MTV Mix – Volume 2

I hope everyone enjoyed the first volume of the “MTV Mix” last week. I think it went like I expected it to. No negative comments from it, except the fact that some people don’t like MTV TV shows. I can understand that, but to me..they are entertaining shows. They are not serious. They are just fun. You either love them or love to hate them. While I don’t like all the MTV shows out there, they are all entertaining and watchable on a boring weekend when they replay the shows over and over again!

Now’s time for another exciting week of MTV action. Lets get ready to mix things up a bit!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here. Other thoughts I have on this episode? I want to talk about the whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing on this show.

This goes for the original ‘Real World’ and ‘Road Rules’ as well. Why would you want to go on these shows if you are in a relationship? This will cause nothing but trouble. Yes..sometimes a relationship can survive someone being on ‘The Real World’ or ‘Road Rules’. But it causes nothing but trouble while that person is on the show. The time away and the temptation in another city. And after the show is over..everyone knows you! Some people can’t handle the fame and it goes to their head.

What is worse, though, is being on these challenges with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That is an automatic target. We have seen it before. Why are couples a target? It’s simple really. They are a natural team coming into the game. Yes..there are alliances and teamwork in the game, but everyone is really out for themselves to win the money. Well..couples are rooting for each other. So you have two people working together so that at least one of them comes home with the money. They won’t stab each other in the back like alliances within the game. That’s not good when you are trying to make it to the end.

This challenge is quite different, since there are two couples coming into the game. I don’t think that has happened before. Add to the fact that all four are from the same season of ‘The Real World’ and that’s more of an alliance coming into the game. A big threat and why the “Austin” couples were a target more than anyone else on this show so far

And as we see from the previews for next week..Johanna and Wes’s relationship is getting hurt by being in this game together. Couples don’t usually do that well when they compete together. Too many arguments and such. It happens a lot. So my advice to anyone who gets on ‘The Real World’ and wants to be in these challenges afterwards..stay single! At the very least..don’t hook up with a roommate. If you do hook up with a roommate, don’t even think about going into a ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’. You won’t win! You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

‘Fast Inc.’

This week the guys were looking for a few things. First off..a friend named “The Count” wants them to find a couple of Model T cars. These were the first cars ever made. And it’s hard to find one, since they are all either rusted out or destroyed. But “The Count” is their #1 client says Todd, so they have to find them for him. They have two days to find these cars. Only museums and car collectors have these kind of cars. Oh..and they have to do it for free as well.

Christian gets a call from Nicky Panicci, lead guitarist for the “School Girls”. He wants them to find a specific RV for his band that will become their tour bus. The RV also has to have the logo for the band on the outside as well. It’s a mini-tour, but they have to find this bus.’s the same tour bus that Gwen Stefani had at one time or something. Todd says he has one out in the desert that needs a little work, but it may fit Nicky’s specifications.

They basically go through all their contacts in finding the Model T cars. They have to resort to a backup plan. It seems that a few Model T cars were buried in the desert. It’s a rumor, but it’s worth a shot to try. So Tater runs off to the desert. He meets an interesting old guy, who is drinking beer at 9:30 in the morning! Tater would have loved to stay and drink with him! HA! Tater then recruits an Indian to help paint the RV for Nicky. He then goes to find the Model T cars. He can’t find the exact spot in the desert. He goes from one guy to the next and they all point him into different directions. They find a guy that does know the exact location, though.

Christian decides that he needs to come out and “supervise” the dig for the Model T cars. They dig and dig and find a lot of stuff, but no cars! Tater says it cost too much to continue the dig for the cars. Christian informs “The Count” about not finding the cars for him. He is disappointed and doesn’t look happy at all.

Meanwhile, the RV is there for Nicky and Nicky loves it! It’s not the greatest piece of machinery, but it looks good and it’s bigger than he asked for. So they have one happy customer this week!

I liked how they showed that they can’t always get the cars they want to get. Sometimes it’s just impossible. They seem to think that since “The Count” is their best client..he won’t be going anywhere. We will see..I suppose.


‘The Real World’

We start off this episode with the gang leaving their Key West home and heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to escape Hurricane Wilma. Paula hopes to see her boyfriend around that area, since he is driving there from Louisiana. Everyone gets to Ft. Lauderdale and the drama begins.

We first see that Paula and Svetlana spend a lot of time together now. They are like best friends and as a result they tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the group. No one thinks that’s good for either of them, since they both have issues they need to deal with. Svetlana ends up talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Paula comes downstairs and joins everyone else. This shocks John a little bit. Tyler tells Paula that he is glad she came down to join them. John then makes a comment about “Paula only coming down to hang out with them, because Svetlana is talking to Martin on the phone.” This makes Paula run away and start crying, since she doesn’t feel that the others want her around. But this is Paula, so she blows it way out of proportion. Janelle and Tyler come to see what is wrong. And for some reason Paula yells at Tyler for no reason. She blames him for saying stuff behind her back or whatever. That leads to Tyler calling Paula “crazy” and Paula flips out! She goes nuts!

