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Hello everyone I’m Jim Trabold welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Handbook.

Hey Daron how are you today bud?

Not too much, Jim. Just trying to catch up from this week, with my first day off here”¦

I‘m good. Actually had a weird week. I‘m still hoping that maybe more people will talk about the Spidey thing. Maybe next week

Or maybe in this post DD outing himself world, people don’t see it as such a big deal?

Maybe. No big deal. We have enough emails for the week to cover us. I’m sure some might get some debates. But let‘s start this up


Ryan emails


Love the column, you guys are definitely no Gambit.

Whew! I was worried about that for a little while too!

I have a quick question about the Civil War:

If the whole point of the law was to have the superheroes register with the government, why did Spider-man decide to unmask at a press conference? I thought that it seemed a little unnecessary to do so since he was so worried about protecting his family. Also, to tie in with recent taskmaster talk, I’d think it be a cool idea if the “Underground” gets him to start impersonating the heroes at their conferences to destroy the credibility of the “outing.”

Lemme know what you think,

Actually that Was Stark‘s doing. He wanted Peter to be a symbol of support of the act. The best showing of that was for him to unmask. Now of course I think we all know Pete will regret this.

Now I‘m going to state my opinion on the unmasking.

I have been a fan of Spider-Man since I started reading comics. He was one of the first characters I ever read in comics. He was always one of my favorites. I‘ve been following Pete and I don‘t think it‘s best move it don‘t mean that I won‘t stop reading Spider-Man. In fact I think it might make Spider-Man more interesting. Now we can see how the villains will react and of course how Spider-Man‘s life will change.

I think this actually will give them new stories. Ways of making him just as fun as these writers wanted. It‘s like how these writers and all have been saying things about Pete being married holding them back. Now they have something new that will actually open it up more. This will be the biggest thing in comics. I just hope they do it right. They have to leave it as it is for now. I don‘t think we want continuity to be turned back now. Leave it as it is.

I didn‘t exactly like it since I didn‘t think Pete would ever do it. But now that he has let‘s see where this takes us. I am one of Spidey‘s biggest fans. I‘m not giving up on him now. I don‘t think I can. I want to see them do this right. I hope the fans stay with him.

Soak posted

my bad. i was thinking of madcap..at least i think so. now you got me all confused!! if madcap was the guy that was basically unharmable then yeah him.

I asked the logical question if we needed a Madcap bio and here it is

Real Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Prankster, absurdist philosopher, host of the “Madcap Mystery Hour” on Manhattan public access cable television, former student
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Katy (sister, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Source Of Powers: Mutagenic effect of Compound X07
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 #307
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Powers: Metahuman regenerative, immunity to pain, apparently he can also regenerate brain cells. Able to stimulate the inhibition centers in other peoples brains

History: Madcap’s story begins with his entire community heading to a church picnic, when they are killed as their bus collides with a tanker truck full of Compound X07, an experimental nerve agent developed by A.I.M.. There was one lone survivor, who was taken to a nearby hospital. When he awoke and discovered all other passengers on the bus had been killed (including his sister), the deeply religious man’s mind shattered as his belief in a rational universe crumbled.

Exiting the hospital, he attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of moving traffic, but found his injuries almost instantaneously healed, pushing him further over the edge. Stealing a garish costume and a toy soap bubble pistol, the newly-christened Madcap set out to convince others that life is entirely without reason.

Matt asked

“What the hell is with all the redheads?”

You know Marvel has been a home of some of the best known red heads. All of them have hot tempers and of course most have hot bodies. They have always also been fan favorites in their own rights. A common factor also is a lot of men like hot red heads.

I’m counting myself on that list. I’ve always liked a nice red head. It’s a thing with men. You want to think about it also most males write comics, draw comics and read comics. I love the female readers like everyone else though. Heck my girlfriend is a female comic reader and a red head on top.


But it is a male fantasy for most. A hot red head. One with a killer bod and of course hot temper. We love them and so does Marvel I would say. Only thing that comes to mind.

Let’s see if we can list some of the best-known Marvel red heads:

Black Widow/Natasha
Fabian Cortez
Jean Grey
Madelyne Pryor
Mary Jane Watson Parker
Rachel Summers/Marvel Girl
Red Raven
Scarlet Witch
Shanna the She-Devil (before Cho)
Vindicator/Heather Hudson

I would do a top ten but that might be a bit much. Wait no it’s not. Let me go threw my top 5 Marvel red heads. With pictures

1. MJ (Yeah I know she’s above but who cares.)

2. Jean

3. Wanda

4. Mystique

5. Black Widow

Does anyone else find it odd that with all the above talk of “hot chick-red heads” that Jim included a bunch of make characters as well?

