[TNA] Two Weeks of Xplosion, iMPACT! Taping Results (Spoilers)

TNA spoilers from last night’s tapings in Orlando, according to Alan Wojcik of www.AlanWojcik.com:

These are the spoilers for the TNA Impact episodes that will air on Thursday June 22nd and 29th. I am sure the NWA World championship controversy from last night’s Slammiversary event will be addressed by the new public face of TNA Wrestling James E. Cornette. Dave Penzer pushed some TV show that will air Spike TV before Impact in the coming weeks. Sean Waltman and “The First Lady of Wrestling” Missy Hyatt were in attendance and sat behind mike Tenay and Don West. Some of the people who wore “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan shirts to the PPV (now available at www.JoeyRyan.com) were not in attendance, shame on them. Match one of the Xplosion results was before the Impact taping.

Results of the show to air on June 22nd:

The show was opened by the new face of TNA, James E. Cornette in the ring holding the NWA World Heavyweight championship belt along with a clipboard. He reminded the fans how he came into power and who put him into power. Cornette said he had been having closed door meetings with the entire talent roster. Next Cornette addressed the LAX who skipped an appointment. Cornette said he would have several announcements and someone would be fired during “next week’s” Impact. The fans immediately chanted “Fire Jarrett.” Cornette turned to the trio of Earl Hebner, Larry Zbyszko and Jeff Jarrett and declared the NWA World title vacated. Things got personal as Cornette addressed Jarrett and his family who he said broke him into the business. He said Jarrett’s grandmother would be ashamed of his actions on the PPV. Jeff Jarrett came out to ringside and got right in Cornette’s face and words were exchanged but Cornette left with the belt in hand.

(1) NWA World Tag Team champions “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Diamonds in the Rough members “Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young (w/Simon Diamond).

This isn’t the first time the former XXX partners have been on opposite sides of the ring, they fought at Lockdown 2005. However Young started the match against Daniels and the Diamonds hit him with a double team move to take control. Skipper dropped Daniels on the top rope but his trapeze like head scissor was blocked. Daniels hit Young with a jawbreaker and tagged out to Styles. Styles and Daniels worked over the Diamonds but as Daniels went to hit Young with the Angels Wings, Simon Diamond slid in and hit Daniels in the back. This brought out the woman from last nights PPV who took out Diamond. Daniels hit Young with the BME and Styles hit a frog Splash to retain the belts. As soon as the match ended Gail Kim charged the ring and fought with the nameless woman. Just as Kim was going to be chokeslammed, AMW hit the ring and pulled her to safety.

(2) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Chasyn Rance.

Referee “Slick” Mark Johnson’s attire made him look like a FIFA World Cup referee. I will be brief as the match and say Rance was outmatched by Brown as was beaten after being hit with the POUNCE! Somewhere the Human Tornado is going I can do that better. After the match Konnan invited Brown to join the LAX, saying TNA has been holding him down. Brown said he was going to stand alone. Konnan mentioned Sonjay Dutt and Ron Killings as people who also turned him down. This brought Ron Killings out to the ringside area to talk to the LAX. Konnan and Killings had a heart to heart chat. Konnan said TNA was using race to decide who got title shots. Killings seemed to consider the offer but he was jumped by Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez.

Jeremy Borash stood outside James Cornette’s office with “Showtime” Eric Young. Borash said Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin were in the office. Young seemed to have made Borash into an ally of sorts. Lethal and Sabin walked out and Sabin said Kevin Nash would not like what was discussed in the meeting.

Backstage the James Gang and Team 3D continued their fight from Slammiversary with a “Your Momma” contest. You will have to watch the show to hear the jokes; some were real below the belt. After several ones were tosses, Brother Ray went for a “Your Daddy” joke but instead said BG’s family was all losers. This led to a brawl that worked its way out to the ringside area. The James Gang laid out Team 3D with chairs shots. But as they celebrated, Brother Runt hit the ring, which allowed Team 3D to recover and clear the ring. Ray took the house mic and said the James Gang needed to find a partner for a six man match at the Victory Road PPV.