So Tyler thinks Paula is crazy and he would be correct. John becomes the voice of reason, though. He has dealt with Paula the most and he comes in to talk to Paula and make her feel better. Paula just doesn’t like being called “crazy”. Alcohol didn’t help the situation either. Tyler eventually tries to to make amends with Paula, but it doesn’t seem to work that well.

They have no time to worry about all that drama, though. They all go to the beach, but here comes Hurricane Wilma! At the same time, Paula’s boyfriend, Keith, is driving in that direction. Paula worries for him. And with good reason. The hurricane hits and the roommates are in the middle of Hurricane Wilma. They are told to head downstairs, but that is a giant adventure. They dodge walls they get blown in and windows that get busted out and everything else. Not a pretty sight. They all end up in a giant room with everyone else in the hotel. Paula finds Keith as well and she is excited. It’s the best thing that has happened since she has been here she says. The hurricane eventually leaves and the clean up must begin.

This was a pretty good episode overall. The drama with the hurricane and the usual drama between the roommates. I really can’t stand Paula and her whiny self when she drinks, but whatever. It makes for good drama. I find the friendship between Svetlana and Paula to be interesting, since this is the first I remember it being brought up. I also liked how John came in to support Paula. Tyler is right, though, Paula is crazy! Now it’s time to clean up another mess back in Key West after another hurricane. I feel sorry for them!

‘Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up’

Jamie and Stu meet with Warner Bros. Records to start off this episode. Jamie says they want to be funny and entertaining, but they want the music to be good as well to surprise a lot of people. Some of the people at the record company suggest getting with a rock group and doing a “mash-up” like Jay-Z and Linkin Park. Another guy insults them by saying they are the “Hip Hop Hall & Oates”!

They eventually get a call to do a music video with an award-winning director, Dave Dean. Stu says they need to get their “booty” girls along with extras and everything else. Jamie says they need to get his parents, which Stu doesn’t like at all. Jamie’s parents are just as crazy as Jamie. Jamie’s dad believes that aliens are real. And Jamie’s mom is a typical mom. The funniest part was when Jamie had his mom sit next to him as they auditioned “booty” girls. They did their dances and Jamie’s mom couldn’t believe she was watching this type of thing. That was hilarious! Also..Jamie’s dad talking to the girls about aliens and stuff was funny was well.

They get everything set for the music video and they begin to shoot. A few surprises here. First off..the song that Jamie and Stu came up for this video is about Bob Saget from ‘Full House’. That’s funny in itself. But guess who showed up to be in the video? Yep..Bob Saget. He plays the opposite of his ‘Full House’ character..of course. But the surprises didn’t end there. John Stamos from ‘Full House’ as well stops by to talk about Bob with Stu. And the biggest surprise of them all..George Lucas! A phone rings in the middle of shooting and it’s the phone of George Lucas! I couldn’t believe it and neither could anyone else. It turns out they were shooting on a stage next to the music video stage. Lucas was waiting for his car or something, so Jamie asked if he wanted to be in the video and he said yes! Pretty cool actually.

Jamie’s parents’ love for Bob Saget was also funny. And when Bob asked for Jamie’s mom’s cell phone number…HAHAHA! Nutso! Overall a pretty good episode. I almost forget one thing. At the end a guy from Warner Bros. Records comes up to them and he liked the video. He gave them a “maybe” to the question of whether they would sign Jamie and Stu to a record deal. Jamie and Stu flipped out hearing this! It’s a “maybe”! They are getting close to being signed.

Honestly..there is no doubt in my mind they will get signed to a record deal. Why make this show if they don’t get signed? But that’s not the point of this whole thing. The point of this show is comedy and “Hip Hop Comedy” music! The raps are funny enough, but not sure they are good enough for a purchase. You can definitely listen to them, but repeated times? Not sure about that yet. We’ll see how this whole thing turns out first.


‘The Hills’

Lauren gets some flowers from someone to start this episode. The card says they are from Jason, so we continue where we left off last episode. Lauren thinks about what she should do, but eventually she decides to go out to dinner with Jason to “catch up”.

At dinner, Lauren asks Jason why he called her? Jason tries to apologize for what happened. He just wanted to let things cool down and see what how she feels now. Lauren says she still liked Jason, but he did a bad thing to her, when he kissed his ex-girlfriend in front of Lauren. So she still liked Jason, but couldn’t be with him because it wasn’t the best thing for her. Lauren says that Jason said that she was different than any other girl, but he still went back to doing bad things. Jason says he knows he did a bad thing, which is why he is still mad at himself and why he wants to get back with Lauren. Usually he doesn’t care, but he cares about Lauren or something. Jason said all the right things and he kept being nice to Lauren by giving her flowers at work and taking her out to lunch. Lauren is still unsure about her and Jason.

