[TNA] Team 3D Interview Highlights

Wizard magazine has posted 2 more interviews with wrestlers, one with Gregory Helms and one with Team 3D.

Some highlights from both:


What are you reading currently?
I read 30-40 comics a month. I love New Avengers. I think [Brian] Bendis could write an obituary column and somehow make it good. Infinite Crisis is pretty good. I wasn’t sure how they were going to tell the same story again, but its great. Y: The Last Man, 100 Bullets, all the Ultimate books…I’m pretty behind, I’ve got little stacks of comics all around my house.

Who else in WWE is a comic book fan?
Rob Van Dam owns a comic book store and he’s probably the biggest. I try to give him and his wife titles to read and tell them what’s good. He’s a huge Ghost Rider fan so at one time that was really all he knew. [Former WWE wrestler] Raven was another one. We’d travel together and it would be funny because he’d have a briefcase and I’d have a laptop bag and we walked around looking all important but they were both full of comics. Raven wasn’t a fan of the Marvel Family and I’d always try to push them on him, but—you’d have to know Raven to appreciate this—but he’d always just be like, “That’s ridiculous! That’s ludicrous!” Al Snow is another huge fan.

Team 3D:

How often do you make it back to Philly?
RAY: Two, three times a year.
DEVON: Not as often as we used to. Hopefully we’ll be coming here more often as TNA is starting to expand. That’s one of the things people in the company are most excited about.

You guys have been all over the world—what are some of your favorite cities?
DEVON: Chicago. I’ve got a lot of friends out there who show me a good time. Not to mention the wrestling fans in Chicago are along the lines of the ones in Philly and New York where they really want to see non-stop action. It’s another place where they really appreciate what you do in the ring. And the party life is unbelievable.
RAY: Got a lot of favorite cities. Obviously Philly, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Tokyo—so many cool places all over the world.

Of course these interviews were conducted by Ben Morse, a legend in his own right. target=_blank>Full Team 3D Interview | Full Helms Interview