(hed)p.e. – Back 2 Base X Review

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The Inside Pulse:
(hed)p.e. has fallen on to very hard times recently. Since their breakthrough album Broke, and the single “Bartender” which exploded them into the mainstream and was a VERY good track, (hed)p.e. has hopped from label to label trying to recreate their one hit wonder status. After the spectacular flop known as Only In Amerika, (hed)p.e. has resurrected with Suburban Noize Records to find their sound again. Are they successful in that venture or will Back 2 Base X confirm their status as hasbeens?

There is some fantastic musicianship on this album, in particular the drums. They sound very crisp and can definitely be called the backbone of this album.

As well, the production on this album is fantastic. Full credit given for the phenomenal sound of the album.

Oh, where to start. The vocals have never been a strength of (hed)p.e., but they seem very, very forced. Jahred (Jerred Shaine) really truly tries way to hard to sound political, but it simply comes off amateurish. Think Fred Durst but somehow much more annoying.

And for the record, Rap-Metal died a long time ago. The fact that (hed)p.e. is still trying to break into mainstream with such an out of date sound is mystifying. Linkin Park may still be around, but they cannot be classified as Rap-Metal. And don’t even get me started on Limp Bizkit.

And don’t ask me why they tried to recreate Sublime on the track “Sophia”. A very poor attempt at trying to sound “different”.

1996 nu-metal combined with a helium induced Fred Durst.

Reason to buy:
If you’ve been locked in a basement for ten years and Three Dollar Bill Ya’ll is your favourite record of all time, this album is truly up your alley. If you live in 2006, stay away. Stay far, far away.