Blake ask

oooh top ten weiters / artists never worked with Marvel you’d like to see there

Sure I bet I can think of a few but not sure ten. Seeing as a lot crossed over

1. Geoff Johns
2. Judd Winick
3. Paul Dini
4. David S. Goyer

I don’t know much about DC still. So might need a hand with some others. Daron care to help me?

Well to start your first 2 have worked for Marvel. Geoff did Avengers for almost a year plus a Thing miniseries. And haven’t you ever heard of Exiles? Judd created it remember? In all Honesty, there aren’t many writers (and especially artists) who haven’t worked for Marvel at one time. Tucci is one I would have said, but he’s currently working on the new Heroes For Hire. Greg Rucka is a big writer that comes to mind (at least I don’t think he’s done anything for Marvel. I can’t think of anything Tony Harris has done at Marvel but he probably has at some point. If anyone else out there can think of some peeps, I’d love to hear from you.

Cory emails

How u guys been?? Sorry for my absence last week….busy work week…anyway I have something to say before I rant & rave:

“”My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old. Any questions?”

1- On an average of numbers: How many times has the Punisher been shot? and how many people has he killed?

Frank’s likely been shot almost as many times as he’s shot others. I mean he wears body armor. He can take shots. He also can fix himself up. He’s likely been shot to many times to count. I’ll say around 100 if not more

How many he’s killed is harder. I’ll put the number in the 2000’s. I’m serious too. He’s killed tons of mobsters and a lot of underlings. He’s taken out full mob families. Exact number would be hard to figure out without reading all of Frank’s appearances.

2- During AOA (95-96), where the hell was Psylocke?

Here’s a factor. No one knew. We did see Psylocke in the revival of AOA in 2004

Psylocke in the “Age of Apocalypse” appears as a ninja, with black hair and blue eyes. She is a telepath, and an old acquaintance of Wolverine. It also appears that Psylocke has an affinity for the shadows, but bears no Crimson Dawn mark, and it is unclear whether Elisabeth is Asian. However, hair dye would be difficult and frivolous to procure in this war-torn world, and her black hair is likely natural.

Psylocke’s Asian appearance in “AoA” isn’t explained, though the most simple of explanations is that she submitted herself to plastic surgery to escape both Apocalypse and her own brother Brian Braddock, a bonafide mutant hater.

3- Skin color in comics: Blue (Nightcrawler, Beast, Mystique, Archangel) & Green (Hulk, Leader, etc). Anyone noticed that green is associated with the Hulk & blue is associated with X-men? Are there any other noticeable color schemes like this in Marvel?

HAHA never thought of it like that. But good point there.


But I don’t think there’s any others. Well maybe

Orange= FF? (Thing and She-Thing)
Green=Spidey (GG and Lizard. Although GG is not natural)

Only one I can think of though. Most have normal skin colors or when they have odd ones not in the numbers ranges. You know a few of them at least of the same bits.

Well the Hulk and Co. being Green is because there’s a correlation between Radiation and Green (don’t ask me why it just is). But that’s an interesting observation about the X-Men. Obviously Mystique and Kurt are related so that answers that, but not so much on the others”¦

4- I do recall in some past issues that when Wolverine was in Weapon X, that he was being prepped for experimentation and was shaved bald-headed. And that in no time flat, he had grown back a full head of hair. So this is according to his healing factor, so is his unique hairstyle because of this, and I’m also assuming that that hairstyle is a full head of hair, right? (Speaking of which, I hate when some artists display his hair too extremely and he looks like a friggin Dragonball Z character)

His hair has a lot to do with his healing factor yes but also a lot to do with his animal nature. You know that wild wolf like hair thing. Something he’s known for. He grew up with wolves so it fits him a lot too. He’s got the animal thing going and the ladies like it I’d say.

5- I heard a rumor that FF2 will include a cameo or role for ole Norrin Radd (one of the best real names in comics) aka Silver Surfer. So do we gear up Vin Diesel for the casting call?

That‘s my idea. I want Vin to do it. I know Vin wants to do it. Let‘s see it happens. Vin fit’s the role people. I think fans will love it.

I actually heard somewhere the other day that the movie was going to be called The Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer (yes it’s a horrible name) but this implies that he’ll have a bit more than a cameo role I’d say/

6- Blink: Sad, but true. That Clarice had to die in order to be popular. She made the most impressive transitions from throwaway character to star heroine, ever; very similar to Harley Quinn. In AOA, I loved the chemistry between her & Sabretooth, simialr to 616 Wolverine/Jubilee. 2 things: Is she actually black (being born in the Bahamas), and if so does that explains why she is a descendant of Apocalypse, right?

