Deep South Wrestling TV Report for June 18, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Review
Aired June 18, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped March 23, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Opening with highlight clips from last week…Palmer Canon fired Nick Patrick in the middle of the ring… Canon summoned Freakin Deacon and Giant (Great Kahli) out to corner Patrick…Giant killed “the man who took a stand for his family” dead with a headbutt…Cut to a close up Deacon’s tarantula…Giant held five babyface wrestlers at bay, while Deacon gazed lovingly at Willow, as the tarantula crawled all over Patrick’s lifeless body.

Cut to the introduction by Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott. Sherrod asked DeMott about Gymini’s rude interruption of last week’s intro. DeMott stared a hole through Sherrod and walked away. Sherrod looked flustered. He wondered if Bill would get a partner and accept Gymini’s challenge.

Cut to Michelle McCool with Damian Steel and Ray Gordy. Steel had a tennis sweater tied around his neck. McCool did a double take at Gordy’s ghettoized new look. McCool asked them about their upcoming match against William Regal and David Taylor. Steel (with perfect diction) respectfully explained that legends or not, the Bluebloods were going down to defeat. Gordy interrupted. “We’re going to whoop your ass. You think you’re going to come down here to the ATL, couple a English crackers, and beat Ebony and Ivory? (emits crude noise) Think again, dawg.” Steel politely rephrased. Gordy cut in again. “What we gonna is whoop dat ass.” Steel paused and said, “Yes.”

Kristal Marshall was with William Regal. Marshall wanted to know the whereabouts of Regal’s partner. Regal said he had been teamed all over the world with the same man for 20 years. Taylor entered singing “Hail Britannia.” Regal said Taylor had some rough years since the death of Princess Di. Regal revealed that news reports about her death were rubbish. She committed suicide over Taylor. Regal said they were there to be among the best wrestlers in the world in the DSW tag team tournament.

(1) The Blue Bloods (William Regal & David Taylor) beat Ebony and Ivory (Damian Steel & Ray Gordy) in 6:22 to advance in the tag team tournament. Clean break. Taylor didn’t like the feel of Steel’s sweaty hands touching his body. Taylor sold Steel’s reversals with flip bumps. Taylor put Gordy in a cravate. Taylor decked Gordy with a shoulder tackle. Gordy came back with a nice flurry and tagged Regal. Regal ran headlong into a takedown from his own partner. Confusion reigned. Ebony and Ivory gave the Bluebloods a battering ram style noggin knocker. Taylor crossed Gordy’s running lights with an uppercut forearm and shoved Steel off the apron. Regal fired knee strikes to Gordy’s face. Regal hit a suplex slam for a near fall. Regal dropped Gordy with a back elbow, and elbow dropped Gordy for another two count. Regal hit a cool overhead suplex variation for yet another near fall. Taylor blasted Gordy with more European forearms. Gordy ducked under a charging Taylor for a roll up. Hot tag. Steel nailed Bluebloods with high dropkicks. Steel had Taylor on the deck, but he spent too much time playing to the crowd. A rookie mistake if there ever was one. Steel crashed and burned when Taylor ducked under his flying bodypress. Taylor hit his signature butterfly suplex to pin Steel.

An ad aired showing clips from the June 9 DSW show at Six Flags over Georgia.

McCool asked the Gymini how much DeMott was going to stand for. Jake referred to DeMott as “Corporate Boy.” He accused DeMott of stooging off the boys. Jesse said DeMott was putting tape recorders in the guys’ bags, and getting off on levying fines. Jesse said DeMott used to be a 650 pound bench presser, but now he shrunk at the sight of Gymini. Jesse said DeMott couldn’t take them on his best day. He once again challenged DeMott to get a partner and face Gymini in the tag team tournament. Jesse said with Canon in control, they were shoe-ins to win the tournament.

