The Stills – Without Feathers Review

Website: The Stills

The Inside Pulse:
Montreal-based sophomore release from the greatest band making gimmick-less music right now. Ask any Stills fan just how much they love them. There’s no “Ah, they’re all right”. It’s passion, and it’s vaguely sexual through and through. And why not? The stills are a sexy band. They’ve got the killer indie rock thing down. Their sound is like Bends-Era Radiohead but with romantic lyrics. Their hooks stay in your head for days. Plus, like any good indie band, they have no reputation whatsoever, so you’re completely free to simply judge the band by its music. And this particular music is worth even hard earned money.

There’s something in the water in Montreal, because 9 out of 10 records that come out of that town in the last two years have all been fantastic. There’s a viable scene happening in that city right now that is pumping out great album after great album, and Without Feathers is another in the line. From the bristled trot of “In the Beginning” to the soul crushing chorus in “The House We Live In”, the entire album is money. Remember a year ago when Coldplay’s X&Y came out and we were expecting something amazing? Well, pretend that Without Feathers is it. It’s worthy of that much hype. This album lacks nothing.

There’s always the crowd of folk who don’t like love songs, melodramatic sweeping rock, and a sound that will make you think both of home and your future, but these people won’t look twice at this album anyway.

Radiohead with Josh Ritter with The Arcade Fire

Reason To Buy:
Give this as a gift to your hipster girlfriend, and she’ll love you. Or, keep it for yourself, break out the oversized headphones, and have yourself a solid, good, Canadian night.