undefeated streak that ended in a thud at some Starrcade event.
Winner – Umaga — I mean Joe

Handicap Match
Rhino vs. Bobby Roode & Scott D’Amore

David Brashear: Two things are going to happen here. One, Rhino’s going to be rewarded for his loyalty in turning ECW down with a win. And two, D’Amore’s going to be the one eating the pin.
Winner – Rhino

Blatt: Rhino is one guy that when he debuted in TNA I couldn’t care less about him. Or this match for that matter. I’ll bet that D’Amore makes the pin on Rhino.
Winners – Roode & D’Amore

Matthew Michaels: Rhyno just re-signed with TNA, he deserves a reward. Sorry Bobby, but Rhyno going to ECW was your best chance at getting over…
Winner – Rhyno

Mark Neeley: This is one of the worst, slopped together feuds in TNA’s rich history, and that’s saying something considering the overwhelming number of them. Unless D’Amore pulls out a Canadian Destroyer like he did at the Detroit house show, I ain’t interested.
Winners – Bobby Roode & his great robe

Vinny Truncellito: Now that the War Machine has avoided the call of the Extreme and re-signed with TNA you gotta’ think he’s in for a push.
Winner – Rhino

James Gang vs. Team 3-D

Blatt: Team 3-D is taking this win, hands down. But then again, I never likes the James Gang. I don’t expect much of a wrestling match with this rather than just a four man fight. Oh my brother, doesn’t this seem a bit contrived?
Winners – Team 3-D

Matthew Michaels: If the James Gang wins, they’re going all-out heel. Maybe Styles & Daniels as champs DOES make sense…
Winners – Outlaws

Mark Neeley: Wake me up when it’s over.
Winners – Team 3-Dead

Vinny Truncellito: If you’re talking Bingo Hall (ECW) Brawl, you’ve go to be talking about Team 3-D. This is their kind of match, and they owe the James Gang for that DX vs. The Nation comedy segment from a few weeks ago.
Winners – Team 3-D

David Brashear: Didn’t we just discuss this last month?
Winners – Team 3D

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin

Mark Neeley: There were rumors a while ago that Sabin would win this match and get a “monster push” or something silly of that nature, but I don’t see it happening.
Winner – Big SeXy

Vinny Truncellito: I am so tired of Nash’s antics, and the X Division should not be made to look foolish. I’d love to see Sabin destroy Nash’s legs, then kick the old man’s ass. However, I don’t think that’s in the cards.
Winner – Kevin Nash (unfortunately)

David Brashear: Am I the only one who was watching Impact this week and when Nash sat down in the chair to beat up the midget thought that this was how Nash pictures his ideal match? Just sit down, raise your leg every now and then, and boom. Win. As for this match, if this was WCW, there’d be no way Nash would lose. (Of course, there’s also no way Sabin would get close to Nash, but that’s another point altogether). All I’ll say is that hope springs eternal.
Winner – Chris Sabin

Blatt: same question I posed about Joe/Steiner. If Nash goes through Sabin, then why is Sabin relevant? If Sabin beats Nash, why is Nash relevant? And more importantly than all that, am I to believe that Kevin Nash came into TNA just to help out some of the smaller guys? Since when do we think that Nash is a team player? Maybe this is leading to Nash vs. Joe, which in my eyes would be an interesting fight if Nash feels healthy enough to go at a pace that Joe is comfortable with. It won’t be clean, and it won’t be pretty but…
Winner – Kevin Nash

Matthew Michaels: Sabin’s gonna win this one, and see my prediction for the next match as to why… (read: it’s gonna be everything the IWC has feared).
Winner – Chris Sabin

X-Division 6 Man Contender’s Match
Alex Shelley vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal vs. Shark Boy vs. Senshi (Low-Ki)

Vinny Truncellito: Seems Senshi is the new golden boy of the X Division, and it would make him BIG TIME if he were the one to take the belt off Samoa Joe, and clean, as Joe becomes a full-time heavyweight.
Winner – Senshi

David Brashear: Since I’ve got my money behind Nash losing to Sabin, I’ll say that he comes out to help his personal paparazzi win this one.
Winner – Alex Shelley

Matthew Michaels: Alex Shelley is winning this bad-boy when Nash comes out and KILLS THE OTHER FIVE (maybe not Low Ki; perhaps he and Lethal fight into the crowd or something). Shelley vs. Joe at the July PPV with Nash in Baby Bear’s corner? Oh yeah… and then all FIVE of the other X Division guys help Sabin beat Nash later in the card.
Winner – Alex Shelley

Mark Neeley: So here’s another totally random match out of the blue of all of the second-rate X guys. It should be pretty good and quick, but I don’t see anything going over but Ki, really.
Winner – Sen-Ki

Naturals (with Shane Douglas) vs. Team Canada (A1 & Eric Young)

David Brashear: It’s a shame what’s happened with the Naturals. They’re a good young team with a lot of potential, and it seems like they’ll get a push every few months and then get forgotten again. Hopefully the Franchise can get them back on the winning track.
Winners – Naturals

Matthew Michaels: I don’t care. Shane’s team has been losing, so they can either keep the losing streak going, or have Shane be the X factor that allows them to win… flipping a coin, I go with…
Winners – The Naturals

Vinny Truncellito: Assuming the “Franchise in the name of Candido” inspirational storyline begins here, the Naturals simply have to go over. Team Canada can afford the loss and maintain their heel heat.
Winners – The Naturals