The Vines – Vision Valley Review

Website: The Vines

The Inside Pulse:
It’s really too bad that people have forgotten about the Vines. Delegated to one-hit wonder status in a year full of them, The Vines have had that stigma with them the whole time. Their second album did pretty poorly, and there was really no anticipation for this one. Couple that with Nicholl’s diagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome, and you’ve got the makings of a fairly conclusive fallout. It’s just sort of here, which is a shame because it’s their best record and a great example of how grunge can still be pulled off in stride.

There’s a lot less filler on this one. Almost every song is a sing-a-long. This album is what the beatles would have released in 1991 had they been young. Hooks, political references, and a good time all around.

That whole one trick pony reputation rang pretty true. While this is the best record the Vines have done, there’s no point where you can say it’s artistically progressed beyond the first two. They could have really released them in a three disc set and it would have meshed.

Grunge-style Beatles with the Stereophonics.

Reason To Buy:
This is pretty officially the last Vines record, and probably the last mainstream grunge effort for a good little while. It’s a nice capo, if anything.