Make Movement: The D-Generates Are Back

There must be a new writer on the WWE writing staff because last night’s RAW was entertaining in more ways than just the reunion of D-Generation X.

From the opening segment, which looked and felt like a Saturday Night Live opener, WWE RAW was able to produce laughs, even if wrestling is still barely existing on their sports-entertainment program. Everything was random even though it was obvious it was all from the DX boys: the delivery of the “cock,” the Chris Farley looking male strippers, the alien who mocked the Vince McMahon walk, the penis pump and maybe just maybe even Dusty Rhodes plugging his DVD.

There wasn’t any doubt that there was nothing really wrong with Stephanie or her child, and it was a ploy to get the McMahons away from DX’s fun for the night. The question will be whether or not Stephanie and Unborn Child will become DX members if DX surges in a popularity that lasts longer than three months? With the subtle obvious hint about Triple H being the father of the next grandchild of Vince and Linda McMahon, and Vince calling his daughter “that bitch,” it’s something that can’t be ruled out. Perhaps they will let the ‘we all know Steph and Hunter’ baby be the one person that snaps Triple H “back” into maturity.

The slime itself was a surprise, and for people of my generation, brought us back to Nickelodeon Daytime TV when we were growing up, where everyone got slimed. I felt sorry for the crew who had to clean that up. The over-acting by the Spirit Squad, swimming in the slime was so bad, that it was funny.

The use of the Coach as “the one in charge” was not a surprise, but makes me wonder what WWE would be like if Eric Bischoff was still “in charge” and dealing with D-Generation X. It would be worth having him back for at least one appearance, to explain how he felt when DX tried to invade the CNN Center on May 11, 1998 when he was in charge of World Championship Wrestling. I could have lived without seeing Coach’s ass, but since we’ve seen Vince McMahon’s ass too many times in this year alone, WWE viewers are used to seeing asses on television. Regardless of what happens, DX is back, still entertaining and I’m very happy that I was able to enjoy most of a WWE program in recent memory.

A nice touch to RAW was Jerry Lawler actually getting up to talk to Randy Orton at ringside. It’s a old school practice it seems, but one I’d like to see return. I’m still unclear to the point of Orton right now because it seems to me his sole existence is to be a WWE go-to guy against ECW guys (like Kurt Angle) or placed in the ring against mid-carders who WWE knows fans won’t cheer Orton over. Why not go ahead and put him in a stable with Edge and Lita?

I want to welcome IP’s newest wrestling columnist, Theodore VanHouten IV, which I wonder out loud if it’s a gimmicked pen name, to the IP family. I really enjoyed reading his debut column, “The Acute Angle,” about Jake The Snake Roberts, Dave LaGreca and Erik Fenton’s favorite wrestler. I’m a long time fan of Roberts ring psychology, and no one has quite the mind for the squared circle like Jake does.

I agree with Ken Anderson‘s breakdown of TNA Slammiversary 2006’s conclusion with Jeff Jarrett getting the Hebner and ‘winning’ the NWA Title. TNA Wrestling for me is nothing but constant frustration. I was considering going to a live TNA house show in July, but now I’m reconsidering because I don’t want to support a product where Jarrett can’t do what’s best for the company and take a break from being the “face of TNA” as their world champion. What does it say for TNA creatively when they borrow a WWE idea with Hebner doing the swerve? If TNA wants to be a alternative for WWE storylines, they should realize what makes them successful (their X Division) and build their company to make the X Division their main attraction.

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