[NHL] On The Blue Line

The Los Angeles Ducks of Anaheim? Nope, the Ducks won’t be following the horrid example set forth by MLB owner Arte Moreno and his Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim nonsense as Henry and Susan Samueli, who took over ownership of the Ducks last year, have decided to drop “Mighty” from the teams name and debut a new team logo and jersey:

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Fortunately for us and the integrity of the NHL, they’ve left it at that.

The first big move of the summer has happened days after the season has ended as the Canucks and Panthers have made a HUGE (though very expected trade)

Florida gets right wing Todd Bertuzzi, defenseman Bryan Allen and goaltender Alex Auld

Vancouver receives goaltender Roberto Luongo, defenseman Lukas Krajicek and a 2006 sixth-round pick.

This is a big help for Vancouver as they have literally rejuvenated a franchise in dire need of making it to the Cup finals. They’ve finally rid themselves of whatever problems Bertuzzi was creating behind the scenes and on the ice and have solved one of their favorite scapegoats for past playoff failures: goaltending. Now it’s time to win or shut up. They’ve fired Crawford, got rid of goalie after goalie and now they’ve got what they wanted and what many other teams in the league wanted in Roberto Luongo.

Luongo himself is said to have been “shocked” by the trade which is funny considering that it’s been rumored that he’d be traded for about 15 years now. A rumor that has been mainly caused by the relationship of the Florida Panthers being a crappy team and Luongo being so damn good.

Above that, Luongo and his agent only wanted to sign a one year extension with Florida. Which was nothing more than an assurance to Lungo that he wouldn’t be stuck in Florida in case the team continues to stink it up and it sets him up for free agency the season after.

Even so, Luongo apparently thought he had a long term deal set with Florida. A deal laden with specific terms as dictated by him, such as: Jamie McLennan would return as his backup, Francois Allaire would be hired as goaltending coach and that the team would announce that they wouldn’t be trading him.

Hello irony!

One guy who’s not moving is Rob Brind’Amour. The newly christened Selke trophy winner has signed a FIVE year, $18 million contract to stay in Carolina. That’ll mean Brind’Amour will be 40 when his contract runs out and will probably not hit 41 before his number could be up on the rafters next to Ron Francis’ #10.

The NHL draft starts at 6 eastern live from Vancouver, British Columbia (as if Vancouver hasn’t been in the news enough already). Here’s the FULL first round order of selection as determined by the original draft lottery and the results of the playoffs:

1. St. Louis
2. Pittsburgh
3. Chicago
4. Washington
5. Boston
6. Columbus
7. N.Y. Islanders
8. Phoenix
9. Minnesota
10. Florida
11. Los Angeles
12. Atlanta
13. Toronto
14. Vancouver
15. Tampa Bay
16. Montreal
17. Minnesota (acquired from Edmonton)
18. Colorado
19. Anaheim
20. San Jose
21. N.Y. Rangers
22. Philadelphia
23. Washington (acquired from Nashville)
24. Buffalo
25. New Jersey
26. Calgary
27. Dallas
28. Ottawa
29. Detroit
30. St. Louis (acquired from Carolina)

More importantly, the trade possibilities are at an all time high with teams such as Pittburgh wanting to grab Jack Johnson and the Canes looking at Jordan Staal which would require quite the move and Pittsburgh would be out for blood if such a trade would even be talked about.

The Pens still won’t be very good.

Good night, everybody!