[SD] TV Taping & Dark Match Results (Spoilers)

Smackdown taping results according to Aaron Waymire and PWInsider:

I just got back from attending Smackdown and ECW from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY. I’d say it was about 75-80% full, with most of the top sections tarped off, but the entire lower section was full.

Dark Match:

Matt Hardy beat Sylvester Terkay with a rollup from behind.

JBL had his intro, but without the limo, then Cole came down.

Smackdown taping:

The Miz introduced us to the show from the crowd. He liked saying “hoorah.” I’m still not sure what that means.

WWE Tag Titles: London and Kendrick beat the Mexicools. Super Crazy was starting to climb to the top rope to go for the win, when Psychosis tagged himself in, missed a flipping splash from the top rope, and Kendrick got the pin. After the match, Crazy beat up Psychosis, presumably breaking up the Mexicools.

Tatanka and Simon Dean: no contest. Tatanka hit a Samoan Drop, then The Great Khali came out and laid them both out. Thankfully, he didn’t talk this time. No sign of the Undertaker either.

Finley beat Gunner Scott by hitting him in the head with the shillelagh. The leprechaun came out during the match, only to be tackled and sent back under the ring by Finley.

Michael Cole interviewed Chavo Guerrero, who was on the TitanTron. Chavo said Rey would win tonight.

King Booker beat Bobby Lashley by DQ when Lashley hit him with a chair. Non-title match. William Regal did the “All hail King Booker!” line before the match. Finley came down at one point and hit Lashley in the knee with the shillelagh. A chair was brought in the ring, and eventually Lashley took control of it and laid out both Booker and Regal. Post match, Regal was still doing his line while he and Booker struggled to the back.

Mr. Kennedy beat Funaki with the Senton Bomb. The Miz was doing his thing in the crowd, when Kennedy’s intro interrupted him. Kennedy did his usual microphone work.

Theodore Long announced to Booker and Sharmell that next week it’ll be Booker vs. Lashley again, but this time in a steel cage. He didn’t say anything about it being for the U.S. Title.

Before the main event, an awesome “Tribute to the Troops” video aired. Great clips from the past year when they were in Afghanistan.

World Title: Rey Mysterio beat Mark Henry by DQ when Henry was caught with a chair. Basic big man-small man match. Great sequence at the end. The ref was knocked out, and Chavo came down and nailed Henry with a chair. Henry turned and decked Chavo, and was then hit with the 619. When Rey did the springboard off the rope, Henry caught him, only to be tripped up by Chavo. Chavo grabbed the chair, then hit the ring post with it. He told Rey to stay down and pretend to be out cold, then gave the chair to Henry. When the ref came to, he DQ’d Henry for supposedly using the chair. Great ending and tribute to Eddie in my mind.

After ECW went off the air, the dark match main event took place.

The Undertaker beat Mark Henry and The Great Khali when Taker chokeslammed Henry. Kind of funny because a lot of people left when RVD and Angle were celebrating in the ring thinking the show was over. It’s still cool seeing Taker’s entrance.

Overall, I was happy with the night. I’m not sure how ECW looked on TV, but I would think it was much better than last week’s show. The crowd did have scattered “ECW” chants throughout the night, so it seemed like they were trying to give the show good energy. Still, ECW should without a doubt have their own arena. While the Albany crowd was pretty good, it’s too bad seeing how most of the ECW show went without the kind of crowd heat it deserves.

Credit: Aaron Waymire (click over to his blog for detailed thoughts on last night’s ECW and SD tapings)