Lauren talks to Whitney at work about her and Jason. She says there were still sparks there since they have been together before. But she doesn’t know if she wants to give him another chance. She also thinks that if she doesn’t give it another chance..she may always be wondering what might have happened? Whitney says “there are just some people you can never get over”. And how true that is. Lauren and Jason later go on a “date” to the movies and Lauren looks to have decided to give Jason another shot in Los Angeles.

The other storyline in this episode was Heidi at her job. It appears her job is not as fun as she thought. Yes..she wants to be a party planner and her job throws big parties, but she can’t go to most of them since she is not 21. She can’t go to the big party in Las Vegas that her work is throwing. She is disappointed and she whines about the amount of work involved at the office as well. She doesn’t want a “office” job. I don’t have to tell you again that I don’t really like Heidi that much. She’s going to quit her job now. The thing about that job is that she could have done some cool stuff. Yes..the Vegas thing sucks, but come back when you’re 21. It will be tons of fun then. However, she doesn’t want to have to work to get rewards. She’s a little too spoiled. Now what will she do? Find a new job? Unlikely. Sit at the pool all day? Probably.

I don’t like the fact that Lauren is giving Jason another chance. Okay..I can see why she will give it another shot so that she knows whether or not her and Jason are meant to be together. But Jason is Jason. Whether in Laguna Beach or Los Angeles..he hasn’t changed. I haven’t seen any chances in him. He may have less options in Los Angeles, which might be the only difference. He hasn’t changed and I doubt he will. He may be a nice guy at heart, but his actions speak otherwise. Hopefully..Lauren will learn this before it’s too late. Things will be good between them for awhile, but the truth will be revealed soon enough. That’s all for this week.


Yeah..this show is still boring to me. I can see why fans of Cheyenne or the “High School Musical” crowd would like it. It’s “their” type of show. I just don’t care for the lives of a girl who can’t drive yet and her soon to be fame. She’s making more money than me and I don’t like it. I can’t sing, though, so I guess it’s fair.

Anyways about this episode. Cheyenne and her family moved to Los Angeles from Dallas, TX. Now they try to find a home, but soon find out that everything is overpriced in LA compared to Dallas (which is not that cheap either). They eventually find a home. Mom and daughter do a little dance as mom loves her bathtub that “can fit two of her in it”. She plans on doing that? We didn’t need to know that, despite the fact that will be hard to do without cloning. Everyone is happy about the house. Yay!

Cheyenne then meets with her “media trainer” lady, who tells her all the things that she can’t do on that she is famous. That didn’t go as bad as she thought. Cheyenne is homesick, though. She’s lonely so she calls her “friend” Jason and her sister. Yeah..lose the guy with the nasty dreadlocks and keep the sister. How old is she?

Oh..Cheyenne found a friend here as well. Her name is Nikki Flores. She is also on the Aquamarine Soundtrack” as a singer around the same age as Cheyenne. Lovely! And their conversation at lunch and by the pool and when they went shopping is exactly why this is not my type of show. The “I ‘Heart’ Vagina” t-shirt was funny, though. By the way, Cheyenne likes a guy named Jason. Yeah..that’s the dreadlock dude! “He’s a drummer and he’s hott” says Cheyenne. Fantastic!

Cheyenne then spent the rest of the episode busy with her album. She took pictures, sang a few songs, met a guy to do a duet with, sang with him, and various other stuff. Cheyenne is preparing for the launch of her CD, which is July 11. And that my the REAL reason for this show. To promote her freakin’ CD! It will now sell tons more of copies, since MTV is MTV and it can make almost anyone famous for a week or two, if it promotes it. Enough for this week.


‘Making the Band 3’

The band prepares for their first live performance at a NBA All-Star game after-party in Houston, TX. This doesn’t go so well as the group seems to still be competing against each other instead of being a group like it should. The dancing and singing is all off. Not that great at all, but at least Aubrey is still smokin’!!

The next problem is wardrobe. They have to shop at the Orlando mall for clothes for the show. I know..the horror! Orlando? You got to be kidding me! Actually..I don’t get that. Maybe they are used to Los Angeles and stuff. Maybe they have money to spend. They are with Diddy, so he can surely give them some Sean John stuff..right? Well..once he sees the outfits they got from the mall (via a webcam on a computer)..he does just that. The clothes are not that great apparently. They look fine to me. Except Aubrey is wearing these big chains and Diddy calls her a “hot mess”. My point exactly. Like she was on a leash with a collar or something. Anyways..going along okay until Wanita gets up and Diddy basically calls her fat. She knows that and Diddy should have saw that before. But I guess now compared to the other 4 girls, who are skinny, her thickness is a little more obvious. She’s not that big, though. Diddy says she is “a burger away” from being fat!” That’s a little funny really. Of course, Wanita gets upset and starts to cry. Doc Holliday, the vocal coach, tries to reassure her that she is in the band for a reason. Diddy picked her, so don’t worry about it.

