[SD] Champ Talks About Mysterio, MMA & More

The following are excerpts of a recent blog post by Gregory Helms on his official MySpace.com page:

>>”My recent match with Rey Mysterio was indeed my first ever one-on-one encounter with him despite some other websites mentioning otherwise.”

>>”Do I still think I’m the greatest Cruiserweight Champion Ever? Of course I do. I still got the belt don’t I?”

>>”Look for a great article on me in the latest issue of the Smackdown Magazine where I go into detail about some very interesting subjects. MySpace just happens to be one of them.”

>>”And while on the subject of MySpace, I will reiterate once again that the ONLY real WWE’ers on MySpace are listed on my profile here at www.myspace.com/gshelms. So PLEASE, stop asking me if so-and-so is real. I’m to the point where I’m starting to feel that if you are dumb enough to believe these fakers, then go ahead and be duped. I can only do so much.”

He also talks about X-Men 3, The DaVinci Code, mixed martial arts and more. You can read it by going here and clicking on his blog.