InsidePulse DVD Review – Failure To Launch

Tom Dey

Matthew McConaughey….Tripp
Sarah Jessica Parker….Paula
Zooey Deschanel….Kit
Justin Bartha….Ace
Bradley Cooper….Demo
Terry Bradshaw….Al
Kathy Bates….Sue
Tyrell Jackson Williams….Jeffrey

The Movie

Say what you want about me, but I watch chick flicks with the greatest of ease. I enjoy most of them and Failure To Launch actually ranks up there with the best I have seen. Thanks to great acting and one line of dialogue that NEVER goes into a romantic comedy.

Tripp is 35 years old and still lives with his parents. He lives the good life with his Mom, Sue, doing his laundry, making his bed, cleaning his room and so on and so forth. He sells boats for a living, drives a porche and gets a ton of women. When these women get too clingy, he simply brings them home because when they see he lives with his parents, they bolt. No guilt on his part and on to the next woman.

Tripp’s parents aren’t as keen to him still being home three and a half decades after conception and soon learn about Paula, a woman who weasels her way into the lives of “Twixters” (The new code name for people living at home for much longer periods than normal) and gets them to move out of their house. They hire her immediately after seeing how happy two of their friends are since their son moved out of the house.

From there hijinks ensue as Paula goes about trying to get Tripp to move out. It’s a wonderful premise for a movie and the acting is superb. If you want a spoiler into that line I spoke of before, highlight after this line, be aware that it spoils a big part of the movie: After Tripp calls Paula out for what she does, he leave his house. She runs to the car, gets in and tries to explain. Tripp lets her speak and then says, “Get the f*ck outta my car.” The delivery is CLASSIC.

Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha, of Wedding Crashers and Gigli fame, are the perfect foil as Tripp’s best friends. McConaughey and Parker have a great chemistry that plays perfectly in every situation they are in. It’s a fun flick, for you alone or with the girlfriend.

Score: 8.5/10

The Audio

Dolby Digital 5.1 – Transfer sounds great, although I wish the music was lower sometimes.

The Video

Widescreen – No transfer problems

The Extras

Casting Off: The Making of Failure To Launch – The basic “Making Of”. Director and actor thoughts on the movie, the casting process and the grind of making the film.

The Failure To Launch Phenomenon – A deeper look into “Twixters” and what makes them tick. With interviews with actual Twixters, this is a really fun feature.

Dating In The New Millennium – This is a look into the world of online dating and dating services. Amazingly detailed and interesting to watch, this is another great piece that links to the movie but also ADDS to the DVD. Great feature. Unscripted With Matthew And Terry – Terry Bradshaw and Matthew McConaughey interview each other about the film. Pointless but funny.

The Failure To Launch Contest – Hosted by Cooper and Bartha, this is the finals of a contest from Paramount and MySpace, where 3000 people were nominated to get the push out of the home and win 6 months free rent. The winner is: Kathy Wong…big surprise they picked the chick. Fun feature though.

Overall this is a DARN good crop of features!

Score: 10/10

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