(2) Gymini (Jesse & Jake) beat Onyx & Mark Jindrak in 3:47 to advance in the tag team tournament. Gymini were taunting DeMott something fierce as they made their way into the ring. DeMott stood up like he was going to make a move. Sherrod tried to calm DeMott down. Jake started it out with intimidation tactics against Jindrak and controlled the action with a side headlock. Jindrak dropped down, leapfrogged Jake, and caught him with a pair of armdrags. Tag to Onyx, who started working on the arm. DeMott admitted that Gymini had thrown him off his game. Jesse charged in and took a hiptoss. But Jake capitalized on the distraction with a back suplex. Gymini isolated Onyx in their half of the ring, until Onyx countered Jake’s powerbomb with a Frankensteiner. Both men down. Both men tagging. Jindrak exploded with dropkicks on both Gymini. Jindrak sprung to the top rope for a twisting lariat on Jesse. Jindrak gave Jake an atomic drop and lit him up with a lefty haymaker. Tag to Onyx. He surprised Jesse with an O’Connor Roll. Jesse barely got a shoulder up, if he did at all. But Jake was there to smoke Onyx with a swinging neckbreaker. Gymini hit the Crash Diet for the win. The taunting of DeMott continued after the match. DeMott said he respected the size and ability of the Gymini, but he didn’t have to like them.

(3) Bradley Jay defeated Kevin Matthews with the Regal Roll. This was a dark match from the taping on May 18, 2006. There was crowd noise but no commentary.

Cut to the office of Deep South wrestling. On the left, Canon was in his easy chair with Angel Williams stroking his hair and brushing her boobs against his head. The Giant loomed over them. On the right, we found Deacon playing with his tarantula. Canon’s lowlife attorney Quentin Michaels was seen in the background. Williams wants to know what was going on in Canon’s “big brain.” Canon knew precisely what was on it at the moment. Deacon did too. Canon told Deacon to behave. “The Assassin’s attorneys continue to torture me via e-mail, phone and fax. They’re deluge of nonstop torture continues.” Canon said Michaels was doing a “subpar job at best.” Michaels told Canon to relax. Canon told Michaels to do better or else he would be fired, just like Patrick. Canon told Angel that Patrick and his “filthy family” were organizing a formal protest. “Pathetic,” said Canon. Canon said that now that he was rid of Patrick, he planned to name a special trouble shooting official that shared his unique vision of justice. Canon said this official would be in charge of all import bouts, “particularly those pertaining to me.” Canon said that if anyone else refused to toe the company line, Deacon and Giant knew what to do. Canon opened the office door and there stood “man turned monster” Ryan O’Reilly. Canon slammed the door as if he had seen a ghost. Canon motioned for Giant to open the door. He did an told Canon there was nobody there. Canon said it was time to go, making sure that he was the last to leave the room.

As Canon entered the ring for his match against Antonio Mestre, he was greeted by a massive “You suck” chant. The DSW arena was filled with fans holding signs, the most risqué of which read “Palmer has a small cannon.” Canon introduced his new official “to uphold all rules and parliamentary procedures.” It was none other than the smug RAW Superstar Matt Striker. He signaled that he was going to call it right down the middle. Canon said that without his spectacles, he was unable to read the signs, so he asked Striker to read the signs for him. Cut to a close up of Nick Patrick standing in the bleachers holding up a sign that read “U suck.” The heat was off the charts during all of this. Striker reluctantly read the sign. Canon went nuts. Striker told Canon that it was Patrick holding the sign. The crowd popped and chanted “Patrick.” Canon said that when he fired Patrick last week, he meant it, and he didn’t appreciate the rabble rousing. Canon ordered the “local constable” to remove Patrick from the building. Mestre attacked Canon before the bell.

(4) Palmer Canon defeated Antonio Meste at 1:17 with the aid of massive outside interference. Mestre lit into Canon with a flurry of kicks and forearms. Striker held Mestre from behind to give Canon a free shot. Striker turned his back and Canon strangled Mestre with the tie from his robe. Giant stepped over the top rope and decimated Mestre with a headbutt. Canon posed with one foot on Mestre’s chest while Striker made the three count. Deacon was waiting in the wings with the tarantula. Female shrieks abounded. Cut to a close up of the tarantula walking around on Mestre’s chest. Another major “you suck” chant here. The segment closed with Deacon placing the shroud over Mestre’s comatose body.