I don’t think she’s black. Just has odd skin tone. I mean in reality she’s had different color skin tone depending on the artist too. She looked a little black in her first appearance but Pink in AOA and so on.

Also yes she has some links to Apocalypse. Well officially now thanks to Apocalypse vs. Dracula.

London, 1897 Apocalypse’ genetic descendent’s called the Clan Akkaba had a member called Frederick Ferguson. Frederick Ferguson was characterized with pink hair and eyes that were tinted green, and he had the ability to teleport himself, others and selected objects with a ‘blink’ effect. In the hope that the Clan Akkaba would still continue, Apocalypses’ servant Ozymandias, made sure that Frederick would sire a child and thus insure the clan’s continuance. Given the similarity in powers and allusions made within the mini series, it is assumed that Clarice Ferguson/Blink is a descendent of the 19th Century Frederick Ferguson and therefore a descendent of Apocalypse.

7- Cannonball: Let’s see, he has one of the biggest families in comics, a good & interesting power, suspected of being an Eternal, was Wolverine’s unofficial sidekick for a while, promoted to the X-men frontlines, a good budding relationship with Meltdown, but WHERE HAS HE BEEN LATELY?

External not Eternal. Sorry. Had to say it. As for where Sam is though. Read Uncanny X-Men. That’s right folks he’s currently in the group and will be hanging around a bit

8- Top 10 lists: Top rivalries, top villainous acts, best costumes, worst costumes. We should have at least 1 top 10 listing a month. It’s up to you & Daron. (Though he would love the Top 10 reasons why Gambit should die, lol)

I‘d do it. Heck everyone can post their responses each week. Good idea to. This weeks I‘ll add as part of the sign off. Good idea Cory.

Now that’s a list I could get behind! Or better yet Top 10 ways to KILL Gambit! You just made my day. Thanks Corey!

9- Now when Heroes for the Civil War act reveal their identity: Do they do it to the public, govt., or both? And instead of working freelance, does the govt. now pay them, or do it just means “act as a hero, register or quit heroics”?

They would do it to the government. Spider-Man and Iron Man where more to be examples of showing that they would support the act full board. But mostly anyone who signs becomes a government agent and gets payed as such. They can go and do heroing without worrying about being wanted by the law for doing so.

But your right on the angle: act as a hero, register or quit heroics

10- What about those who already have a public identity, and still in costume? Punisher (wears no mask), Capt. America (identity is public), Beast (no mask, public), Daredevil (identity has been exposed before). What do they do, since technically they have nothing to hide?

For most like say the Thunderbolts it won’t impact them as such. They can still sign the act or just work for the government their own ways.

For instance the Thunderbolts are going Hero Hunting
Cap is known but still refuses to help arrest good people so he’s gone underground with others.

Beast and all the mutants are known. Thank the 198 and Decimation and Mutant Registration act but of course don’t mean they have to side with the act.
Frank Will be covered in War Journal.

Each character is taking their own way, which is why this is interesting. You have to follow everyone. See what they will do.

11- Since Spider-Man is now unmasked, will the govt. provide him sick time, vacation time, and health benefits….along with round-the-clock security for his family, when his rogues gallery comes knocking or barging through his front door?

Well he’ll get the pay check and all but not so sure about security right away. They are going to do a nice big Spider-Man story around this called Unmasked. The villains will make their marks. We’ll see just how it impacts his life

12- Is it me or does Cable/Deadpool rock? So similar to Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon. The crazy loose cannon, and the overly serious guy.

I love the book. It‘s one of my favorites. I laugh every issue and can‘t wait to read the next. I must say that I think everyone should read it and of course Civil War will make that interesting too.

13- Since Hercules is greek, Wolverine is canadian, and Thor is Norwegian….do they have to register with the US govt. or either deported back to their places of birth?

I don’t think they will deport anyone. I think they just want them to register. But note that two of those people are not registering. Wolverine is through the 198 thing but he don’t care. He won’t side with them I don’t think.
Hercules we see with Cap underground and Thor just wait and see as lightning strikes.

14- Last week, you said “Cap is one of the best at it”. Daron then said “So does that mean no one’s ever beaten him?” I ask “So has anyone???”

Cap’s been beaten but very rarely. I mean most of the time it takes a group to do it. He’s been defeated at times but as any hero they always win in their books mostly

15- Iron Man…ok. I think that before Civil War is over that he and Cap will get in fisticuffs, or Hulk will return and kick Iron Man’s ass, or Thor will return and kick Tony’s ass, or Hulk will return while Iron Man is fighting Cap & be so full of rage that the only person to stop his wrath will…..be……Thor? Whatcha think?

