[RAW] Recap of Cena on Conan O’Brien

John Cena was a guest on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” today. Here’s a quick run-down:

To start the segment, they showed footage of John Cena giving the FU to Big Show. Cena then came out sporting a black eye, t-shirt and jean-shorts. No bling.

Conan asked how he picked Big Show up over his head, and Cena laughed, saying it could have gone wrong and he shouldn’t do it again.

When asked about his eye, Cena made a joke about Pierre beating him up for making fun of bobble head dolls (recurring joke from earlier in the show).

Seriously – “I somehow went through a table, face first, at the hands of a genie … welcome to World Wrestling Entertainment.”

Conan: “Did the genie throw you or did he have a magical spell?”

Cena: “He put some sort of spell on me by hitting me in the head with a small television, and then did some sort of super-jump off of the ring, and through the table.”

When asked about “you can’t see me,” Cena said it started as a joke. His brother was doing it or something similar, and he told him he’d get it on TV, his brother dared him to, so he started incorporating it into his matches. Eventually he added the “you can’t see me” part, and it caught on.

They joked throughout the rest of the segment about when he does that, his opponents literally can’t see him, and he then goes for the roll-up pin and the 1-2-3.

Conan: Years ago, we had a writer who left to work at the WWF at the time, and I had a saying where if they’d complain I’d tell them to have a “big glass of shut-up juice,” and the writer said he would get that on TV, and all of a sudden The Rock was saying it.

Apparently Cena won’t turn down a dare, and recently drank out of a puddle (he admitted he was a dumbass). Other dares: he stripped at a “cabaret,” pole-dance and all.

Conan: “The big reason I could never be a professional wrestler (ha!) is I can’t wear that speedo thing.” Cena talks about his unique outfit, and says “some guys don’t have a lot to offer and need to cover up.”

Conan plugs RAW and Vengeance, and thanks Cena for being on the show. Good, short interview, and Cena showed a lot of personality, wasn’t nervous, and I can … see him being asked back.