[MISC] The Rock & Ballet, ECW.com Changes, Christy Hemme Video & More

– Batista returned to the ring at a Smackdown house show at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, ME, facing Booker T and Mark Henry in a main event tag match, with partner Rey Mysterio. Rey got the pin on Henry. (Credit: PWInsider)

– Rob Van Dam is still not listed on ECW.com as World Champion, but the site continues to add new features, including a commentary from Tommy Dreamer called Diary of Violence. (Credit: ECW.com)

– The Sandman chatted on his Web site with fans, and only really commented on his match with The Zombie, implying that the money was the same as a match with a non-supernatural character, and he was happy with the match but didn’t see the rest of the show. He said he liked Cena, owed a lot to Kurt Angle for helping him out (and doesn’t mind Angle or Show on ECW programming) and would like to see Rey come back to ECW. (Credit: TheExtremeIcon.com, PWTorch)

– In the UK, Kelly’s segments and several weapons shots were edited out of the ECW premiere. (Credit: WrestlingObserver)

– The Rock has been taking ballet lessons for a movie called The Game Plan in which his on-screen daughter is really into ballet. (Credit: Boston Herald)

– TNAWrestling.com has added video of a Christy Hemme photo shoot here.

– WWE.com has added a story on Vito wearing dresses and on some notable Father & Son combos in wrestling history.