The girls arrive in Houston and they rehearse some more. It goes awfully bad! Laurie Ann, the choreographer, tells them that they seem to be five separate people and not a group. They are not connecting with the audience.

They fix the clothes issue with some clothes and wardrobe stylists from Diddy. But Wanita still has some problems. She has a butt on her and all the girls want that. However, she can’t pick an outfit because her figure gets in the way. They seem to get past that and are ready to perform, though They seem a little off to me as far as singing, but they dance good. The crowd doesn’t seem to be into it And then they start to speak and introduce themselves to the crowd.

This is where it goes downhill. They all come up and say retarded things like “I’m a Aries. Where all my Aries at?!” by Shannon or “big things come in small packages” by Aundrea or “yo..yo..yo!” or “money-making brothers” by Aubrey a.k.a. Aubrella. And my god..she shouldn’t talk at all. She sounded so dumb. Wanita did good, though, by talking about her assets. Diddy said they didn’t do that great of a job and he’s right. He also busted Aubrey on talking like a black guy. He wants everyone to be themselves. Don’t be someone you aren’t. Diddy likes them just the way they are! And that’s your message for today yourself!

‘Run’s House’

A fish dies in Run’s aquarium and that starts off a series of events that leads to Run going to the doctor. Justine wants Run to get a checkup since it has been 12 years since his last one. And death is in the air with the fish dying..if that makes any sense. Oh..actually Russy feels bad about the fish dying and Justine tells him to not be afraid of dying or anything. That really leads to Justine forcing Run to go to the doctor. He last went to a hospital in 1985.

The other main story in this episode is rapping. First..JoJo and Diggy go to the studio and Diggy lays down a track with some beats from producer, White Boy. Yeah..that’s his name and yes..he’s white! Not that bad for a 10-year-old kid. Justine then comes in and raps a little bit. JoJo is going nuts. “That’s fire!” Diggy is less thrilled. It was kinda old-school rap for me, which didn’t sound that bad.

The results of the doctor are in and everything is fine. Run has a heart of a 20-year-old. He has high sugar levels, though, so he needs to get that down. It won’t help that the kids are making him a cake for his return from the doctor.

Diggy continues his rapping and JoJo thinks he is not taking it seriously. So he yells at him and Diggy finally brings the energy. Run comes home and hears the whole thing. He is shocked to hear “mom on the mic”, but he liked it. He then teases Justine for a little bit about the rapping. All in good fun, though.

The theme for this episode was good health. Don’t take it for granted or something like that. “A happy home begins with a healthy heart.” That’s all.

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit and the crew at GAS pimped out a car for Erin this week. She is a 21-year-old girl with a 1973 Volkswagen “Thing”. Her jeep doesn’t even have an official name. If it does, no one knows it nor would it probably look like the original car anyways.

The fender is cracked on the car and the original color of the car is orange. But there are only small patches of orange as she got a cheap paintjob and the paint peeled off. Xzibit calls the car the “bastard child of the Hummer”. Hehehe. We also learn that this car is a German car and it was designed by Hitler as a war car! And Erin paid $5,000 for the car. How did she get the money for it? She sold her three pigs! She’s an interesting girl.

Erin loves snakes as well so the theme for this episode was snakes. They had snakeskin installed on the seats. A snakeskin design is blended with green on the outside of the car. And Erin has her very own snake pit to carry her snakes with her on the road. It slides out and there is the dumbest thing put into a car. Not the snake pit. Inside of the snake pit, there is a 2″ moniter built into a rock inside the snake pit. It actually works too! Speaking of electronics, Mad Mike installed a 30″ monitor in the trunk and it comes with a bench so she can watch it. Also..the cars has four tablet PC’s installed inside as well. You can write on them and then transfer it into typed text. Cool! The car also got a turbo engine. Oh..and Xzibit gave her a tent as well since this car can go off-road now.

If someone actually paid for the 2″ monitor for their snakes, they would be crazy! But since it’s all free..I guess it’s okay, but it’s pointless. The paint job was nice and the stuff inside was great too..except the snake pit. But since Erin loves snakes so much..there it is. And I see a difference in this season already. The cars will be themed by what the person likes or knows about. The whole pimped car will have something to do with something that person likes. It will be interesting to see how they keep that up and stay original. Until next time!

And that ends the second volume of the “MTV Mix”! I would love to get comments on this column. If you have any questions or suggestions, then send them as well!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!