Results from RoH’s Farewell to the New Yorker

Results and Brief Opinions from RoH’s Farewell to the New Yorker

In a Match taped for the Briscoe Brothers beat the team of Sterling Keenan and Jason Blade. This was basically a squash, but a darn good one.

Marcos representing the Ring Crew Express wrestled Jake Crist of Irish Airborn next. I thought this match was on the slow side and kind of sloppy, but Crist was very. He won with a top rope monkey flip.

This brought out the Rottweilers who complained about being held back. Ricky Reyes defeated Dave Crist with the dragon sleeper and refused to let go before Chris Hero made his presence felt. Homicide then said he would wrestle Hero the next time he shows his face in NYC.

Davey Richards made Jimmy Rave tap out after a very competitive match. The TP shower for Rave’s entrance actually brought down some pieces of the chandeliers, and Rave had a cut on his back early on, I can only assume that was the reason.

In one of the best matches of the night Austin Aries and Roderick Strong successfully defended the tag titles when Roderick Strong made Nigel tap out. This match had great comedy, hard hitting action, and a hot finish. Very good all in all.

Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer fought in the next contest which was a rematch from Dragon Gate Challenge Series. The match was ruled a no-contest after BJ Whitmer powerbombed Jimmy Jacobs off the top rope to the crowd….Of course I’m not kidding.

After intermission Shane Hagadorn successfully defended the top of the class trophy against Mitch Franklin.

Adam Pearce vs. Claudio Castagnoli ended when Chris Hero hit Pearce with the CZW title. This brought out Homicide and we went right into Homicide vs. Chris Hero.

Homicide vs. Hero was a great match with Hero controlling most of the way. The nearfalls were extremely believable. This may have been match of the night.

That is if we didn’t have the triple threat main event with KENTA vs. Samoa Joe vs. Your Ring of Honor World Champion American Dragon Bryan Danielson. The rumor is that KENTA and Danielson both suffered concussions during the match, and it is very plausible considering how hard they were hitting each other. KENTA ended up winning after hitting Go 2 Sleep on Danielson. He then challenged Dragon for the belt in the future.

Yet another great show from Ring of Honor. You can find out more about them and upcoming shows at

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