Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – Recap – Episode 5

Here is how I would rank the teams after Week 4…

The Teams

#1 – Coral and Evan
#2 – Theo and Chanda
#3 – Shane and Linette
#4 – Tonya and Johnnie
#5 – Darrell and Aviv
#6 – Wes and Casey
#7 – Derrick and Diem
#8 – Tina and Kenny
#9 – Katie and Eric
#10 – Johanna and Jesse
#11 – Melinda and Ryan
#12 – Danny and Ev

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – (Episode 5)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the video game effects with each team being shown together as it gets loaded onto your TV or computer screen. The “alumni” are dressed in black, while the “fresh meat” are dressed in red. Oh..and it’s TJ Lavin as the host playing this “video game”…

We pick up where we left off. That is with Johanna and Wes fighting..just not to each other’s faces. Wes says Johanna is very spiteful and spite could be the only thing that could make Johanna beat Wes. Johanna trusted Wes and she expects the same thing from him. Wes says the challenge is getting between them and any communication is impossible right now since both of them are mad at the other.

Now we get a weird costume party. Tonya and Coral are half-naked. Katie and Eric are a hillbilly couple, which is quite funny. Johnnie says Tonya is getting out of control as she is all dressed up like a hooker.

Now Evan talks to Johanna and Johanna realizes she needs to go talk to Wes. Johanna talks to Wes in the bedroom and she tells him that he can’t treat her the way he did. Then Johanna says that Wes didn’t tell her that he still wanted to be with her and loved her after that whole thing. Wes said he did. Wes says it now. Johanna then tells him to change his attitude quickly, because if he talks to her again like he did..Johanna won’t have it anymore. No more second chances. Everything is fine in the morning, though, as Johanna tells us that Wes apologized for his actions. They joke about sending each other home.

TJ now explains the rules of this challenge to the teams. It is called “Rollin’ In Oats”. Basically, each team rolls around in a big tub of oatmeal. They try to get as much oats onto their bodies and then run along to deposit the oats into another container across a field. The team with the most oats, by weight, in their containers wins this challenge. Johanna and Wes have to win to stay. Pretty obvious as we take our first break!!

Commercial time!

Coral and Evan come up with the order for this event. Katie and Eric and Johanna and Jesse are the first teams up. The girls are in bikinis and and the boys are in speedos. Not a good look for Eric, who says he is “all taters”. He has big balls or something. Didn’t need to know that. Anywho..time to get this party started!

Katie says it’s a little harder than it looks. The oats are thick and don’t stick that well to your body. And you don’t want to jump in too deep, since you might get stuck.

The next teams are Wes and Casey and Derrick and Diem. Casey says that the tub full of oats is like quicksand and you lose a lot of oats trying to get out of the containers. Diem thinks they did pretty good, though.

Shane and Linette and Darrell and Aviv are up. Darrell and Aviv come up with the idea of Aviv laying down and Darrell covering her stomach and front with oats. Darrell then carries her back to the deposit container. Aviv says it looks good on paper, but it’s too hard for Darrell to remove Aviv from the container.

Theo and Chanda and Johnnie and Tonya are next. Theo is looking forward to finding out what kind of oatmeal that is. Tonya realizes that this challenge is a little tough. Tonya then says that Johnnie says that he can’t do this, referring to not being able to carry any oats back. Tonya is pissed. Johnnie tries to defend himself afterwards. And I see the next team to go home after the “Austin” crew.

Coral and Evan and Tina and Kenny are the last teams to go. Coral has big breasts that will allow her to carry more oatmeal or so she says. Again..Tina says the same stuff as everyone else. It’s sticky in that pit. Got it.

TJ now comes in to tell us the results:

#10 – Tonya and Johnnie – 6.2 kilos
#9 – Tina and Kenny – 6.8 kilos
#8 – Wes and Casey – 7.8 kilos
#7 – Theo and Chanda – 8.4 kilos.
#5 – Derrick and Diem – 8.8 kilos
#5 – Johanna and Jesse – 8.8 kilos
#4 – Darrell and Aviv – 9.2 kilos
#3 – Shane and Linette – 14.6 kilos
#2 – Katie and Eric – 19.8 kilos

#1 and WINNERS ONCE AGAIN- Coral and Evan – 23.6 kilos

Johanna and Jesse and Wes and Casey say goodbye to everyone. Coral says that it sucks Johanna has to face Wes in exile. And if Wes is a man, he will throw this and let Johanna stay in the game. I don’t see that happening, but he could surprise me. We’ll find out after the last break!!

Commercial time!

TJ explains the rules of exile again. Teams have to carry the weight of the bags they brought with them, grab the team flag, etc. They all get into the van and jump out to start this thing. Wes and Casey carry 113 lbs., while Johanna and Jesse carry 133 lbs. The guys do most of the carrying for their teams.

They get to the first reward puzzle. “Draw a line that will divide this into two equal parts.” Wes and Casey go on. Jesse tries it, but then stops and both teams are even. But it looks like Casey left the flag behind for their team. Wes yells at her to go get it. Then he yells at Casey to hurry back. Johanna and Jesse take the lead. Wes calls Casey a piece of luggage, since she is useless.

Wes continues to yell at Casey to “come on!” Johanna and Jesse pass on the second puzzle. Johanna is so happy that she is beating Wes right now! Wes and Casey get to the second puzzle and Wes notices that Johanna and Jesse left their second flag there. So they try to catch up. Johanna and Jesse now realize this. Oh..they left both of their flags. And that is just stupid, since TJ told them to begin with to MAKE sure that you get your team flags! Johanna and Jesse know they can’t go back and get both flags before Wes and Casey get across the line. So Wes and Casey cross the finish line first. Johanna and Jesse are pissed, because they were 40 feet away from winning. Stupid flags!

Casey says she doesn’t know how much longer she can handle Wes and his big mouth. Johanna yells at Wes for yelling at Casey. Johanna tells Wes to stop being mean to Casey and saying rude things to her. Jesse and Casey talk about being paired with “Austin” people. It sucks, because everyone hates Texas. Jesse wishes he could stay longer to hang out with everyone. Johanna and Jesse leave now.

It’s time for Casey to yell at Wes. She can’t stand his mouth anymore and can’t deal with it, since she knows that they will be in every single exile until they get eliminated from this game. On the car ride back to the house, Wes apologizes to Casey for his mouth and everything seems find between them..for now.

Back at the house, Tonya talks about Johnnie. He has an ego and she is frustrated and they are about ready to explode.

Everyone is thrilled to see Wes and Casey return. They show their excitement by sitting on the couch and making fun of Wes. Eric says things are about to change in this game, since now they have to start sending their friends a.k.a. “Non-Austin” people into exile. Wes says he is alone now and he is not proud of himself for sending all of his friends home. But he had to do it!

And we are out until next week!