(3) Senshe became NWA World X Division champion by beating Samoa Joe vs. and Sonjay Dutt.

So much for this match being on the next PPV. Senshe and Dutt took turns wearing the champion down but Dutt’s flying move missed Joe and landed on Senshe who was on the floor. “Showtime” Eric Young ran across the seats with a sign that read “Don’t Fire Eric Young.” Joe went to the floor and hit Dutt with the Ole Kick. Joe went to do the same to Senshe but Senshe hit Joe with a body block. They returned to the ring where Joe and Senshe traded stiff palm strikes and kicks. Senshe went to lock in what looked like a reverse Dragon Sleeper but released the hold. Senshe went for a Shining Wizard but Joe moved, only to be hit with a back kick. Dutt hit Senshe with a top rope bodyblock, followed by an in ring senton and hand flip splash. Senshe tagged Joe with palm strikes but all it did was anger Joe who hit several moves. Joe held Dutt on the ropes and Senshe went to kick Dutt. Dutt moved and Senshe ended up mulekicking Joe to the floor. Scott Steiner came out of nowhere and hit Joe with a chair. With Joe knocked out on the floor, Senshe hit Dutt with what looked like a Shining Wizard or kick to the corner and the top rope stomp to the chest. When Joe realized what happened he screamed for Steiner to come back out.

Results of the show to air on June 29th:

The show was opened with the former NWA World Heavyweight champion “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage in the ring. Cage didn’t want to wait for the company meeting; he wanted to have one right now with Sting. His request was granted as the former WCW World champion came to the ring. Cage said if Sting loved him like a brother he wouldn’t be keeping a secret from him. Cage said Cornette was going to give him the belt back. Cage said he would grant Sting a title shot if he wanted one. Sting called Cage “Jeff Jarrett”. Cage said he wasn’t wearing white pants nor did he look like a complete ass. Sting said at this moment he looked like an ass. Sting said he knew what it was like to be the wanted man, cracking under pressure and second guessing people. Sting gave the big picture to Cage, the title wasn’t what he talked to Cornette it was a match against Steiner and Jeff Jarrett with Cage as his partner on the July 6th Impact. Cage cut off the Stinger saying he got the message and said next week on Impact “It’s Showtime!!”

(1) Team Canada members Petey Williams and “Showtime” Eric Young (w/A1, Bobby Roode and Scott D’amore who wore a neck immobilizer) defeated Jay Lethal and “the Future” Chris Sabin.

The Canadians were in the defensive as Lethal and Sabin were ready at the bell, cutting off an attack. It looked there were some communication problems between Williams and Young. When A1 and Rood went to double team Sabin, Young stopped them. Williams asked Young to save him from a sunset flip but Young refused to offer a hand and Sabin got two. Young stopped D’amore from hitting Sabin with a punch and the confusion continued. Williams escaped a head scissor and hit Sabin with a Canadian legsweep. Sabin avoided a double team and tossed Yong into Williams’ package. This allowed Lethal to enter the match 100% fresh. Lethal hit A1 and Roode with mule kicks and Sabin went through the ropes and landed on them. From the locker room emerged Alex Shelley with “Hotshot” Johnny Devine as his camera person (all those confused raise their right hand). All of the action on the floor allowed D’amore to stop Lethal’s top rope move and Williams ended the evening with the Canadian Destroyer. It looked like when Lethal landed off the top rope he injured his ankle.

(2) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated “Big Wiggle” Norman Smiley.

Brown made Smiley’s trip up from Miami a painful one, even as Smiley did a dance move to open the match. Smiley hit two European forearms that sent spit from Brown’s mouth. All that did was make Brown angry and he hit Smiley with the POUNCE!

(3) In a NO DQ match, Team 3D (Brother Ray and Devon w/Runt) defeated America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris w/Gail Kim).

