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Look, I could say ‘my bad’ again and tell you all the trials and tribulations of why you didn’t see a Marvel News last week. I could, but I’m not. There is actually a reason as to why there was no Marvel N&V last week.

There was, in fact, no news.

Simply put – we are right now in between conventions, and with San Diego looming it’s huge Californian head across the way, DC in 52 mode, Marvel in Civil War mode, and Image… umm…. Imaging… there is nothing to discuss that you aren’t already talking about on The Forums.

So yeah, sorry it wasn’t there – but unless you wanted a memorial to Tim Hildebrandt (may he rest in peace) and more annoying commentary from Joey Q about Spidey and Mary Jane’s possible internal destruction… you were going to be sadly left empty.

This week really isn’t much better, but who am I to let my seething public down, ya know?

God, I’m starting to sound like the IWC with all this bitterness.

Hatton, you write for the wrestling section.. you really kinda are part of the IWC in one way or another…


Okay, to the news.

(Spoiled by Newsarama)

So have you read Civil War #2 yet? I’m not going to be able to discuss any interesting things unless you’ve read it. So I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, if you HAVEN’T read it.. stop reading this column.

Also, never read the New York Post.

Or go to the forums.

Don’t do any of those.

Here’s the spoiler – you’ve had your chance.

Spider-Man reveals himself to the public.

And on Tuesday in the New York Post. The shot, which will honestly go down in contemporary comic book history features Peter Parker saying this:

“My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old. Any questions?”

How fantastic of a line is that? This all of course is tied into the big MegaMarvel event of Civil War. The Post got the scoop story, and maybe it drove up numbers a bit. That was the reason it was done. People yipping and yapping that their story was ruined 24 hours before they were going to read it, is annoying, but it is part of the industry.

Sometimes, even as a Marvel News reporter, I stay away from articles because I know that it is going to ruin something for me. With the scuttlebutt all over the internet, the prerelease Thunderbolts issue from the prior week, and this Post article, there was no way to not find out in some fashion or another. If I’m the one breaking this news to you – I’m shocked.

So it happens… now let’s discuss the ramifications of this in a Hatton editorial, as I’ve kept my mouth fairly sealed on the forums about it. (Notice a theme?)

Good for Marvel!

Why? Because this is something different. I understand that it changes Peter Parker forever (more on that in a few moments), but that does not mean it’s a bad thing. We are the same types of people that can piss and moan constantly about how Marvel characters don’t age. Marvel characters don’t change. Marvel storytelling is fairly cookiecutter because they don’t want to ruin movie properties, yet here we are sitting with a major change for arguably the most major character in the industry, and people are getting all raggy about it?

Well here’s your silver lining before I get back to praising. This is only going to last five years. Henceforth I’m going to refer to this timespan as the ‘Wolverine Is Feral Period’ (WIFP). Remember that storyline, Logan finds the beast in himself because Magneto ripped out his adamantium. It was neat, but it didn’t last. Why? Because just as you stated, Marvel fears change.

Or do they?

Is it possible that maybe the last year of Marvel has really been a true shake up? Is it possible that the 198 are really all that’s left of mutantdom? Is it possible that Speedball is somehow going to become a b-list hero instead of the d-list he’s been surrounded by all of his life? We don’t know, and that’s why comics right now are fantastic. Not just the independents that all of the high falootin’ comic snobs will tell you… MARVEL AND DC! They have the possibility now to alter their status quos and hold to it. Give a chance on the new stories that this change up might bring to you, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Except of course, if this involves MJ and Pete breaking up.. then I’m gung ho against it. (We’ve all got to have our lynchpin, don’t we?)

Now onto more news.

Click for the bigger picture

As a note – the above picture is the cover to Civil War #5. Seems Pete is going to have some problems. Nitpick on it all you want, it’s a hot little cover, but why is Bullseye throwing cards? Seems strange to me.

(Flamed from Newsarama)

We got Daniel Way on the keyboards. We got Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares on the ink. We got a dude with a bicycle and a flaming skull in the middle. We have a book done in the gentle hues and tones of burnt amber.

That’s right, Ghost Rider is getting his own book again. I didn’t catch the GR mini-series, but with a movie around the corner, it only seems like a smart plan. This first storyline starts with Johnny Blaze in hell, and he wants out.

From what I see out of the preview pages on the link above, it looks like it might be a fun romp. I actually think I might check it out, which would be the first Ghost Rider comic I’ve read since I bought the Essentials (which are a fun tasty treat, as a note).

(Mutated from Newsarama)

See what I’ve been turned into – someone who just comments on the damned previews… THAT IS HOW DEAD THE COMIC WORLD IS RIGHT NOW!

Anyway – if you aren’t aware – I’m an X-Goon. I read all the X that X could X… and now that Milligan is leaving X-Men, it’s time for me to get ready to get excited again – and then be let down.

This time it’s by Mike Carey and Chris Bachelo. Now, I’m a Bachelo mark. I like his work. As a matter of fact, I love his work. The problem is that it has been wholly inconsistant since he came back to the House of Ideas.

Well if you look at the previews (once again, at the above link) you will see that it actually has come back to the fold. It looks like Bachelo might be back in business as my favorite standard herobook artist.

With the team of Rogue, Iceman, Mystique, Cable, and Cannonball, I have to say I’m utterly confused as to how the team dynamic is going to work here. Rogue and Mystique have a connection – Cable and Cannonball have a connection.. where does that put Iceman? I guess we’ll see, but it seems that the team is going to be formed out of more necessity than true function.

I promised myself I won’t get excited…

(Unreeled from Comic Book Resources)

See – when life gives us nothing to discuss (Even Lying In The Gutters, the premier comic rumor column (which I usually attempt to avoid) has NOTHING other than stuff about some webcrawler and what’s going on with his mask.

So let’s just throw out some little factoids about comic movies – and we’ll call it a wrap.. shall we?


There have been not one, but TWO Fantastic Four scripts rejected! That’s a good sign. I would hope neither of them has Victor Von Doom in any other form than a CGI creation like Golem. I’ve reviewed the movie… he is, in fact, the ONLY thing that makes the movie suck.


Ok – so it’s not a movie – but it’s on the screen… so we qualify it. If you want – go check out The Blade Site over at Spike TV and get all the factoids about the slayer. I have to say that the guy they have fufilling the Wesley Snipes role… looks like it’s frigging Wesley Snipes.

Oh and whomever Chase the vampire is… is going to be my favorite character from the show. Guaranteed. The rest of the site is kind of boring with the standard AIM icons and Desktops. Nothing really of note – but it’s pretty, and that qualifies for something.


I wasn’t kidding! Not a damn thing to discuss.

Everyone wants to talk about Spidey.

Fine… go talk about Spidey… see if I care.

Actually – what do ya’ll think of the Unmasking.. let’s open up the floor!

Until next week – Make Your Marvel Mine!