Big Brother 7: All-Stars – Recap – Casting Special (6/21/06)

Welcome to the “casting special” episode of ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’! Tonight Julie Chen will come out and announce the list of 20 candidates that America can vote on to be inside the house this summer for ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ and compete for $500,000! We are a few minutes away and I can’t wait!

‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ – Casting Special (“Top 20 Announcement”)

we get a voice-over and various clips from past seasons. “They have competed for power, rewards, and $500,000, etc.” Now they are bringing back the best of the best.

Julie Chen is here and she explains to us that there will be a list of 20 candidates. From that list, America votes and the top 3 men and top 3 women in voting are guaranteed to get a spot in the house. So that probably means CBS picks the other 6, which sucks just a little bit.

Julie starts off our list with the first houseguest announced. It’s “Chicken” George Boswell from ‘Big Brother 1’! We get various clips of his wild antics. From our polls, I lot of people don’t like him. So I don’t like his chances. It doesn’t help that he’s from season one. George tries to present his case to America. He wants to play ‘Big Brother’ again, since the rules and game have changed since he played it 6 years ago.

Julie then announces the candidates from ‘Big Brother 2’. So apparently George is the only one from ‘Big Brother 1’, which is about right..I suppose, since he is the most memorable. Anyways from ‘BB2’..we have Bill “Bunky” Miller. Lots of clips of him crying and stuff. He’s a little emotional. He says that Kent Blackwelder is the only one he has kept in touch with, which is weird since they hated each other at first.

The next person on the list is Will Kirby, winner of ‘Big Brother 2’. He’s really into himself. He was the first one to be “Evil” on the show and I guess it worked to his advantage. He says he is the best player in ‘Big Brother’ history.

The fourth person on the list is Mike “Boogie” Malin. He had a romance with Krista Stegall on the show and asked her to marry him. That never happened. They don’t talk that much anymore either. Interesting..didn’t know that.

The fifth person on the list is Monica Bailey. “It’s on!” And we get various clips with her yelling a lot. She was in the “Final 3” on ‘BB2’. she will continue to be herself if she gets voted back into the house.

Julie then tells us it’s time for a break and up next we take a look at the new house for the “All-Stars” and she will give us the houseguests from ‘Big Brother 3’! Stay tuned!

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We come back and Julie confirms that 6 of the 12 houseguests in the house will be “America’s choice”. What that means is that they want the best possible drama on the show. Obvious.

The first person from ‘BB3’ is Marcellas Reynolds. He is the cutest boy on the show or something. He was friends with Amy Crews. He also got smacked by Julie across the head when she first saw him! HA! HA! That’s funny,

The next person from ‘BB3’ and the seventh on the list is Lisa Donahue, winner of ‘BB3’. She’s hot and naked! WOW! She also had a relationship with Eric Ouellette. She’s ready to play the game again.

Next up is Danielle Reyes. She says people love her or love to hate her. Her biggest regret was being so “real” in the diary room. She was in analliance with Jason Guy. They were smart and never got nominated until the “Final 3”. WOW..Jason Guy is not the list. That’s shocking.

Julie says it’s time for another break and she’s the boss!

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Julie comes back and she talks about the “peanut butter and jelly diet”. It looks like that may not happen this time. Julie says they will be begging to get peanut butter and jelly back. Interesting…

The first person from ‘Big Brother 4’ is Erika Landin. She was all happy, but the twist of this show is that ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends of certain houseguests came into the house to play the game. Erika’s ex was Robert. She had an alliance with Jack Owens and they are still close today. He’s a father figure for her.

The next one from ‘BB4’ is Dana Varela. She didn’t have an ex in the game. But she liked Alison’s ex, Justin. She turned her back on the original alliance and as a result got kicked out soon afterwards. She won’t make that mistake again.

The eleventh person on the list is Alison Irwin. She was a big flirt during ‘BB4’. She liked Nathan Marlow, but only to take advantage of him. No one liked her from her season.

Julie says that over half of the list is done. ‘Big Brother 5’ is next!

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Julie is back and she says ‘Big Brother 5’ was called “Project DNA”. There were two twins playing the game together. Natalie Carroll and Adria Okins. Michael “Cowboy” Ellis and Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon were also revealed to be long-lost half-brother and half-sister.

The first one from ‘BB5’ is Jase Wirey. His alliance was the “Four Horsemen” with Drew Daniel, Scott Long, and Michael Ellis. My favorite alliance EVER! It didn’t last long, though.

The next from ‘BB5’ is Michael “Cowboy” Ellis He’s the only cowboy in ‘Big Brother’ ever! The whole brother/sister thing is revealed. Both Michael and Nakomis were shocked! He was so close to the money and he wants to taste it for real this time.

The next one on the list is Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon. She says her relationship with Michael is rocky, since they are nothing alike and have little in common. She thinks she was misunderstood as a player.

The final person from ‘BB5’ is Diane Henry. That means her love interest, Drew Daniel, is not on the list! Boo! She says she was the best player on ‘BB5’, but she fell in love with Drew. He eventually screwed her at the end by picking Michael over her. She regrets that decision. She will go back in and play for herself!

Julie says that next is ‘Big Brother 6’ a.k.a. “Summer of Secrets” and the most volatile and divided household yet! Another break!

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Julie comes back and tells us that the “Head of Household” upstairs suite that was featured on ‘BB6’ will be back for ‘BB7: All-Stars’. But this room will have a secret inside that will remain that way for now. Interesting. Julie then talks about the “Friendship” vs. “Sovereign Six” alliances. The “Friendship” alliance had the lowest popularity votes EVER!

The first from ‘BB6’ and #16 on the list is Howie Gordon. He says he’s crazy and the best looking guy on ‘Big Brother’. Clips of “Hurricane Howie” air. He also became a Jedi. Funny stuff! “A ‘Big Brother’ without Howie is like a day without sunshine.”

The next one on the list is Kaysar Ridha. Yay! “What up..Kaysar?!” He was the first Muslim on ‘Big Brother’. He was also the first “America’s Choice” pick to get voted back into the house. He got 82% of the vote, so that should tell you something right there. He made one mistake and it cost him. He was evicted too early and he is ready to play this game again.

Ivette Corredero is next on the list. She has a loud mouth and has no chance of getting voted back into house. Hopefully..CBS doesn’t put her back in for the drama. That would suck. Ivette says she is her own person now and wants to play on her own.

James Rhine is on the list. He’s the most feared/hated person on ‘Big Brother’ he says. He did win the “power of veto” a record number of times. But he also played both sides and that cost him.

The final person on the list is Janelle Pierzina! Excellent. She was in a relationship with Michael Donnellan. Once they got out of the house, though, she realized that she didn’t like him at all. She also got into a few fights with the “Friendship” alliance. They hated her! “Bye bye bitches!”

Julie finishes us off. Only 12 can make into the house this summer. And you can help decide. How can you vote? That’s coming up after our final break!

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We are back and it’s time to vote for your favorites. We get final comments from all 20 candidates on why they should be put back into the house. They are all crazy!!! You can go to to see what each houseguest is doing to get your votes. And you can vote on as well. Julie will be back on Thursday, July 6 at 8 p.m. (Eastern Time) to announce the 12 people in the house! The game starts again then! Join us! And remember to VOTE!!!