[WWE] New Talent to ECW, Smackdown Rating & More

Pretty slow news day, so let’s get right to it:

– ECW should be getting an influx of talent, with Francine, Test and C.M. Punk scheduled to be at the ECW house show this Saturday at ECW Arena, according to Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com. Francine’s profile has been on ECW.com since before One Night Stand, but she has yet to appear. A promo teasing the introduction of Test – who was fired from WWE while injured with a broken neck, and has wrestled in Italy and elsewhere since – aired this week during the ECW TV show.

– After a series of bizarre blog posts, which were then removed from his MySpace.com page, Marty Jannetty seems to have resurfaced with this entry:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
I should be back online soon…

Thanks for being patient,I will have my computer up and running by the middle of July.Thanks so much for being a friend and fan MJ.Keep on Rockin.
If you want to leave me a message go to my brothers myspace profile – he’s Geno V on my top 8 list – and Geno will see that I get it until then.MJ

– PWInsider says that according to NBC.com, the next Saturday Night’s Main Event will air at 8pm on July 15.

– Also according to PWInsider, the ECW belt used on the premiere episode of ECW on SCI FI was a replica belt. It was replaced in time for this week, and most likely the original ECW belt is in Rhino’s possession (he was the last person to have held it).

– Last Friday’s Smackdown did a 2.0 broadcast rating with a 4 share, one of the lowest in a while, according to PWInsider. Word has been that WWE is paying less attention to SD right now, but will give it a renewed push around the time it appears on The CW in September. Tomorrow’s SD will be preempted in the following markets (rescheduled times in parentheses): New York(6/24 at 8pm), Los Angeles (6/24 at Midnight), Sacramento (6/23 at 10pm), Hartford (6/24 at 8pm), Syracuse (6/24 at 8pm), Reno (6/23 at 10pm), Chicago (6/24 at 8pm), Utica (6/23 at 10pm), Eureka (6/24 at 8pm).