A Case of the Mondays

Before discussing the week in television, I wanted to mention the Britney Spears Matter Lauer interview from a couple weeks back.

Before I get to my criticism, I do want to say at least one thing in her defense. She does seem like she’s under a pretty harsh microscope, most notably the time that she stumbled while holding the baby. In all fairness, if you were walking down the street and a mother was holding her baby and stumbled on her feet and almost fell, would you consider her an unfit mother? I doubt it. It seems like a lot more was made out of it than there should have been, and I’m sure it was a very scary moment for her made unnecessarily a lot worse.

That instance aside, the interview did get a bit ridiculous, to the point that she was pretty much saying “well, it rained last Thursday….and let me explain to you how that’s the paparazzi’s fault.” Sweetheart, not EVERYTHING is the fault of the paparazzi, and in instances where you have your baby, your baby’s safety, and not YOUR desire to get away from them, should be your priority. Sure, it must suck royally that you’re constantly harassed and getting your picture taken, but is attempting to escape that worth the well being of your baby? I should hope not.

Along those same lines, a lot of her complaints seem to be a lot more about how the paparazzi are annoying her and running her life, and not as much about the protection of her child.

Oh, and it figures, I congratulate Edge on having the highest selling item in the Shopzone, and like later that day it’s no longer true. And, what makes matters worse, they got my hopes up that he would actually win the WWE Championship last night. Good to see that his hard work is getting rewarded (sarcasm).

According to WWE.com, Cena will take on RVD on RAW, which I guess will be their way of bringing the championship back to that show. I don’t mind Cena as champ again (unlike most people), I just think it would be more interesting to have Edge win it, give him a legitimate reign with the gold, and then have him drop it to Cena at, say, Survivor Series.

Anyway, enough about that, lets get to this week of television.

THE 4400:

Highly enjoyable episode, as this season is doing a fantastic job of maintaining the momentum of least year’s finale. It was also nice seeing a Maia-centric episode, as her character has gotten minimal exposure the first couple episodes.

That said, I really, really hope they don’t get rid of her character, since I really like her. The storyline is intriguing, though. Are these people really from the future, or are they part of the Nova group using their abilities for their own motives?

I also like the possibility that all of this government interference prevented the, well, prevention of the future catastrophe. Like I said last week, the show is doing a great job of making everybody involved wonder how much, if any, of a role should the government play in the lives of the 4400? When they put them on the inhibitor, it nearly killed them, and possibly had future implications. When they took them off the inhibitor, a terrorist group of 4400’s assembled, and many 4400’s were unable to control their abilities making their lives more difficult and miserable.

Oh, and I found Marco’s response to finding out about his own death pretty humorous. Nice little comedy spot in an overall emotionally charged episode.

I continue to find Isabelle less and less offensive, and actually quite enjoyed her power display this episode. I don’t mind her and Shawn getting together, but I found it a bit….abrupt. I would have preferred Shawn struggling with his decision to sleep with her, not wanting to take advantage of her emotional immaturity and inexperience, and betraying Richard’s trust.

I’m getting more and more curious about who Matthew is and what his motives are. Why does he want Shawn to lose his power? What does he want from Isabelle? What does he want with Richard? I’d also like to hear a little more about what’s going on along the Jordan front. We know he’s alive, but what’s he doing?

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely looking forward to Part 2 of this episode. Again, I really hope they don’t write Maia off of the show.

Anyway, I can’t discuss The Dead Zone because I missed the second half of the episode, so next week will have to be a double dosage.

Until then, Case Closed!