Oh I think they have that in plans. Cap will fight Tony. It has to come to that. That fight should be one of the main fights in the Civil War. They have to make it a focus. But I think Thor comes back in Civil War to. I think he’ll fight Sentry. Hulk I don’t know but when he comes back. Everyone better RUN

Until next week……Cory out! Thanks!

Later Cory. Welcome again

It’s that time again everyone. This weeks top 5 Marvel books of the week.

1. Eternals 1 You are thousands of years old. You have amazing powers. You have watched civilizations rise and fall– so why does no one remember any of this? Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman (Marvel: 1602, Anansi Boys, Sandman) is joined by superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine) to bring you the eagerly-awaited event of 2006—ETERNALS!! Ike Harris has dreams of adventures, love affairs and betrayals, but no one involved remembers or believes him. And who is trying to kill him to keep him from talking about it?

2. Giant Size Hulk 1 – What is the untold story of the battle between one of the strangest superhero teams in the Marvel Universe and the engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk? See ol’ Purple Pants go toe-to-toe with Angel, Ice-Man, Ghost Rider, The Black Widow and Hercules in a story that holds a key to Post-PLANET HULK events! By legendary Hulk scribe Peter David and Juan Santacruz.

PLUS! A PLANET HULK INTERLUDE! Bruce Banner makes his first appearance on Planet Sakaar — and battles the Hulk for his body and soul! What secret is the Hulk hiding? What terrible truth does Banner reveal? And who will triumph in this ultimate showdown? By Greg Pak and Aaron Lopresti.

3. Captain America 19 – The startling new Cap arc, “Twenty-First Century BLITZ” continues its roller coaster ride through the streets of swinging London, as the acclaimed creative team of Brubaker and Epting turn the action way up!

Cap and Union Jack have stumbled onto a new enemy that turns out to be tougher than expected, while Spitfire tries to find out what the Kronas Corp. is constructing under the city… and while all this goes on, the Winter Soldier stalks his prey!

4. Annihilation Nova 3 – Escaping ahead of the overwhelming Annihilation Wave, Nova and his companions Drax and Cammi find shelter on a colony world where the population is engaged in a panicked evacuation effort. But can even the power of Quasar and an alien armada keep the innocents safe when the hostile forces roll in? Is it time for Nova to stop running and start fighting back? Or, for the sake of the Universe, is that the LAST thing he should try?

5. Astonishing X-Men 15 – Move over Astonishing X-Men…there’s a new club in town and their name is…”Hellfire.” In this issue, after secretly lying in wait for months, they make their move! Part 3 (of 6)!

The Civil War update!

(for the Super-Human Registration)

Agent Hill (Civil War # 1)
Colleen Wing (Daughters of the Dragon # 3)
Dallas Riordan (Thunderbolts #104)
Doc Samson (Civil War # 2)
Henry Peter Gyrich (Thunderbolts #104)
Hindsight Lad (She-Hulk # 8)
Iron Man (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Mister Fantastic (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Ms Marvel (Civil War # 1)
Nighthawk (Civil War # 1)
She-Hulk (She-Hulk # 8)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War # 1)
Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man # 530)
Sprite (Eternals # 1)
Thing (Civil War # 1)
Tigra (Civil War # 2)
Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #529)
Wasp (Civil War # 1)
Yellowjacket (Civil War # 1)

Hero Hunters (with Iron Man’s group)

Atlas (Thunderbolts #104)
Baron Zemo (Thunderbolts #104)
Blizzard (Thunderbolts #104)
Fixer (Thunderbolts #104)
Joystick (Thunderbolts #104)
Mach IV (Thunderbolts #104)
Radioactive Man (Thunderbolts #104)
Smuggler (Thunderbolts #104)
Songbird (Thunderbolts #104)

(against Super-Human Registration)

Black Bolt (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Black Panther (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Cable (Civil War # 2)
Captain America (Civil War # 1)
Cloak (Civil War # 2)
Dagger (Civil War # 2)
Daredevil (Civil War # 1)
Debrii (She-Hulk #8)
Doctor Strange (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Falcon (Civil War # 1)
Firestar (She-Hulk #8)
Goliath (Bill Foster) (Civil War # 1)
Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop) (Civil War # 2)
Hercules (Civil War # 2)
Hulk (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Hulkling (Civil War # 2)
Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #536)
Jane Foster (Civil War # 2)
Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk # 8)
John Jameson – She-Hulk #8
Justice (She-Hulk #8)
Luke Cage (Civil War # 2)
Namor (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Nick Fury (Civil War # 2)
Night Nurse (Civil War # 2)
Patriot (Civil War # 1)
Quicksilver (Thunderbolts #104)
Rage (She-Hulk #8)
Slapstick (She-Hulk #8)
Speedball (Civil War #1)
Spider-Woman (Thunderbolts #104)
Stature (Civil War # 2)
Stingray (Thunderbolts #104)
Timeslip (She-Hulk #8)
Ultra Girl (She-Hulk # 8)
Vision (Civil War # 2)
Wolverine (Civil War # 1)