Michelle McCool was with Sonny Siaki and Bradley Jay. Siaki said those High Impact knuckleheads made him sick. Siaki said he and Jay were two of the baddest mofos in the company. Jay said he was all about breaking people in half, and this was the beginning of a journey to become the number one team in DSW.

Angel Williams informed High Impact that they were facing a new team. Impact mocked Siaki and Jays promos. Mike Taylor said they kick started the tournament with a victory over Slaughter Boys (with the emphasis on BOYS) last week. Santarelli said Impact were the true diamonds of DSW. Impact crapped all over Siaki and Jay’s chances of winning the match.

(5) High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor) beat Sonny Siaki & Bradley Jay in 8:35 to advance in the tag team tournament. The building erupted for the entrance of High Impact. The teams went back and forth working armbars in the opening minutes. DeMott said 38 teams had thrown their hat into the tag team tournament but some had backed out due to the level of competition. Bradley ducked Santarelli’s enzuigiri, but Santarelli nipped and blasted Bradley with a forearm for a near fall. Santarelli and Taylor took turns nailing Bradley with shots, until Santarelli put him down with a discus forearm for another two count. Impact got another two count on Bradley with a rolling necksnap/elbow drop combo. Siaki distracted Taylor with a bop in the head. Bradley then took out Taylor’s knee with a rolling body block. Siaki and Jay dissected Taylor’s knee. Bradley dropped an elbow to cut off a tag attempt. Taylor used his free leg to kick Bradley off and get to his corner, but Siaki prevented Mike Posey from seeing the tag. Santarelli went crazy, as the heels doubled on Taylor. Siaki gave Taylor a knee DDT and decked Santarelli for good measure. Bradley applied a half crab. Santarelli hopped over Bradley, decked Siaki and kicked Bradley in the face on the way back to his corner. Illegal but highly effective. Taylor made the tag. Santarell was on fire. Bradley saved Siaki from being pinned. Santarelli went for the Satellite Enzuigiri, but Bradley blocked it and brought Santarelli in the hardway. Bradley mounted the top rope. Santarelli connected with an awesome Halo kick that sent Bradley tumbling to the floor. Siaki drilled Santarelli with a killer powerslam for a great false finish. Santarelli stunned Siaki with a jawbreaker. Impact used a sweepkick/leg lariat combo to pin Siaki.

Sherrod and DeMott closed the show. Sherrod said history was made as High Impact and Bluebloods advanced in the tag team tournament. DeMott reminded Sherrod that the Gymini also advanced. DeMott said he just might find a partner and accept Gymini’s challenge to enter the tournament.

Comments: This was probably my favorite episode of DSW television so far. For storyline and character development, there was a lot going on here. The Canon/Patrick angle has been awesome. It has had by far the most heat of anything since DSW began airing on CSS…All of the talent have performed well in their roles, but Canon is clearly the star carrying it…The office vignette was bizarre, which has become the norm…The conflict between Gyminis and DeMott continued to smolder. The intensity of DeMott’s slow burn works for me. The Ebony and Ivory gimmick was better than I hoped and not nearly as bad as I feared. It might be Gordy’s ticket to a new lease on life in DSW…It was fun seeing Bluebloods in action. They were funny and the European style was a refreshing change of pace…Gymini are underrated. They both bump and move extremely well for their size…Both matches lost credibility points when the babyfaces taking heat were clearly in position to makes tags and didn’t make them…Siaki’s promo was fine, but I’m not feeling Jay’s paint-by-numbers promos at all…Hot crowd for the main event, which had a strong finishing sequence. DeMott sees something he likes in Jay. Santarelli broke out Mr. Toad’s Magical Soup (a jumping spinning 540 kick) for the first time on DSW television. The Siaki powerslam made a great false finish after he won with that move the previous week…The format of the tag team tournament was confusing, being that High Impact was wrestling their second match, the other teams were wrestling their first, and Team Elite is yet to have a match at all…They’ve been adding in bonus dark match to every show in lieu of some of the time allotted for commercials. The lack of commentary on Bradley/Matthews was puzzling since there’s always a number two announce team that does the dark matches.