The Sunday HEAT

— With Vengeance upon us, what should we expect from HEAT this weekend? Well chalk full of jobber matches and the return of DX, that’s what!!!! Oh and unfortunately for me I have Good ‘Ol JR taking the duties of HEAT too! I guess coming back to RAW wasn’t enough for him.

– Matt Striker vs. Jason Statec
Statec is supposedly a hometown favorite as we get some few decent cheers for him. BUT Striker quickly takes him down (by the way, he’s lost the gay wrestling attire). A few scoop slams though fight back for Jason. Striker fights back though by sending Statec straight into the ring post, left shoulder first. Some right handed chops go back, but don’t last long as Striker ties up Jason’s arm. We go back and forth for a while with Striker still focusing on the arm, which out of the blue gets the submission.
Winner: Matt Striker

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Jeff Starr & Dave Danger
The second jobber match in a row… hmmm, I wonder who’s gonna pick up this win!? You know since this is on the internet, they should have an option to mute JR. sadly, I can’t find any. Murdoch starts up with again with his own commentary as Cade takes it to the other guy, sending him from post to post. Tag in as its Cade’s turn to go on the announcing attack. To be honest, it’s kind of interesting to see this, however if they just had a better tag team doing this, it might be more entertaining. Total squash here with no offense from the jobber team. Head to toe double clothesline ends this match.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– [RAW] D-Generation X return recap:
You know, just go here and read my RAW Events recap to find out what happened if you missed RAW.

– Rob Conway vs. Val Venis
Hey it’s the return of Venis, where has he been? Anyway, he’s found a good place to come back to in the, yeah you guessed it… the MAIN EVENT! Tie up between the two start up this match with neither getting the upper hand. The sequel takes place and finally Venis gets the toss to put a headlock on Conway. Hard shoulder block takes Conway down and back into a mat headlock. Conway gets a few hard rights into Venis, shooting him down into the corner before slugging it out some more. Venis fires back with a few chops and a couple of knees into the gut with a side Russian leg sweep to end the combo. Venis gets a suplex on Conway to pull him back in over the ropes, but Venis misfires on the follow up and gets knocked out by Conway. Rob goes on the offense for a while, locking up Venis in an abdominal stretch, using the ropes to his advantage. Hip toss finally frees Venis and the second wind takes effect. Val goes up top, but is stopped short as Conway goes for the superplex, fails, and it knocked down. Money shot falls and connect and 1-2-3. Solid match.
Winner: Val Venis

The HEAT Wave
Well it wasn’t much to be impressed with on HEAT tonight, but the Venis/ Conway match was actually a decent little one that flowed really good. So other than that, if you like to hear the ramblings of JR, than this is a show for you. Common, you know you wanna click here. Till next time, I’m out. Peace!