Human Torch (Civil War # 1)

Casualties (dead):

Cobalt Man – Civil War #1
Coldheart – Civil War #1
Microbe – Civil War #1
Namorita – Civil War #1
Night Thrasher – Civil War #1
Speedfreek – Civil War #1

Issues and synopsis so far:

Amazing Spider-Man #529-531: After receiving a new costume from Tony Stark he goes to Washington with the man to speak to Congress about a Superhuman Registration act. Tony Stark as Iron Man pays Titanium Man to combat Spider-Man. Spidey agrees to stick with Tony no matter what.

Fantastic Four #536-537: Thor’s hammer returned to Earth crashing into Oklahoma and then put under U.S. Army protection. Six months later Doctor Doom, who had escaped from Hell during the hammers return, tried to claim the hammer for himself but was unable to lift it. After this, a man wearing a backpack with the initials “D.B.” is seen boarding a bus for Oklahoma.

New Avengers: The Illuminati: Iron Man was handed a copy of the Super-human Registration Act. He told the rest of the group about it. Reed Richards went along with Iron Man, but Namor, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt all disagreed and left. With most of the members gone, it implied that the team was over, with Mr. Fantastic telling Iron Man that it “was fun while it lasted” before leaving.

Civil War # 1: The New Warriors, filming a reality television show, and a cadre of villains in Stamford, Connecticut. The battle goes wrong for the heroes, resulting in villain Nitro creating an explosion that takes out a local school, the surrounding neighborhood, and all but one of the Warriors. This event catalyzes a government movement to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction. The event has also turned the public opinion against the superheroes as many of them are blamed for the incident. Due to this, many superheroes Johnny Storm has been attacked by the public. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit Captain America to become part of the team that will force superheroes to register. Captain America refuses and after being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., goes underground. Iron Man, Yellowjacket and Mister Fantastic will deal with Cap somehow.

Wolverine 42: Wolverine learns of the events of Stamford, Connecticut and goes to help out. He also wants to personally deal with the true villain behind it Nitro. He also seems against the act.

She-Hulk # 8: She-Hulk is split. Jennifer is against the act while She-Hulk seems for it as she defends the remaining New Warriors. This brings back quite a few old New Warriors and explains who’s side they are on. John Jameson also talks to Captain America who’s gone underground

Amazing Spider-Man #532: We see the events through Spider-Man’s eyes here in this story and of course Peter talks to his family about the ramifications of outing himself or joining Tony. In the end he is wearing his original costume about to speak to the public.

Civil War: Front Line# 1: Iron Man shows his support for the Superhuman Registration Act by revealing his identity as Tony Stark in a press conference. Speedball is revealed to be alive after the Stamford Disaster, his kinetic powers having knocked him 500 miles away. He is promptly arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., and is powerless as a result of the strain. Spider-Man meets with Sally Floyd making the proposal for her to investigate the Pro-Registration faction on Iron Man’s behalf.

Civil War # 2: We start seeing sides formed. As Iron Man leads a group of heroes against a super villain. Elsewhere we learn Captain America is underground and he’s building an army of his own. The Young Avengers get involved by fighting crime without registering. They are about to be taken captive till Captain America and Falcon save their butts. Reed and Sue seem more at odds as we see the biggest event in Marvel history so far. A Times Square press conference Spider-Man tells the world that “My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old. Any questions?”

Thunderbolts # 104: The Thunderbolts battle Quicksand as the press conference in Civil War # 2 takes place. We see their reaction. Baron Zemo and a few others are invited to meet with Iron Man and his crew. The Thunderbolts are asked to recruit villains to help capture the heroes who do not register. Zemo accepts and we find out Zemo has already been building quite an army of villains already.

There’s another edition of the Marvel Handbook for everyone. So Daron what did you think?

Some pretty good stuff, and you know I’m happy anytime there’s a little Gambit bashing included.

I think we need more emails again. I‘ll kill my email server if I‘m not getting them all. Damn thing.

I think we’re doing good actually. I’m happy with the size of the column, just don’t stop emailing everyone!

It‘s no biggie. We‘ll make up for it next time.

Alrighty I’ll let you finish us off this week bud.


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