[RAW] Randy Orton: John Cena Can’t Wrestle

Randy Orton has been doing a media tour in the UK, and you can read one interview with him at Silvervision.co.uk. In it, he talks about his time down in OVW – admitting to learning a lot from Eugene and Rob Conway, who were down there when he was training, his best (Foley, Backlash) and favorite (Hall/HBK ladder match) matches; which ECW wrestlers he respects, and more.

One highlight is the interview-closing “word association” where he makes an interesting comment about Hulk Hogan of all people:

OK, now if you could just say what comes to mind when you hear the following names:

Vince McMahon – he’s loyal to you if you’re loyal to him
John Cena – can’t wrestle but damn he’s entertaining
Triple H – needs to start counting his calories again
Ric Flair – he has a beautiful daughter called Ashley
Batista – one of my best friends in the business
Umaga – one of many great Samoans who have been in our business
The Great Khali – he needs to take a speach class
Hulk Hogan – I’ll see you at Wrestlemania!

It’s a good interview, and you can read it in its entirety by clicking the above link.