Like Christian Cage, AMW looked weird without the NWA World Tag Team titles around their waists when they came out to the ring. Their anger over losing the belts led them to jump Team 3D at the entry way and brawl down to ringside. AMW controlled the match double teaming Team 3D any chance they could. Ray got back into the match bringing some weapons to the ring. Devon hit Storm in the head with a kendo stick while Ray hit Harris with a computer keyboard. Harris was cut open by the shot but he recovered and hit Devon with a second rope legdrop. Kim went to hit Ray with a trash can lid but it did no damage. Runt hit Kim in the stomach with a golf club as a trash can lid lay there. 3D hit Storm with the Wassup package shot and called for the tables to come out of the closet, I mean from under the ring. AMW put a stop to it and opened a table. However the action came back to the ring but Harris and Storm argued over hitting Devon with the beer bottle or trash can. Instead Harris hit Storm with the can as Devon moved. This allowed 3D to hit Harris with the 3D.

After the match ended the James Gang came out to the rampway. They told 3D they had a partner for the PPV match, the Monster Abyss who jumped all of Team 3D in the ring. Abyss used the table that AMW set up, sending Brother Runt into the table. BG did a Jim Ross impression to describe the carnage.

When Impact came back from commercial, the company meeting was held in the ring by James E. Cornette. Christy Hemme, So Cal Val, Rhino, AMW, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Jeremy Borash, Monty Brown, the James Gang, Senshe, Alex Shelley, all of Team Canada, Johnny Devine, Scott Steiner, Samoa Joe and the referees were present. Cornette addressed the LAX work stoppage. He said in TNA the work stoppage means a check stoppage and they were to return to the ring ASAP. Next was Team Canada and Scott D’amore. He said each of the Team Canada members were under individual contracts and he dissolved the group. Next he addressed AMW’s request for a tag title rematch with Styles and Daniels. Cornette said the PPV match was great and he granted the rematch but with a twist involving Gail Kim and the nameless woman on their respective teams. Jeff Jarrett, Earl Hebner and Larry Zbyszko were called into the ring. Scott Steiner followed Jarrett. Cornette spoke to Hebner about the PPV screw job. He said despite their friendship, Hebner was fired on the spot. Next on the docket was Zbyszko and his actions as the championship committee member. Zbyszko’s air tight contract was questioned by Cornette and said it allowed him to book Zbyszko in wrestling matches. Raven’s name was mentioned and he was offered a hair vs. hair match at the PPV. Cornette picked up the NWA World Heavyweight title belt. Cornette said no son-in-law was going to be handed a title in TNA. Cornette said the fans want to see Jarrett “pounded into country gravy.” So Jarrett was declared the champion but he would face the winner of a match between Sting, Cage, Steiner and Samoa Joe at the PPV. Cornette handed the NWA World Heavyweight title to Jarrett. As Cornette left the ring Jarrett took the mic, enjoying his moment of glory. He called out Cage and Sting to have the tag team match right now instead of next week. Without knowing it, Sting came from the opposite side of Steiner and Jarrett and jumped them. When Steiner left the ring he was jumped by Samoa Joe who locked in the Kokina Clutch.

Matches to air on TNA Xplosion:

(1) Ron “the Truth” Killings and Sonjay Dutt defeated Team Canada’s Petey Williams and “Canadian Enforcer” Bobby Roode when Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Killings backdropped him and followed with the scissor kick to win the match.

(2) Jay Lethal defeated Alex Shelley (w/”Hotshot” Johnny Devine) when he hit a full nelson suplex, releasing Shelley as he floated over. Lethal looked like he was favoring the ankle he injured earlier in the evening and Shelley worked it over for most of the match.

Announced matches for TNA Victory Road PPV on July 16th:

**NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett taking on the winner of the next match listed below.

***Samoa Joe vs. Sting vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage.

***Team 3D (Ray, Devon and Runt) vs the James Gang (Kip and BG James) and abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)

***NWA World Tag Team champions “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and the nameless woman vs. America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) and Gail Kim.

***In a Hair vs. Hair match, Raven vs. Larry Zbyszko (if Zbyszko accepts)

Credit: AlanWojcik.com