InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 06.20.06

InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 06.20.06
Live from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, N.Y.
Announcers are Joey Styles & Tazz
By: John Cavanagh

Welcome everyone to the second week of this twelve week experiment known as ECW on Sci-Fi. After last week the IWC was tearing at the seams with negativity, some might say people are jumping to conclusions a little too quickly. The powers that be in the WWE all admitted to the show being below expectations and many changes are planned, so lets see what the guys have in store for us this week.

The show starts with a recap of ECW’s invasion against WWE last night on RAW, narrated by that new tarrot card reader who was being talked about for the past week or so around the internet.

We’re greeted by Joey Styles and Tazz and they inform us that we are LIVE.

Sabu vs. Tony Mamaluke w/Trinity

Wow, didn’t take long to get right to the action this week. Sabu starts out quick going after Mamaluke with a few dives to the legs. Knee lift by Mamaluke, goes for the pin and gets a two. Slingshot leg drop by Sabu, which leads to him putting a camel clutch on Tony. The two men go the outside, Sabu grabs a chair and heads in the the ring and lines up the triple jump plunge and hit Mamaluke on the outside. The guys are up and Sabu wastes little time and goes straight for a table, Mamaluke from behind gets him in to the ring but it doesn’t take long for Sabu to get the advantage once again. Sabu puts him back outside on the table leaping over the ropes putting him through some wood. Sabu gets him back in, hits the spring board summersault leg drop and locks in the camel clutch, Mamaluke submits and it’s over.

Winner: Sabu

Kelly is back, she admits to the wardrobe malfunction and plans to right that wrong later tonight.


Big Show comes down to the ring and Tommy Dreamer comes out right behind him. The two guys stare down. Dreamer’s on the mic, he talks about Show’s dominance in the battle royal, telling Show that if he wants to make a name for himself in ECW then he has to go through him, he then gives Show a big slap to the face. Show just start pounding on Tommy, they go outside and Show throws him in the steps then the barricade and then rams him in to the ring post. They get back in the ring and Tommy still hasn’t gotten a sing move in. At this point show is just patronizing Dreamer, pushing him as he tries to climb to his feet. Show hits his new back breaker finisher and walks out of the ring.


Vampire sighting outside the arena!

Macho Libre vs. Sandman

A man walks out in a Nacho Libre costume with a pair of Randy Savage sunglasses, he’s on the mic doing a Mexican impersonation of the Macho Man, this promo is golden already, Macho says he’s looking for a fight. Sandman’s music hits and he’s got his cane in hand, naturally. Macho wants to tell Sandman something but it’s the Zombie all over again, canes to the head, white Russian legsweep, 123.

Winner: Sandman

Some production guys come up to Heyman in the back and tells him that Cena is here, out in the parking lot. Heyman tells them to get everyone together, it’s time for action.


The entire ECW roster is in the back and Cena walks through the back door right in front of them. He walks over and Sabu wants a piece of him already. He Tells Sabu that last night was really something, and he knows that he has more planned for Sunday’s PPV. Cena informs ECW as a whole that he knows they don’t care for him or how he conducts business. He then tells Heyman to bring everyone to Vengeance on Sunday because now his match with Sabu will be and Extreme Lumberjack Match. He asks Heyman if it’s a deal and Sabu answers yes for him.

ECW Vixen Kelly is back on her stripper platform, this time she has a chair for a prop. Same as last week, provocative dancing, four minutes that could have been better used for actual wrestling. She does have a new shiny bra that opens in the front. Some wrestler comes out and covers her with a towel and takes her off the stage to a chorus of boos.


We see a promo telling us that Test is coming to ECW… just what they needed…

RVD & Kurt Angle vs. Edge & Randy Orton

Twenty minutes for a main event? This clearly isn’t WWE. Edge comes out with Lita and wants to the set the record straight that he still thinks that ECW sucks along with everyone that loves ECW. Orton enters next but doesn’t have much to say to the crowd. Angle is next to enter the ring and lastly, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam makes his way out.

Angle and Edge start out the match, Kurt quickly goes for the double leg take down almost locking in the ankle lock in the process. Angle tags in Rob, Van Dam throws a few elbows but Edge gets the advantage and gets to the corner to tag in Orton. Van Dam hits a spinning leg kick and then puts Orton right on the ropes. Climbs the turnbuckle and hits the leaping side kick knocking Orton to the outside. Both men outside and Van Dam his the moonsault press off the apron out of nowhere. Both back inside the ring with a tag to Edge, Van Dam hits another side kick off the ropes and sets up some rolling thunder, he runs to the ropes but Lita pulls them down making him fall out.


We come back and it’s now Orton and Rob as the legal men, Edge and Orton begin double teaming Rob in their corner really doing a number of the ECW champ. They throw him right outside the announcers table then an Irish whip in to the steps. Edge goes for a pin and doesn’t even get a one. Orton tagged in and hits a vertical leap drop kick but still only comes up with a two count. Edge in again, Van Dam finds some life and gets a tag to Angle, Kurt is going nuts in the ring with German suplexes for both Orton and Edge. Orton tries to sneak up behind Kurt but he locks in the ankle lock, Edge pulls Orton out. Edge gets the advantage on Angle for Orton to get in and start working on the knee of Angle. Edge (who I’m guessing is now the legal man) has the advantage on Kurt but Anle quickly puts on his new rear choke hold finisher but Lita breaks it up. Orton in and Kurt locks on the ankle lock but Orton tags out before he can tap. Van Dam finally gets a tag in and is clearing house. Rob on the apron gets knocked off and hits the announcer table, Angle inside goes for the ankle lock on edge but Lita again interferes, angle hits the Angle Slam on Lita! Orton in and RKO’s Angle, Van Dam off the top rope hits the leaping side kick again on Orton, Edge drop kicks RVD while he tried set up rolling thunder on Orton, lines up the spear but Van Dam clocks him with the belt, Rob nails Edge with the Five Star Frog Splash and it’s all over.

Winner: RVD & Kurt Angle

Both men celebrate while the announcers pimp the PPV this Sunday.

Show over.

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